Five Guys

2278 Westborough Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 244-9900

Recent Reviews

Alejandro Rodriguez

Best burger and fries hands down.

joaquin ulises Trigueros

Nice place clean good service .great food good location .big parking área.

Sally Wong

Very good burger n fries. The peanuts are a bonus.

Duane W

Great burger and awesome cajun fries! Love it!!

S T.

This location has terrible service. We placed our order online. We go in and chill by the pick up sign like we always do. Stand there for about 5 minutes, all of the staff have made eye contact that this point and say nothing. Finally I go get in line, the first girl acted like she had no idea what I was saying, someone else came and proceeded to tell me for doordash and online orders you still have to go in get in line. We've been to five guys plenty of times and have never been told that. Once I mentioned how they all stared and didn't ask how they could help or direct us to the right spot to get our food is why this review even needed to be written. And the fact of how rude they were. THEN when the food was ready the fry guy said our name, then the second girl that was extra rude felt the need to then again YELL my name again even louder as I was already walking to the counter to retrieve the bag and scowled at me. If there were any other five guys I'd be going there. There's no need to be rude when your layout is poorly designed and how your employees don't want to actually help people who over spent on fast food.


Wonderful service, tasty cheeseburger, the best fries. I'll def return - I must try the Cajun fries.

Erica A.

I placed my order through the app and it said it would be ready in 10 minutes. I arrived and let them know that I had arrived. After 30 minutes of waiting, I asked again amd they said they were running behind. I waited for my food for 50 minutes. I wouldn't have minded if the app gave a more realistic, wait time, but this was excessive. Also, apparently if you order lettuce wrapped you must also add lettuce as a topping.

Robert N.

App has serious issues, can't call in an order or check on an order placed on app when it says to call the number...

Eddie Mercado

I tried to ask the hispanic guy at the counter about what goes on the burger about 5 times but he kept pretending not to hear. Finally he took the order. He was touching the money at the cash register and went back to the food prep area ant touched food without using gloves. Customers are forced to take a burger with double meat patties to justify overcharging. 3 burgers with 3 fries cost almost $60 including tip for rude workers. Quality of food and service is Not worth the overpriced burgers.

Kiana S.

The staff here were super friendly. I ordered the Little Bacon Burger and Cajun fries. I'm assuming because I took the burger to go all the juices from the lettuce and tomato made the burger slightly wet. The bun was super soggy and the burger was falling apart. The flavor was there though. The bacon added an extra layer of crispness for texture. The cheese coated the whole burger. The Cajun fries were my favorite part. It was heavily seasoned with the Cajun mixture. I love the texture of the fries which were mushy in the center. The next time I go to this Five Guys I'll most likely eat it there to see if there's a difference as oppose to taking it home.

Ken Denardi

Fantastic... Can I believe how hard this staff was working to keep up with the orders... Keep up the great work

Augustin B.

When I think of five guys it makes me think what Carl's Jr. Would taste like if they had in and out quality ingredients! Haha! The meat and cheese are always amazing and better than 9/10 burger spots, but the onions and jalapeño were super bland almost took away from overall flavor they were THAT bland. Also, unless you eat several pounds of potatoes a day... you might want to share a large fries! Easy call when in and out line is a mile long

Samantha D.

Was craving a milkshake on a Thursday night, so I went to Five Guys. Ordered online. Got a strawberry milkshake with oreo cookies and whipped cream and a large fry. Milkshake was okay for the first half. After that, it got too sweet. Strawberry taste was barely there. There were a lot of oreo cookie bits though. I liked the customizability of ordering. Fries were okay. Could have used more salt. They didn't prepare the order until I got there. I guess it was nice since the fries were warm, and the milkshake wasn't melted. However, it kind of defeats the purpose of ordering ahead of time.

Felix Abarca

Big burgers and lots of fries, custom ordered burgers and the free peanuts is a cool addition.

Donna Hubbard

This is one of my favs for hamburgers. Consistently good.

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