Bookie’s Pizza


1315 Water St, Santa Cruz
(831) 246-6158



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Nice atmosphere but very loud..maybe not the best place if you're expecting more quiet. Make sure to order food at the bar and not at the kitchen or you may annoy the main chef trying to do his job. Probably the best pizza I've eaten so far. Nice interior design and unique layout with the custom long tables. I don't drink alcohol but would return here for the food and excellent layout inside. But whoever thought of placing multiple restrooms really added to the experience. full review
On 10/2/22, came here for the brewery (which was exceptional) and was going to bring in a carry-out pizza, but didn't realize this pizza place was right inside the brewery! I saw this place had a 5.0 rating with like 30 reviews and honestly I didn't trust that thinking it might have been rigged. But whoa-it is legit! This is by far the very best pizza I have had in my entire life...that's many decades! High quality, excellent topping concoctions. The cornmeal, I believe, in full review

I have had many many pizzas in my life this is probably the best pizza I have ever had. I normally like thin crust napolian style pizza but this crust is something to behold. This small pizza shop in a brewery is amazing. All the food is great. Is it pricy? Yes. Is it worth it? Of course.

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