381 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 871-6018

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Jon B.

S-L-O-W!!!!!!!! 1 iced coffee.... 12 minutes. No food, no special requests, just an iced coffee. Slowest McDonald's I've ever been to. Luckily I wasn't on any particular schedule so I could only imagine being on the way to work and end up being late because of this McDonald's!

paula saavedra

I don't know what it is about this McDonald's but they're food seems so delicious. It could be because when I get out of work I visit. Their fries have always been fresh since I've been going . They haven't failed me yet.

Cindy Z.

Had to mention this one. Ordered a egg sausage biscuit and came with no egg, a sausage egg McMuffin with no sausage. So was I suppose to combine them in to one. So what did I get from the order BREAD ??

Hakan Dartay

Employees is so friendly and helpful. Restaurant is clean and fast serving. I'm satisfied. By the way; thank you very much for free frozen orange juice :)

Sharmone “2Carry-onsNoDestination” Edwards

Friendly staff. The food was pleasantly good. Burger was juicy and had real flavor. ? Staff actually came over and showed us deals on the kiosk to save money ?.

Prashant Lamba

Very attentive and friendly staff, unlike other Mcdonalds outlets. I ordered some breakfast and an iced coffee, which was served to me very fast. This place is also very clean.

Jose R.

Spoiled Filet O Fish Meal , I went back to show the manager that the Filet O Fish that I received was rotten , I had to argue with him for few minutes , I was only asking him to inspect the food to avoid people getting sick but he refused, I received my money back for the fish only not for the combo but that not was not the point . I called the local Health Department so they can do an inspection of the place . I am very disappointed , I Hebe this location a on star because because there is no options for no stars !

Khoshal Bajouary

Great customer service all the stuffs are great people here, very clean.

Linsey B.

I ordered 2 frappocinos and they gave me 2 small hot tea, i had to wait with my mom 2 hours i was starting to get really mad and again they messed up my order twice, and they also messed up on 2 other peoples order i dont recommend anyone to eat here 0/10 also they didn't want to give our money back the manager did a mistake on giving them a job. Never coming back.

Traci N.

They need a negative stars option for this place would get at least -3. No forks and knives provided/available for the hotcakes ordered. How do you serve food requiring utensils but no utensils? The explanation was due to the "new law"... But they did say they had SPOONS to give us. There were no signs posted or no warning from employees. WTH?!!

Paris G.

Noticed some staff members not wearing mask. If you are planning to frequent this business,,l you msy want to reconsider. As a consumer, I feelbetter when those who are preparing food are masked.

£ The Count Of Monte Crypto ¥.

I was starting to think this McDonald's was my lucky charm as I had stopped in here twice before and after job interviews at other locations and walked away with the job I was interviewing for. The physical location is a bit in the middle of nowhere but it caters to the traveler type who are in town via the airport so it is understandable. The outside as well as the inside is very well maintained the staff was extremely friendly. No complaints this place has always been good to me. Overall this place is a great place to go if you're of African decent. Whether you're just passing through or staying for a few days this is a place who will value your dollar. As you can see from other reviews I have not had the most pleasant experiences lately in The Bay Area so this location was definitely refreshing...However! I write these reviews based on my experience so that others will benefit from the experiences that I have. But always do your own research!


As always nothing beats McDonald's French fries even at the San Francisco terminal 3 (F corridor). Which I'll always give a 5 Star rating ?. The staff was tired you could tell but still took pride in their work. The food was fresh and consumed in a matter of minutes ?.

Christopher Hoytt

Very unprofessional and rude I do not like placing order on the computer screen but they refused to take my order at the counter and when the representative brought my food to Mr she just threw it on the counter and said here and walked away. No thank you come again nothing. I worked at McDonald's as a teenager for 4 years we would have been fired for such unprofessional act. I doubt written this view will make a difference. Technology has bought about some very unprofessional services my last visit at this McDonald's they need to change.

Persephone Rose

Had it not been for the kindness of some strangers, I would not have gotten my food. In fact, for daring to use the app to order from the McD's that claimed to be open til midnight, and dare go pick up my food, the Neanderthal manager[?] (he certainly took it on to manage this transaction) flipped me off and had a fit (one I couldn't hear because I was locked out) behind the counter (that my food was sitting on).If you're in one of the many surrounding hotels seeking some late night food a few hours before it closes, save yourself the trouble—no restaurant is worth this, let alone McDonalds. They lock at 10pm, which one of their many signs correctly reflects (yet another claimed 11pm and their site, again, midnight). They opened the door for other folks who flashed the app, but not for me, whatever reason that was. May the big boy with his temper tantrum be replaced (strangers said he had a bad temper with them too) soon when he inevitably fails the anger management training by a stoned teen who objectively leads much better.Food's fine.

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