Tov Tofu

1169 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 566-9469

Recent Reviews

Ta Dang

Great korean food, friendly service and family atmosphere. Food came out quickly. Love this place.

kaitlin newman

service is always timely even when they have a full house. definitely worth going back to. bring your hunger - portions are generous.

Will S.

Since my visit to New York at the beginning of 2019, ive been craving some crispy sweet and spicy korean wings. My friend let me know about this place, and said even though its very different from his grandmamas fried chicken, this place still gets his approval so i had to try it. needless to say, they were pretty good. got the sweet n spicy (with a side of sweet and super hot ) however the super hot was super not, i feel like it was actually sweeter than the regular sweet and spicy. but still pretty good (but i give a slight nod to the Ny joint for better wings) i thought it was funny that they brought gloves to the table to use while eating the wings. we also got the kimchi bibimbap (honestly a little bland, had to drench it with gochujang and soy) and very little meat and rice. the short ribs were pretty yummy too.

cami courtright

Nice service and quality food. Also very clean! I will definitely return.

Leonardo Walls

I love it here. Definitely worth a return trip. This place has a cool feel to it.

Caroline B.

I've been going to Tov Tofu for years and every time I'm more impressed by the great food and service! Best Korean food in Sonoma County!!

Breck Beatie

Very nice dinner. Wife and I had a pair of Bibimbap. Mine was delicious, just not as spicy as I had hoped. Wait staff were friendly, helpful, and patient with a couple first timers. Decor was pleasant enough. We are definitely going to have to come back.

Nicholas Cormier

This is one of my absolute favorite places. The stag is damaging the food is too.

Arturo Sanchez


Jaida aaa

They spit in my food and yelled at me and tried to kill me like I promise to you do not go there they give u Fauset water and they are just NASTY

Steve Davis

Bibimbab Bowls. Ridiculous. Trust.

Holly L.

Our favorite Korean restaurant in norcal! We've tried near and far (all the way to socal, great LA areas). Their tofu soup is the best. We love their Korean pancakes. So lucky that we have them in out town.

Vic Wright

Great food and friendly staff. Will be back

Dennis R.

I was in town visiting some friends recently and shared a great dinner with them here. This restaurant is a bit on the small side, but luckily we got a table right away. On to the food! We started with the wings and they were delicious! They were probably my favorite part of the meal. We had half soy based and half spicy. They were both very flavorful, and while the spicy wings were spicy, they weren't agonizingly spicy, lol! We also split some tofu salad, which I found to be very tasty as well. For my main course, I had the bbq beef and kimchi bibimbap, which was pretty good as well. It was a lot of food, so it was very filling. As far as service goes, it was excellent. Our server was very attentive and helpful. I'm not in Santa Rosa too often, but I'd definitely come back in the future if I'm in the area.

John Kim

Good ,very good

C G.

Tastes like my mom's Korean cooking. Love this place The prices are moderate but worth the mouth watering food that they serve. If you're use to authentic Korean food, this is the place to go. My only negative input is that the kimchi isn't spicy; tastes like it didn't ferment long enough, but everything else is stellar

Star D.

I love this place very clean..super nice customer service.I go here every other day..There Kalbi taste so good.I highly recommended you to take your family eat out at Tov Tofu.

Anuj M.

Tried the vegetarian options: mushroom and vegetable with veg broth. They both tasted really nice and reminded me of my favorite place in Los Angeles. We will be back when we are in town next.

Brian R.

Sooooo delicious!!! Food is awesome and service is great. Have been multiple times and plan on going again.

payam b.

Nice local family owned restaurant in Santa Rosa. Great food , great service. All the food comes with the small dishes of Korean appetizer. I ordered 5 mushroom soup and was very delicious. Highly recommended!

Lexi N.

The waitress was very sweet and when I ordered the Vegetable Bibimbap (No Egg and add Tofu to make it Vegan) and she came back to bring our food she let me know what side dishes had fish and what were vegetarian/vegan. The ones pictured are Vegan! The broccoli side dish comes with cheese on it. Very hearty meal and worth the price for how much food you get, especially as a Vegan! The other Vegan option would be the Assorted Mushroom Tofu Stew as well as the other Plain Tofu Stew. Just ask for no egg and ask for no fish or oyster sauce just incase! Other reviews didn't state to not ask for this in it so it may already be prepared without either. I'm not sure if the Glass Noodles are Vegan or can be made Vegan; I'll update on the last two dishes soon.

L B.

Still love the food, but will no longer patronize the business. In the last couple of weeks, the owners car that has TOV TOFU license plates has either tailgated me (I was going the speed limit) or cut me off forcing me to have to move out of my lane to avoid a collision. You may make good food, but being a responsible driver and citizen is equally important to me.

Jimmy H.

I get around the bay area a decent amount, but Santa Rosa is my home base, and I've come to accept that the culinary options around the north bay are oriented toward wealthy, older folks. But goodness, is Tov Tofu an island in Sonoma County, I can't think of a more authentic Asian restaurant in this county. If you're not even familiar with traditional Korean food, just try their fried chicken. Perfectly crispy skin that stands up to the awesome sauces they provide - we ordered the sweet & hot and the soy & garlic. Then go back for the incredibly spicy (if you choose) soft tofu soup. And then go back for the bibimbap. And then.... well, you know how I feel.

Joseph C.

Craving korean food in North Bay was absolutely a challenge for me. However I'm glad I found this hidden gem. I've ordered the short ribs, pork tofu soup and grilled fish. Food was so exceptional that I am sitting in the whole foods parking lot writing this! If you haven't tried, this place hits the spot and ends your meal with a happy food dance

Josiah Park

It took quite a bit of time for the food to come out, but it's worth the wait cup the food is really tasty.

