Black China Bakery

104 Bronson St # 4, Santa Cruz
(831) 457-2068

Recent Reviews

violet montoya

Honestly my favorite evening place. Certainly worth going back to. It has an awesome atmosphere.

Roger Lopez

Vegan double layer chocolate cake for vegan birthday girl, it was a homerun thanks lady’s

Rohit Nahar

How dumb do people have to be to give it one star for only catering to business. Best carrot cake ever. You just need to find a restaurant that serves it.

Amber B.

I've been enjoying Black China Bakery vegan cake slices from Whole Foods for years now, so I obviously thought of them when I was planning a Santa Cruz wedding. I didn't have a ton of money to spend on a fancy wedding cake, so instead I got 2 different flavored sheet cakes and a smaller "cutting cake" for displaying and taking pictures with. Katelin was very friendly, gave helpful suggestions, and was happy to work with me to get the decorations and colors I wanted. I picked up the cakes the day before the wedding. The bakery was a little tricky to locate, but thankfully some folks at Verve told us Black China was right around the corner. We ordered chocolate with chocolate ganache and carrot cake, both of which were delicious! We ordered all vegan cakes and our guests really enjoyed them! We got a lot of compliments at the reception. Thank you Katelin and Black China Bakery!

Amarpal Singh Bajwa

This is wholesale bakery only. They don't provide services to regular customers.

Shawn Nowak

Ok, Just ate the best carrot cake I've ever eaten, the foraging was so silky. Loved your cakes:)

LMarie G.

My favorite bakery despite all the competition out there these days. Incredibly fresh, pure ingredients and flavors, not too sweet, and luscious textures! One would never guess that the desserts are vegan and honestly, it wouldn't matter. Black China Bakery represents the finest, high-quality baking and I recommend them to everyone. I have a loaf of their amazing lemon tea bread on order and coming this week...

Catherine C.

My son and his girlfriend bought me a Dark Chocolate Vegan Cupcake for my Christmas Dessert. It was Fabulous! It was moist and not too sweet which Is what I loved about it. I went to Wholefooda to get one for New Years, but they dis not have any. This is the beat Cupcake I have ever had! Simply scrumptious!

J. J.

I must have been lucky - I got Black China's vegan carrot cake at 2 Whole Foods in the North Bay and fell in love. Not too sweet and made of wonderful, complex ingredients. Wish they had the whole cakes there for a birthday party in November. I'm so gone on this bakery I might even drive to Santa Cruz for pick-up. Can't wait to taste it all!

Phillip T.

They make a very good vegan German Chocolate Cake! 10/10 would order again.

Jonathan Cross

Seems to be wholesale only now?

Jeannice S.

Caitlyn returned my call! I love their vegan cakes selections. Thank you for your quality and professionalism.

Bay Area L.

My husband and I were introduced to Black China Bakery's Vegan Chocolate Cake by a friend a few years ago. Since then we are both ardent fans. BUT, to be fair, in the last couple years we have found some equally great and equally satisfying cakes at the local Whole foods as well. I know some Whole Foods carry Black China cakes but one day when I went, they were out of it which made me buy one of their Whole Food cakes and oh My! they were awesome too. So, all in all, great cakes but if you don't find one in your local Whole Foods then I would say go with the WF bakery ones- truly amazing for dessert lovers like me :P

Kal G.

I have only ordered the Vegan Chocolate Cake, I will be ordering the Vegan German Chocolate Cake this week because...duh, coconuts, why wouldn't I want that extra amazingness? My experience with the bakery is totally solid. Down-to-Earth people that are RIDICULOUSLY BUSY. The only thing I know is that it takes a few tries sometimes to connect on a phone, but there is a reason why these people are so dang busy. What they do is an art and it is in high demand. My life would not be as enjoyable as it is without the vegan cakes from Black China Bakery.

April G.

I only order the vegan chocolate cake so I cannot comment on the other goods. Moist, dense, flavorful, satisfying. I truly think my life would be miserable without being able to order this cake once a month "just because." I serve it to dairy eaters and they enjoy it just as much. I am not vegan but this is my go-to cake above any other bakery's cake.

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