Mountain Mike's Pizza

4501 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa
(707) 890-5033

Recent Reviews

Keirralee Monta

Don?t go there if you want to get your meal in any kind of reasonable time. The crew is lazy and very unproductive. They brought us someone else?s order and tried to convince us that it was ours.

Jameson S

Nice place for tasty Pizza. Everyone at our table was very satisfied. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. Bring your appetite because portions are filling.

Michael Lustig

We had a pepperoni and a bacon and pineapple. The crust was amazing and the pizza was delicious. Delivery was quick, too

Holly Trujillo

It took an hour for my husband's small pizza to come out, despite there being very few people inside when we arrived at 4:40. We asked about the pizza after waiting 30 minutes and watching people who came in after us get served right away. Apparently they had marked it for takeout. It took another 20 minutes to correct the order and they then brought it to the wrong table. There was no apology or offer to make things better. Overall a pretty dismal dinner experience.

John Poser

Love the pizza but was told my coupon was expired. Girl gave attitude about it too that coupon clearly says 12-31-19. I?m in guest service. I recommend you take that girl off the phones. Btw I ordered more pizza than anyone I know.Your loss round tables gain

Robynn V.

Ok. I live on McDonald Avenue, the oldest street in Santa Rosa. My house has been here for 130 years. Mountain Mike's has delivered countless time. I call to place an order, and this stupid girl says the "system" said that my address is not findable. Verify my address several times. Nope. What? Ask to speak to a manager. She claims there IS no manager. Was going to order 15 pizzas....but hey...enjoy your profit loss.

Pamela Yoho

I enjoy Mountain Mikes Pizza they are a clean establishment and my pizza is hot and fresh and tastes good.

Bob K.

Nice pizza parlor with an abundance of TVs. A little cold when we came in, but they turned it down for us. Pizza was delicious, cut in smaller pieces. The six of us finished all but 2 pieces. Pizza was $39. I liked it; the place had character. Not many Pizza parlors around I've found. This one's good

Bobby D.

They delivered an order that was half an hour late, and WRONG. When we called to complain, they said they'd give a credit for next order. We called again to place an another order, and told them of our credit. The girl on the phone told us it would be 100% free. Then, a man got on the phone who was barely understandable, due to his lack of English, and spoke rudely to my wife, saying there is no discount. This is who you'll be doing business with if you come here.


One and done. The service at the front was RUDE. I ordered food to go and they immediately placed the order as ready. It was a salad and wings so this was possible to make expediently. Had to wait 15 minutes just for them to ask me to go make my own salad for the to-go order.. while I sat there waiting the entire time. Then the lady screamed door dash three times at me because Google paired with doordash to place the online order instead of using my name. I have a name and it's not door dash. I also stated my name 3 times at the beginning when I was going to pick up my order that they said didn't exist. The Indian lady training the new hire was rude and the biggest reason I won't be returning. She just caused this place to lose my business and bottom line. Her tone during the entire process was condescending and impatient.

Carolyn Wesson

Love Mountain Mike's. Went with three other friends had two large Pizza's. With a coupon. What a deal. AWESOME as ever. Go for yourself and have a awesome Pizza of any kind. Try it yourself. Happy Pizza eating....ð??ð?»ð?? ð??ð?¹ð??ð??? ð?»

Thomas Schwarz

Can't go wrong with the lunch buffet(even though it no longer includes the soda) ! Tons of TVs for the sports fans, and very clean open atmosphere, plenty of outdoor seating. A FULL bar to boot! Certainly the best Mountain Mike's I've been to including any others recently remodeled.

Dawnelle Casey

Best pizza joint in town. Full bar, great pizza, and the enclosed patio with fire pit and family games is AWESOME

James Green

The people working are so rude. And the food they make also shows. Don't waste the time coming to this trashy run down place. Find a homeless and ask him for food might get better service

Jeannette J.

Found a long human hair in our pizza we ordered Thursday and was supposed to finish today, disgusting.

Skyler G.

Disclaimer:They have rat problems. They have amazing pizza, a tad overpriced for the size though. Staff was nice and professional. While eating outside noticed that there was some rats living in their ceiling, especially when the lights went out. One by one we watched 3 rats run across the wires connecting to most of their electricity. Eventually the lights flickered twice. They should definitely get that looked at. Until then I don't think we'll be coming back sadly..

J Walters

Quick service. Pizza and garlic bread were delicious.

Scott B.

I ordered a medium-sized pizza. It's pretty good, but I was surprised how puny it was---it's only 12" in diameter. Not even enough for as a meal for a midget....


Reviewing food received by delivery

Justin L.

I love thin to medium crust pizza which this place has. The dough is fully cooked unlike Mary's Pizza. Great coupons if you go on their website!

Roxy V.

Not only fantastic pizza.. but Santa Rosas best kept secret happy hour featuring a FULL BAR. They even have my favorite gluten free vodka, Belevdere. (Great Gluten free pizza too) Danni and Brandy are fantastic bartenders who are always on point. Lots of craft beer on tap and they even Brew their own beer! What are you waiting for? I

Ron A.

Our go to spot for the late evening cocktail. Great selection of to shelf beverages. Best pizza in town by far.

