Bravo Pizza

334 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 588-4293

Recent Reviews

Michael Silsby

Fresh Pizza by the slice!!! Paid just 10 dollars for a large soda and 2 slices of mushroom and sausage. Whattta DEAL?

Gennessa Goodger

Just so good pizza salad and a drink for $9.95

William Wilder

I ordered the chicken dinner and got half a chicken and salad and sourdough bread terrible

God Duck

Pizza was 6/10 the coke was gross and pool was fun

Ranen Sherman

I had the lunch special which on this day was a single one topping pizza. Drink and salad. No coke no Pepsi sprite and root beer only I’m like meh...ok whatever. Added one topping olives. Went to use bathroom. Terrible! Came back single pizza took way too long salad was fine but I was nervous fete seeing bathroom......when pizza does come thy encrust tasted like powdered cardboard. The only reason I didn’t give 1 stars is because I didn’t actually get sick.

Natalie R.

Well had to give one star to start this review. Let's start with rude customer service after I place and paid my for order. Ask to have a table cleaned the old waiter/ bartender refused to wipe down. Told us to move to another table which was also dirty!!! I will say it's under a new owner but send your employee to attend a ethic class on how to perform customer service. First and last time that I eat here.

Moni T.

The food is simply DELICIOUS. Staying in South City for work- craving pasta. Looked up the menu and didn't regret my choice! i ordered clams with linguine in cream sauce came w/ salad and perfectly seasoned and toasted garlic bread. Affordable prices, healthy portions and very friendly staff :)

Bob Donnelly

Great pizza! Usually have the tortellini Alfredo. Service excellent and large selection of beer and wine.

Kendra Daye

Food was amazing. Eggplant was perfect!

Kathryn Mckibben

The wings were ok, pizza was average and all of it was NOT worth $50+. And we ordered 2 dozen wings, but got only ONE small cup of ranch dressing.

Rosa S.

This place sucks!!! Honestly it hurts to know that I spent my money on some crappy nasty ass pizza. I rather eat dog shit with a spoon than order anything ever again from this shit hole. Enjoy my money assholes. Giving a bad rep to Bravo's in SF with your crap. A thin snack size small pizza. What a fucking rip off fuckers. DO NOT EAT HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET A MINI HEART ATTACK OF HOW PISSED OFF YOU'LL BE. YOU'LL PROBABLY POP A VEIN.

Morales A. I had the Alfredo pasta and an individual pesto pizza and I enjoyed every bite

Derek Baker

Great crust and flavor, highly recommend. I will be back.

Lawrence F.

I really wanted to like this place like the other Bravo pizza on Geneva/Mission St. Unfortunately i was very disappointed. It's unlike the other location which in my teen and later years I remember the mouth watering wholesomeness pizza,the salad bowl,atmosphere etc. I was visiting my relatives nearby so i decided to try this location. I even touted Bravo to my son cuz he never heard of it before. Next time I'll be ordering from Geneva/Mission location. I gave 2 star rating instead of 1 hoping they mimic their sister location. There's always room for improvements

Kristen Morales

Pizza wasn't all that great.

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