Port of Subs

3101 Harrison Ave, South Lake Tahoe
(530) 544-6313

Recent Reviews

Juliet R.

they're too cool for school, turner.Food: 5/5

The Mighty Trogdor

Good subs and fast service. Parking in lot next door as well as on street in front is ample.

Nicholas Allen

Beats the socks off of any other sandwich chain. The staff is always ready to help and the quality and price are great! Its at least a couple times a week kind of place.

Cindy R.

Ignore our leftover chips. 12 inch #1. Big enough to split. We got the pepperjack/peppercini bread. Delish We found this on Yelp when we were in the area and I'd definitely come back. Bread was soft and the sandwich was flavorful. Another huge positive was the staff was extremely friendly and nice. Helped guide us as newbies. Give it a shot!

Marc T.

THIS IS THE BETTER SANDWICH SHOP ON THE BLOCK. I went to the sandwich shop that gets their name from a Beatles song yesterday and Port of Subs is the better of the two. Their prices are reasonable. $11 for a 12 inch sub was a bargain compared to yesterday. I added double meat and avocado and it was still cheaper than yesterday. The sandwich was GREAT. FANTASTIC. HEARTY. DELICIOUS. AMAZING. If you're in the area and trying to get a sandwich, this is your better option.

Leo Getz

Conveniently located on Lake tahoe Blvd.Clean location, staff were attentive and patient.Preparation of food was good too.Enjoyed my sandwiches with family on the lake.

Kayla K.

Nicest staff ever, I walked in delirious after a day of tubing and couldn't decide what I wanted and they were so nice and patient.

Lizzie B.

I walked in there after being on the boat all day and literally couldn't read or focus on the menu. The people in there were superrr nice and the food was bomb

Shelly R.

When we go to South Lake Tahoe, Port of Subs is a must stop during our stay. The employees are always so nice and the sandwiches are very tasty! . My family and I stopped there over the weekend on our way back home to the Bay Area. The next day I realized I left my backpack there with my wallet and some other valuable things in it. I called them and the manager was very helpful and sent it back to me that same day. I received the bag today with everything in it and I'm so appreciative. We will continue to get our subs from them and suggest the shop to all of our friends and family.

Salami Kamorudeen

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Ruchi G.

We were in lake Tahoe and wanted to pack sandwiches and head for hiking. This was my first time at this sub place and we got veggie sub packed. 12" sub was $12 ehich i thought was expensive and when we tasted the sub it was below average and was disappointed. Subway is better

Constance L.

Great sandwiches! Detailed breakdown below: **Service, 5/5** 2 of my friends and I split a 24" sub, and the staff let us each customize the veggies and spreads, which was super nice! They also wrapped each piece individually so it was extra convenient. Everyone was so pleasant and nice, it really took the experience to the next level. **Decor & cleanliness, 5/5** Decor is plain, but everything was really clean. **Price & portion, 5/5** The 24" sub ended up being a great deal since I was splitting with 2 other people. **Taste of the food, 5/5** We got the ham and swiss, toasted, and it was perfect. Tasty bread and melty cheese with fresh veggies and spreads to soak in the bread! Yummm! **Other notes** Parking is super easy to find. They have chips and fountain drinks available too.

Reanon Gregory

Seriously one of the best subs I've had in my life. Wish I lived closer to this place

RJ Alaoen

Absolutely amazing! First time visiting, food was amazing! Lots of choices with fresh veggies.

Mike Ryan

Great food, great service! Really cold in the restaurant...prolly because I had a sunburn! ?

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