Lauren M.

Get off the couch and come see my favorite bartender, Dani! I think she deserves a massive raise for all her hard work and always w a smile. Love you Dani! Lauren

Zulla Haile

Good pizza lots of room/TVs and decent Beer selection. Oh, ice cream too


Great party location for kids and work. Outdoor TV's for sport games are on point.

Christina C.

This Mountain Mikes on Montgomery is our favorite pizza place. We recently had made reservations for our youngest's birthday and they hosted us very well!! Planning wasn't a hassle and setting up was a piece of cake. We had one side of their dining room to ourselves which made it very easy to have our 30+ guests. Food was out in a timely manner and the girls at the front were really helpful cleaning up our plates when we were finished eating. Very happy and very pleased with the service from this location. Happy daughter happy parents, we will be back again.

Amber T.

We LOVE this Mountain Mike's location. We come for trivia almost every Thursday. We love it so much, we decided to have our youngest son's 1st birthday party there on the patio. I just want to thank Manager Katie and her staff for making everything so amazing and so easy. Amazing customer service every time we come in. Thank you Montgomery Drive Mountain Mike's!

Roxy V.

Not only fantastic pizza.. but Santa Rosas best kept secret happy hour featuring a FULL BAR. They even have my favorite gluten free vodka, Belevdere. (Great Gluten free pizza too) Danni and Brandy are fantastic bartenders who are always on point no matter how busy they are. Lots of craft beer on tap and they even Brew their own beer! What are you waiting for?


Don't bother ordering online or by phone, they're not smart enough to get the order right. You order a thin crust veggie pizza with sausage and you get a thick crust sausage pizza with something green? There are better pizza places that can actually get the order right

Wayne Fortier

The friendliness of the employees is usually a bit colder than I'd expect from someone in the service industry, and occasionally the variety of pizzas at the lunch pizza buffet is limited, but overall the experience I've had here has been positive.

Rai F.

Update: SHAME ON THIS NASTEY PLACE. Nope! I was wrong. I spoke too soon. They will screw up your entire order (the most unholy part being bacon on your food) and then leave you on the phone while the only portion you can eat turns to a brick... cold mozzarella sticks are nasty especially with no sauce bc you aren't a Ranch dressing eater... then, offer only a Partial Credit that you have to then dispute with the delivery company. This will take ALL NIGHT.

Steven R.

What is it about some pizza places that says you're not there to enjoy a meal? My sweetie and I went in to Mountain Mike's after months of speculation about the lunch buffet. The buffet includes pizza and salad bar. Yum! What could go wrong? Well, if you're vegetarian, there's only a single cheese pizza at the hot food counter. When this was brought up, the staff volunteered to add a veggie pizza to the mix for us. Fair enough. The salad bar is inviting enough for the price. I don't ask for more than what I'm paying for, so I understand the limitations here. So why did we walk out without having lunch? Loud canned music. Not even good music. Loud enough to have to raise your voice to have a noon hour conversation at the table. Look - at a meal I want to focus my attention on the food and my companion. At Mountain Mike's it's as if they're trying to distract you from paying attention to the stuff you're eating. Not a good sign. I really, really wanted to enjoy Mountain Mike's, but unless they change their ideas about mealtime ambience, I'd rather find a quiet table elsewhere and dine in peace.

Cody R.

The pizza is amazing and the girl working at the register was amazing with customer service and so helpful! If you go there ask for cora!!

Clay Kyle

Solid gluten free crust and solid regular crust. Pretty good food experience overall. Fascinating they have a full bar but quite limited wine options? Also, the bar servor last night, who might have been the manager, was unprofessionally ranting to a friend openly in the dining room about some personal issue - - it was clearly audible over the music, which was a bit too loud. The outside area would have been more attractive had the music been off or a lot lower, it seemed louder there than inside.

Tony H.

Ok so it's Cinco d_Mayo and I am getting pizza. Why. Cause The pizza here is really good Veronica is the bar tender she also is really good at engaging with her customers. The pizza is good and the place is a great place to relax. People the patio makes this a cool place to hang

Rhon Richardson

Overall, I love Mountain Mike's. I tend to mistakenly call them "Magic Mike's". ð??? Of course, cleanliness is most important. Rating: 4.7, because my seat had a little something on it. Food quality rating: 4.99. I had a small chicken and olive. Very good. Service was okay. Rating: 4.5. Overall rating: 4.7ish.

Cade Olds

Never a bad pizza. Not skimping on toppings


Decent local pizza chain. Pretty run of the mill, but good service so if you need to order for a big group you'll be well set up.

Raymond Nilsen

Great very fresh food. Great service

Nick K.

This location used to be Old Mexico, where I liked their burritos. Was sad at seeing OM close down, and the location closed for so long. After it opened up as a Mountain Mike's, I have dined there, picked up, ad had pizza delivered. For eating there: They have done an awesome job remodeling and cleaning up the place. Flat screen TVs everywhere, playing whatever you want to watch. Bar area opened up into the dining area. Full bar and what looks like 20+ beers on tap. They do me good for delivery, too! last pizza I ordered got to my house in less than 25 minutes ("your results may vary, by distance" :) ) And, yes, the pizza is damn good!