Monk's Charburgers

22726 Vermont Ave, Torrance
(310) 320-7400

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Had a tuna melt sandwich which needed more melt and better cheese but it was delicious. Love the menu

Elizabeth L.

Grew up down the street from Monks and loved the food! Unfortunately, the staff of the attitude have definitely declined resulting in not wanting to come as often. The portions have gotten smaller- fries, the fried zucchini etc. They have also missed/ messed up the past three orders. Overall it has gone down by multiple degrees.

ellen b

Love their zucchini fries. Go for that alone great of food was very good also though

Claudia Chavez (Cookie73)

Its ok and all until you notice that your two large eggs they claim to give you with breakfast are two of the smallest eggs you'll ever see. Not too happy

Frank Dawson

My favorite burger spot. The staff is super friendly know me by name amd my kids. Great people great food what more could you ask for. And always consistent.try the chili cheese fries with fried pastrami its awesome

Will Yohe

Hell yeah been over 10 years since I last ate at Monk's I was very happy that they are still up and running love the pastrami sandwich with the onion rings there is nothing like that around from where I am now located and living which is in Oregon really wish they would bring them selves and all the food they make and cook to somewhere in Oregon more like in Eugene Lane County area Yellow Basket which is an old-school one as well used to be up there in Medford and every time that I did go by in Medford I've always stop there and get some good food from them as well but good job you guys continue to stay strong and keep the good food going

Maggie Sanchez

I like that their fries are always fresh, the drive thru is fast and I've always had a pleasant visit.

Prince Page

It's didn't feel open arms but it wasn't the worst experience either, just trying to make my woman happy, so I bear the burden

Alex Kim

I only go there to get their hot pastrami sandwich. The Pastrami sandwich taste great...don't forget to ask for pepperoncini.

Nikki Villa

Been getting the chicken breast salad. Delish!

Maureen Bott

For the price the burritos were small and the cheese was weird. Definitely not cheddar. Disappointed. Maybe their burgers are better.

Carles CJ Juzang

Nice place for a burger, shake and fries. Friendly employees and clean environment.

Michael G.

Very slow drive thru. So slow that we left. Not worth the time. It would have been better if someone said "be right with you" or ANYTHING at all. They just leave you wondering if they are even doing drive thru; no communication at all.

K T.

First time here and went to the drivetru for a chiliburger, gotta say for the price it does not disappoint! The service was fast and friendly too!

Jason Rockette

Love this place! So glad they have survived this pandemic so far!

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