Tokyo Sushi & Bar

2278 Westborough Blvd #201, South San Francisco
(650) 808-9898

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Shing W.

This place sucks! The waiter keep pushing us to order the beans! When we refused to order, she just gave us an unpleasant look and left!!! What the hell! Please hire a better waiter!!! 18% service charge was automatically added , but she told us that was not tips!!! We should add more??!!

Erica S.

Great vegetable rolls and bento boxes. We've had a lot of trouble with getting our correct order on Doordash, but when we do the food is great!

Christine Zarate

I thought of giving another chance of my past experiences of waiting too long …. This time it’s a nightmare..the 15 minutes wait was 50 minutes and the rest waiting also for their order we’re frustrated. Service should improve and needs manpower .

Faith Dea

Online call was horrible experience and the food was cold by the time they texted us that it’s ready for pick up! Overall, unprofessional.

tere p.

Our visit this night wasn't good. The Karaage chicken we ordered was so cold and we asked a replacement. The lady took our bento box and took the chicken alone and returned the bento food and without chicken (duh!), in less than 2 minutes!!! (We are checking our phone time). We specially mentioned a new chicken karaage. Do you think it's new?. Not once the server check how do we do on our food. She came when we asked for the check. What is weird here is that she was there, standing, showing the check from her personal gadget. My hubby was asking for a print out copy and then she did. She still waited their infront of us without 6 ft distancing making us feel like we are not going to pay! I asked her nicely, "Is this your system now of customers asking for bill and you are standing there, waiting?" And she said, "Yes!". First ever restaurant to experience this!!!. My husband paid in cash with a $1 tip for the first time in his life. If I can take out the star here, I will. Also, we noticed that the sushi bar as well are eating while making sushi and washing without soap (continous touch on the face with mask and food) -this is health violation. Fyi, we are workers in restaurants too so please HACCP rules and generous tips are given to great service.

Nat Y.

The food was good, the service was ok, they forgot things we ordered, no big deal. The whole restaurant needs a deep clean. I walked to bathroom and the floor was soooo greasy it is dangerous!!!!While waiting for our food I looked around at the tv screens and counter, and ceiling and it is soo dirty/ dusty. I understand covid staff shortages but there is no excuse to be serving fresh food in an unsanitary space. I hope next time I eat here it is a better experience. If I noticed the hygiene of the restaurant before ordering I would have left. But to be fair the food was good

Ann G.

Worst service. Food is good but wait is terrible. I tried to call a server to assist us and just ignored me.

Troy B.

Needed some raw protein last night and didn't want to drive into San Francisco. Found Tokyo Sushi and Bar near not far from hotel and decided to give it a try. Kind of an upscale restaurant with a real nice selection of Sake! Ordered a "can of sake" like in Roppongi. Ordered Two rolls and some salmon belly sashimi. The rolls were great, one Philadelphia and the other (I think) rainbow roll. Sake was great, food was fantastic and the service was outstanding. I'd read reviews complaining about the service but, I know not everything in the internet is true... this place is really good and super busy. If you're in the area of San Bruno stop by you won't be disappointed.

Shari N.

This is my second time coming here and the food is great! I went along with my friend and he suggested to come here to eat. We both were eating the bento box. You can order 2 or 3 items of food in the box like chicken teriyaki or Chicken katsu,etc. The bento also comes with rice soup and salad. We also ordered some sushi as appetizers. The staff was attentive and were compliant to covid rules. They even have this face monitor for your temperature. The ambiance is always nice Highly suggested!

Jonina I.

This place is amazing! I've been ordering food from them for the last month and during the pandemic they give a lot for their bento boxes! All the rolls are delicious and there can be times when it's really busy and they're backed up but I would recommend this place if you're in the Peninsula and to be honest it's better than most of the sushi places that are in the area! Parking is always easy to find since it's a plaza, staff is always friendly. They have a thermometer right when you come in because of COVID and everything is clean. Great place to go for lunch or dinner with friends!

Kaylee H.

I don't live very far from this place and I go pretty often. Their sushi is to DIE FOR and bento boxes always come very plentiful. I don't know why this place doesn't have a higher star count. I mean is it 5 star cuisine? No, but it doesn't advertise itself as that. Prices are prices, I mean they're a little high but I feel like you can't get sushi cheap if you don't want to get mercury poisoning. No use complaining about expensive prices if you want quality food. I'd say try it out, I always go back to their sushi because it's just that damn good! Would recommend the Mountain Fuji roll and Kamikaze roll.

Jenni Z.

First time coming here with my friends. The food is very fresh yummy yummy the service is so good , happy to come nice place.

J C.

$110 take out of bento boxes and sushi rolls. Sad to say this time the food was not fresh at all. Rolls have weird taste. One plastic bento box was cracked and teriyaki sauce dripped all over. No sauce for tempura and fried veggies. Miso soups had no flavor. Tonkatsu over cooked. Perhaps just too busy on weekend ? Not happy.

Caryn Ng Dela Cruz

Good portions, good food, good service.

Rachel Sitchon

Waitress was rude n did not specify what was extra on charges

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