Ko Ryo Jung Korean BBQ

1585 Sepulveda Blvd N, Torrance
(310) 530-0025

Recent Reviews

Ryan Rodriguez

When there's a 3 hour wait at GEN, we like to take refuge here.That being said this place is really good, nice staff, good food.

jason mejia

Customer service was nice, they are very attentive. Waiting list was not too long. All you can eat is lovely and prices are decent.

Crystal Castillo

Loveee ittt for the price it’s worth it. The portions are good too !! It’s a must


Huge portions and lacking alot of appetizers I'm used to, but it's pretty cheap for all you can eat so I'm definitely not complaining!!$25-30 for all you can eat KBBQ is PERFECT!

Shae Rouzan

Great portions and quality! Amazing staff! Love that they start you off with bacon and butter at the table, really nice touch! The brisket sauce is definitely top notch and the wait wasn't too bad although parking is a NIGHTMARE here,, I love this place ??


Danny was really fast with the food and the manager came out and helped too because it was really busy. Nice food and great place to eat at. Danny is a really good worker too

Matt N.

straight to the point - "all you can eat" for $23 4/25/2021 finally found a near by place in Torrance besides in Los angles. iPad check in the front of the entrances, food was good and the service!

Robyn O.

Probably one of the worst kbbq places I've ever been to. Meat quality was decent but customer service was horrible. Plus we had to pay for water... like okay. We had to keep reminding them of our orders & kept ignoring us when we wanted to request sides. Didn't give us any utensils or anything. HORRIBLE. They're lucky gen was closed cause we've would've never gone here.

Stephanie S.

Enjoy trying new kbbq spots and this one is by far the worst I've ever been to. Got there just after opening and they were not busy. Had to get up to find someone to ask for utensils and napkins. Nobody ever came to check on table or get additional meat orders. Had to flag waiters down to ask for anything and even getting their attention was difficult.

Shany Hidalgo

Great place! Very friendly customer service and the meat had lots of flavor. Would recommend this place to family and friends.

Gabriela S.

This is our favorite Kbbq spot!! The food is amazing and the prices are great! Everything is so delicious! Definitely recommend!!

Kah B.

I dont know why do they get some bad reviews, honestly this place is decent. Gen was packed and we don't wanna wait for a long time so we went here instead. For my first time here, it is absolutely a wonderful experience. First, they have indoor and outdoor dining. Then u get to choose between 2 sets. One having more meat vs the other. We just opt for the less meat since its less expensive. The choices are good as they have bibimbap for free on that less expensive set which I never had in my AYCE kbbq place which is a sure plus for me. Service was on point. We didn't have a hard time asking for our orders and they are very attentive. The place is small in the inside but not that bad. The only thing i don't like is they don't have a free water. They only serve a bottled water for $0.75 cents. Will come back here again.

Melanie F.

the wait at GEN was 3 hours, so my family decided to come here instead and the wait was less than 5 minutes (sunday early evening)! if you're looking to eat somewhere more "classy", GEN is your way, but i feel like this place is still super good in my opinion since i've been here many times before with my friends before COVID. although the place doesn't feel the cleanest and is pretty small inside, all the staff was wearing a mask/face shield/gloves when we were there, and were super kind/quick! you get a lot for you $ from menu A in my opinion. overall, this is a great spot for social groups since it gives off nice local & fun night out vibes :)

Yasmin D.

First time to eat out with co-workers since the pandemic. It was Thursday and doing a send off dinner for a staff member. All wanting an AYCE Korean bbq...Ko Roy Jung was the place to be. There's indoor and outdoor seating. Thanks to one patron who told me to sign up the group to the waitlist. We were 13 in the group, all waited for everyone...well at least 10 of us to get in. Due to Covid19 protocols, no more buffet style banchan or sides. The salad is served on the table to share and banchan served as ordered. They still have 2 choices for the dinner menu, one (about $31.99) and the other was $24.99 sans the tax for both. The difference being the higher priced one have more choices. If you want shrimps and more meat then you pick the higher priced one...but it's about meat, meat, and more meat for us and we were satisfied and then some with the $24.99. The staff were attentive to us that night, got our orders correct and they came out quickly. Oh we were all stuffed! They were so nice to accommodate a big group and for some time we were the only ones in the room. They also gave us small plates for the cake dessert we brought to share for our co-worker. Good job Ko Ryu Jung! Continue to make your diners safe as they enjoy their meal!

Natasha B.

This is my favorite kbbq place hands down! They play fire K-Pop songs and employees are super nice and attentive. The brisket is my fave, I could eat this all day. Also love the salad!

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