Gastromaniac Homemade Pasta & Pizza

3091 Harrison Ave #120, South Lake Tahoe
(530) 600-2110

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The food here is phenomenal! You can taste the freshness in the pasta itself. The pesto pizza was one of my favorites! We came here in a large group and tried almost everything on the menu, amazing! Just amazing! The customer service was exceptional! Will be returning for sure! Try it! You won’t regret it!!:) ❤️?

Amir A.

Gastromaniac homemade pizza is exactly what would anticipate speciality homemade pizza to be like: fresh, delicious, and appetizing. Came here after a long hike down Emerald Bay and had the cheese, margherita, verdure and Valentino pies. All delicious and all enjoyed to the very last slice by our group. Would definitely come back!

Jen M.

We are looking for a place to eat before the fireworks with my little family. Staff is really nice/friendly, Food was great! :) We really enjoyed it! Good thing we found them! Btw the prosciutto arucola pizza was so yummy! Our son enjoyed his pepperoni pizza too!:)

Aimee F.

Found on yelp while on vacation a few weeks ago and would give 10 stars if I could. The service was amazing and they were good at explaining all the different menu items. My family and I shared a few pizzas and pastas and they were all SOOOOOOOOOO delicious. Definitely miss this place now that I'm back home.

Neha J.

We were a party of 5 adults and 2 tired toddlers, looking to dine later in the evening after our visit to Lake Taheo. We reached the place at 8:30 pm as they were getting ready to close for the day. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold outside, and we were so tired that we had no intentions of going elsewhere. Embracing our luck of probably getting scraps, we went in. But, they were impressive even in the last half hour of their service. The guy at the counter patiently answered all our questions. I wish they had more protein options, but that's okay. Delicious, fresh (even at the end of the day) handmade pasta. Great pizza and delicious (read fresh again) salad. The place is a homestyle wonder! After a long tiring day, we felt welcomed with their impeccable service (quick), warm, delicious food, and no-rush dining experience. We will be back when in the area. Tip - Ask what sauce compliments what pasta.

Julia I.

Delicious. Great service. Will come back if we are ever in Tahoe again. The arugula salad was so good? But I think the pizza with the arugula was better!!

Brenda J.

Absolutely delicious home made pizza with traditional and fancy topping. Great location right near downtown south Tahoe.

Lou Manna

What a wonderful treat to celebrate ? a beautiful day with authentic homemade Italian food! ?Everything was delicious and perfectly prepared and cooked with love! ❤️❤️❤️

Rosa A.

Came here after a good swim at Lake Tahoe, loved their food. I personally love cooking pastas and i really liked their pasta i just think their pizza is better. The pizza was very well cooked and it didn't make me feel gross after eating three slices which is pretty hard with most pizza spots. (You can tell it's authentic when you have their food). Their desserts are amazing as well i had a cannoli and it was so good. I wish they have their tiramisu but they sold out. Their staff was very helpful and kind as well. If you're out with your family in Lake Tahoe definitely give this place a try. Family friendly spot.

Mina K.

Fav. place to eat in Tahoe! Everything taste so fresh because it is fresh! I got the veggie pizza with burrata (the cheese literally melted onto my pizza, I got to witness it in motion) also tried the pastas- also real good! Pizza was my favorite though. Try the dessert! *Chef's kiss* All so fresh and so good. LOVE when food tastes fresh & hearty. Easily one of the top three places to eat in Tahoe. I kinda don't want to review it so positively so it doesn't get busy with people when I stop by again but the truth is the truth. Will be back again

Pasha Sharapov

Best pizza around Tahoe! Friendly staff, great menu, and the pizza was sooooo tasty. Must’ve arrived at a good time because 10min later there was a line out the door. Definitely coming back!

Kevin T.

My family and I were in town for the Bike the West cycling event, and we were looking for good pasta options for the pre-ride dinner. The staff was super friendly and the food was great! We loved that the pasta is made fresh and that they have an excellent white pizza!! My son ordered a Margarita pizza, I ordered a white pizza, and we also ordered the Rigatoni/Bolognese. Everything tasted fantastic and was exactly what we were looking for.

Lady S.

Came here pretty cranky after a hike where my partner and I only had one snickers to split between the both of us. I think you have to eat the whole snickers for it to work as advertised in the commercials. We ordered the mafaldine with tomato basil sauce and the lumache with meat bolognese. The lumache was my favorite and when I added the chili flakes it really came to life. I finished the whole bowl and was so delighted I was giggling by the end of the meal. By the time the tiramisu came out I was already on a major carb high, but it was so good I couldn't help but put myself over the edge by eating half (okay, 3/4). Long story short, skip the snickers, but don't skip the hike before coming here because you will finish your meal!

Bradford P.

Cute, authentic Italian shop specializing in fresh made pastas and pizzas. We stopped in and had to try after hearing about the imported ingredients, pasta descriptions, and skilled chef from Milan. Excellent meals!

Yvette S.

Traditional Italian pizza. Amazing pesto pasta. Also is a fresh pasta market with great sauces you can buy to go with the fresh pasta cooked or uncooked! Very nice owner and staff. Quality ingredients. Super clean environment.

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