Paradise Sushi & Grill

119 4th St, Santa Rosa
(707) 542-4582

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Steven Adler

Good sushi. Good service. Tempura was weak but the sake was very good. Worth a visit.

Kelso W

Good sushi. My only complaint would be we ordered a Lotta rolls and they waited 30mins or so til all were done instead of serving ready portions at a time.

C D.

I called in an order for a Caterpillar Roll on a Sunday. I was charged $15.95 plus tax, which surprised me a little since the menu I had found online said $12.95, but figured maybe I had found an old menu. I asked for a paper menu while I was there so I would have the updated prices, but was told it was on their website. All I can find now still says it should have been $12.95. But the worst part was the roll itself-- it was prettily rolled, but had barely a pea-sized amount of eel in each piece. They charged that much just for avocado, cucumber, rice, and some tobiko.

Josh Blanton

I got the chicken katsu, and my girlfriend got the yummy sushi along with the vegas roll. All of it was amazingly delicious, ask for the mayo sauce if u get the katsu ?? service was fast and the waiter was very attentive to our needs.

Edgar S.

We ordered fried calamari and the oil was very old, it was very bad, I am very sorry for the owners of this place but I think it is necessary to go to try their food on their own, I will not return to this place

David S.

I had wonderful Server her name was Ashley she did wonderful job care of me this afternoon food was good. Good place go after long bike ride beautiful day

Tomtommytomthomas McEwen

They sat a whopping 9 of us for all you can eat sushi and did so elegantly. A favorite town spot of mine.

Tromila Maile

The all you can eat sushi is definitely worth the price. All of the rolls were excellent, although the two stand out ones were red dragon roll and ceviche. If you are getting food to go, the family pack is a great deal. If dining in, ayce is the way to go.

David L.

I've been here many times in the past even before it got renamed to what it is now. I have tried, on my occasions, both their AYCE and Hibachi options. When it was first open, I might have given this a much higher rating; however, the last few times I went have made me dread whenever anyone suggest it as a option when visiting. Let's just go over the environment. The place is filthy. I've seated both at and next to the sushi bar (there's a corner nearby that is used for non-Hibachi customers) and nearby the Hibachi tables. The tables are always super grimy. The seats are not much better. Definitely not the place I would take to impress someone. AYCE is probably the biggest draw to this place. It used to be a bit more affordable but the price has risen over the years. Depending on your appetite, this may be perfectly fine. As long as you can eat enough to justify the price right? Wrong! First off, the sushi itself went from decent sushi to sushi that is packed with rice (technically you pay for rice you leave but I haven't seen this invoked yet), smaller cuts of fish, and, of the fish you do get, some of it is very questionable quality (several times, my entire table fell ill with stomach ailments the following day). Okay, but it's AYCE, can't expect the finest grade sushi and rice packing is a typical way AYCE places try to make customers feel full quickly. The more absurd issue I had for the past 5 or so times I visited is the neglectful service from our waiters. Try enjoying your time limited AYCE sushi when you can't order one. Even if you place your order, it might get lost and never given to the chef. If it does get to the chef, the waiters might forget that you ordered or just provide you with the wrong orders. On multiple occasion I have had to waved down several waiters and waitresses after waiting for 15-30 minutes asking what happen to our order and they would all respond that they will check on it only to return to the wait staff booth to chat while playing on their phones. I would be a bit mindful if this place was busy (pre-pandemic) but they barely had tables filled. On average, I might be able to put in about 3 orders before our party needed to run to our next event or it got too late. Hibachi is another reason why you might consider coming here. It is a pretty straight forward experience. Get seated, order, chef cooks salt and peppered rice, does a mini-game and tries to toss a chunk of rice into your mouth, and cooks the dish(es) you ordered. What could go wrong? Over-oiled, salted, or peppered fried rice. You can attempt to refuse to do the mini game but the chef may outright choose to ignore you and chuck it at you anyways. I absolutely loved having a chunk of oily rice go down my shirt or splattered onto my forehead after saying "No Thanks." This has happened several times with different chef over the years to not just me. The dishes I typically order with my group is usually a filet mignon, calamari, or squid. Don't expect too much from these as they suffer from the same issue as the rice or are overcooked (like dry super well-done filet mignon). All-in-all, it is a better experience than I had with their AYCE option but I think it is a bit over-priced for what you get.

Richard Routon

Great little sushi restaurant with spacious outdoor seating. Reasonably priced for the quality of seafood.

Brad Bailey

So so. Staff a bit disorganized. Restrooms a little dirty. Tables and interior Are not elegant or trendy. Food acceptable. Nigri rice not pressed into shape and might fall apart. Just ok.

Sylvia S.

Terrible service. The order was wrong. And then when the food arrived and we pointed it out their response was that it matched the order. No apology. We were told it would be 15 minutes for the takeout order. It was 30 minutes and then only because I asked about it. And really stingy on the soy sauce. Food so-so.

Marco R.

Crappy ass service now the Pandemic is over. Ordered over $125 worth of food online...went to pick it up and they refunded the order without telling me because they'd rather serve the people dining in. Total bullshit. Lost my patronage.

Chad Morriss

The seating indoors is awkward and not a relaxing environment. Not impressed with the first rolls, so didn't "all I can eat". The quality of fish was bad. There was a lingering after taste of something metalic. I got minor food poisoning, felt sick that night and following day. Eating there, so far, put a damper on my long weekend. I should have taken the negative reviews seriously and chose to eat somewhere else. There are so many other great options close by, DO NOT GO HERE.

Liz S.

The service was excellent... let's start with that. The food was disgusting, seriously disgusting. But I'll start with the filthy glass I was served lemonade in. The lemonade came in a filthy scratched plastic glass with red lipstick (in 3-4 positions from the previous person). The staff had to have seen it because the lemon slice was positioned on one of the kiss marks. I believe that glass was never cleaned because the lipstick mark was rimmed with "well lined lips", just how the previous girl had left it. Nice shade of red. The lemonade tasted like it was a powdered mix, it had ice. Bonus! But it was gross. We ordered calamari... what we got was unknown, but certainly not calamari but something that looked like onion rings only the inside dough was raw. I'm assuming these calamari rings (all shaped the same size) come out of a plastic bag straight from the freezer. Perhaps they put on a baking sheet and bake for 7 minutes? It was gross. It was not calamari. Next came the rolls.... I was pretty nervous because seafood should only be served fresh and in the most sanitary of conditions. I tried to order and eat what was tempuraed. Every single bite was tasteless and bland. Isn't the idea of a sushi roll to enjoy all the different subtle flavors? There were none, the only taste was the soy sauce. I did not attempt to eat the raw fish, but stuck with the crab rolls. One of the girls had a very bad tummy ache after eating, not sure it was the food but she was fine before she came in. Did I mention that the service was excellent? He was a very nice young man who made sure my daughter had a birthday treat and a birthday song. I won't give this place a second chance, not with raw seafood, too risky for me. But did I mention how awesome our waiter was? Made sure to give him a big tip because it looked like there were only 2-3 other patrons there willing to risk their guts on questionable food.

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