Jeff S.

My favorite place to eat in Santa Rosa, excellent service, excellent food, friendly and attentive service! Clean!! Highly recommended!!!

Samuel Y.

When I reflect back, I think this might've actually been my second time here. I came here with a party of 4 for dinner this time. We had ordered the Soy Garlic Korean fried chicken which was my favorite dish here that night. They had several dishes of ban chan to accompany the meal. I ordered the seafood and veggie bibimbap which was just okay in my opinion but more impressively so the stone pot was hot the entire meal while not burning the rice. I feel like it lacked additional seasoning that would have elevated the flavor from a generic tasting bibimbap. I was able to try some tofu soup and it was enjoyable though maybe a tad bit saltier than I prefer. This was a good option for some Korean food cravings in Santa Rosa but to hold its own against any of the Korean options I typically consider going to would be tough.

Belen Murray

We had a reservation but there was no table available at the time. So we had to wait for a table which was unpleasant because it was very cold outside and there was nowhere to sit inside to wait except at the bar which was closed.

Inhyuk Seok

The one and only Korean restaurant in Santa Rosa. Great service and delicious authentic Korean food.

Carolyn Saba

Awesome food. Excellent flavors. Great service. Very nice ambience. Will definitely return. Oh..great gluten free options too.

Cassandra Nep

When I walked in the atmosphere was very calming. The lady who waited us was very kind. It was my first time coming here. Our food was brought to us about 5-10 min after we ordered. Their food was very good in my opinion. The seafood tofu soup was great. Their sushi was also good. I really recammend coming here !!!!

catharine robinson

Walked in, was greeted, sat at a table for 15 minutes and never got a menu,

Dan The Man .Golden

The best spicy beef soup, all was perfect

Richard T Powell

The only Korean dining worth its salt in SR. Try the tofu soup! It comes bubbling hot and they drop in tye egg right in front of you. It'll tear your wig back. You can tell every meal is made with passion and care.

Edward Watling

Great experience. Delicious Spicy BBQ PORK. GREAT APPETIZERS. Clean and cozy atmosphere.

S Ross

Great food!!

Lily L.

This is seriously the only Korean restaurant in Santa Rosa. We've been there maybe 6 times. The food is okay, but there is no way they are as good as LA Korea Town. I'm so surprised they have 4.5 stars. Maybe those who give 5 stars don't know what good Korean food is. I would go back, but the service is sooooo slow! They are OK!

Michelle C.

Wow, I never thought I would find this Gem of AMAZING KOREAN FOOD in Santa Rosa! Moving to Santa Rosa, from the LA area, we quickly found the yelp reviews for Asian food are not quite on the same level. Asian food up here is about 5-6 dollars more than what we are used to paying in LA, and typically not as delicious, but that is absolutely not the case here! It is also a bit higher (compared with directly with BCD tofu) but it is absolutely WORTH it. Their tofu (soondubu) and bibimbap are delicious. We've been coming back almost every week to eat. The service is great, the person there even recommended a Korean market for us to visit. We can't wait to go back to try items on the menu.

Patricia S.

My friend and I decided to try Tov Tofu due to some fellow Yelpers who mentioned it was good. Being part Korean I always like to try out Korean restaurants. Tov Tofu is located in a little strip mall right on Yulupa Avenue, it's not an overly large restaurant, has a sushi bar that from what I gathered, is only open certain times of the day. The reason I say that is because when we came there around 12:30pm they had a note on the door that the sushi bar was not open. There was only 1 person in the restaurant on the day we came (Saturday) but by the time we left several more people had been seated and eating. Our hostess, who I am assuming is the owner, was very nice. Food came out very quickly and was very flavorful. My friend and I shared the lunch size bulgogi and also an order of japchae, plus we each had a bowl of rice and there were 6 banchans in these cute aluminum dishes that housed 2 types of banchans in each. The banchans were kimchi, pickled daikon, kongnamul (classic style bean sprouts), steamed broccoli flowerettes with a white sauce on it, julienned radish and thin slice fish cake. The bulgogi was very flavorful and the lunch size was the perfect amount for the 2 of us. The japchae was on point and did not have a ton of mushrooms in it like some places will do (in other words, these other places use the mushrooms as a filler), and again it was the perfect amount for 2 people. All in all, our meal was delicious, service was fast and courteous, and the restaurant was clean. I would definitely return here as it was made traditional and it's much easier for this Korean to go to a good traditionl restaurant rather then make it herself (Am I lazy? Yes.).

Anne J.

I was told that this place was awesome, however when I was there at 6pm, no one was there. The restaurant was open, but there were no customers. A sign said that the sushi was closed. I thought I would try it anyway. Big mistake. I ordered what the waitress recommended: the $15 beef and kimchi bibimbap. (A rice bowl.) When the dish arrived after a long wait, customers came in, sat down, looked at the menu and then left! I was still the only customer. I felt so bad for the owner! Okay, the food arrived and it was pretty bland. I was given soy sauce and hot sauce to add, which I did. There was very little beef. It was a ridiculously small amount. Less than a teaspoon of chopped beef. The beef and vegetables were also cold, but the rice cooked in the cast iron bowl was scorchingly hot - and crunchy. Ok, so I mixed them together. Still not great. The flavor was so bland, I asked the waitress for some teriyaki sauce, which she went and got for me. It helped, but it didn't make the food much better. After I finished, I wondered if I just didn't like Korean food. But O! Sushi on Dutton is very good, so I'm thinking it was just the restaurant. My friend who recommended the place said that the sushi here used to be great and that she didn't know their sushi chef had quit. I wish I could recommend this place, but based on the food I ordered, I would skip this place and go somewhere else.