Casa Martin | 3rd St Promenade

1251 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
(424) 268-4756

Recent Reviews

Joseph Condé

Outside seating is very comfortable. The food and drinks are pricy, but they service is prompt and attentive.

Scott Davidoff

A really bland meal in almost every way. My Chile verde was uninspired, really without any taste. My beans were cold and the rice was palatable. They had homemade chips but the salsa tasted stale and quite a few chips were rubbery.

DjAndy Lorenzo

Great place, delicious food, the staff was very attentive. So highly recommend it

Ramiro Guerrero Torres

Great food, great service.

Sean Dunn

Food is way overpriced, NOT authentic, and tastes bland. Went with my fiance and the only thing she remotely enjoyed was the tortilla of the burrito. Salsa was bland, chips were bland. I normally don't even write reviews but they've earned it.

james pike

Too expensive poor service

Mark Tierney

Excellent food and service.

Fer Martin

Muy bonito lugar. Y muy buen servicio.

Jaime Lopez

The food is amazing ! Service was great ! I can’t wait to visit again

Pary A.

Drinks were ok, not amazing but good enough. Didn't eat there but saw the plates and didn't look that great. I think it's ok if u wanna stop by at a place while walking on the promenade. No heaters are an issue esp right now when it's getting cold at night.

Jillian M.

The drinks are good, food is mediocre, and service is absolutely terrible. When I ordered a steak and then got a small cup of soup I said something to the waiter and his reply was that due to Covid he couldn't take it back and had to charge if there wasn't a pandemic he would have re-served it? He was very rude and told me I could speak to the manager but it was my fault. I told him the menu was unclear and misleading; the manager wouldn't come over. They ended up letting me order something else but the rudeness was very off putting and ruined the energy at our table so we did not order another round or dessert as intended. Then when we got the tab they added an 18% room fee which was not posted about anywhere on the menu and I'm still unsure of what it was for. I will not be back.

Reem K.

This Resturant literally messed up my night. The waitress and hostess were very rude and unprofessional. I paid for the food and did not even put one bite in my mouth. Unfortunately i can't speak for the food quality, but I can say the service is absolute trash. The manager was promised to me twice and never came out both times. I would never come back nor recommend.

Sandra R.

Love this new location the atmosphere and food is Amazing! The mariachi music is also soo good!I definitely recommend!

Michael S.

I ate here six days ago. The gentleman and lady who gave us a table without reservations were lovely, the atmosphere was beautiful, the service was attentive, the mariachi music performed live (Friday evening) was amazing and looked stunning in their white outfits. The entrees and mojitos were good. Skip the Chimiflautas as they seem to not have as much flavour as the entrees. Overall, I had a really good experience. A meal for two with an appetiser, two alcoholic beverages and two entrees cost about $138. It was a lovely way to end a day at the beach, but perhaps not the best choice if hoping to find a bargain meal. However, a great choice for a romantic night eating under the lights of the promenade. I will be back and look forward to trying other dishes and hopefully increasing the ranking from 4 stars to 5. The staff was nice, my waitress was not terribly warm and friendly but she was working many tables during a pandemic so I can imagine that is VERY tough. I am grateful to everyone working and most of the staff was really warm and nice.

Joanna Romero

Just had dinner here. Worst service ever! The waiter came around to our table a total of maybe 3 times. My bf and I ordered water to drink with our meals as soon as the waiter heard that he seemed uninterested in serving us. Our chips were burnt to begin with. I asked for a straw at the beginning of our order and didn’t get it until they brought our tab out. Everyone who was ordering alcoholic beverages seemed to be getting good service. To top it all off the food wasn’t even that good. Definitely NOT authentic Mexican food and WAY over priced. First and last time visiting this restaurant.

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