Pacific Gaming Cafe - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

803 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz


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These fuckers, I mean I get y'all are gamers but cmon. Still a business. Act like it you fucks. Don't claim to have hours if you aren't gonna be open. It seems like a chill place to game, like you know that one friends house you might go over to and just get high and play games and it's not exactly messy but you don't try to keep it clean type places. Feels like it's open whenever the fucker who has to "work" there wants to finally feel like he' full review
I posted my review on Google reviews but will paste it here, and add onto it: I come here a lot because my dorm internet on campus sucks hard. So, this is a cool place to play all your favorite games at. If they don't have your game available, you can most likely download it if you just ask or let them know. The setups are all very nice too, and you can bring your own keyboard/mouse and headset if you wish. The internet is pretty good-- it lags every now and then but full review

Best pc gaming cafe in the bay , highest speed internet, good set up for any games, it also has Xbox and smash. Reason prince for all passes, custom services are very nice , owners plays a lot games and know Pc setting as well. It’s great places for overwatch player , you can bring your own set up

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