Poke Bar

21219 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-1121

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Ryann G.

I'm posting a review because the phone number isn't working - When I dial the listed number, it tells me its unavailable. I'd rather call than write a review, but the # is not working. I'd appreciate a call back, as my order was wrong and I wanted to get a credit. We ordered online and when we got home, the order was wrong and neither of us wanted to drive back to get the corrected meal, so please pay attention to what's ordered when people come in for takeout. Thank you!

Terry S.

Rice was so dry and hard, it makes everything taste bad. Disappointed.... Employees had no smile, feel not welcome

Carly Silva

I am absolutely in love with this restaurant. It's the perfect meal


Outside seating available, free miso soup with check in. Quick and good portion. Whenever I'm craving sashimi but don't have the time for it this hits the spot. Clean and quick.

Nik K.

My favorite poke spot in the area out of all the ones I've tried. The price is pretty average but the portions are very generous compared to other spots. The fish always tastes fresh as well

Sacha H.

This will forever be the only poke place I go to! I go about 1-2 times a week . The staff is always sweet , greets you with a hello and a smile! Every single one knows my order. Which is awesome! They are super clean. I always see the staff washing their hands after handling the cash register. And their milk tea is soooooo good! So many toppings and proteins to choose from! The sauces are great too!

Regina L.

Im giving this 3 stars instead of lower because usually they're a very solid place to get a good poké bowl. I ordered online through yelp for my family but when we picked it up, they got a lot of things wrong. My mother doesn't eat raw fish, and especially doesn't trust it during this pandemic so she ordered shrimp (which is cooked) and tofu. They put raw tuna and tofu in it instead :( we also had some toppings missing in all our bowls. They also had 2 different websites to order from which is pretty confusing. I'm sad because this is usually my go to place in the South Bay for poké bowls but their takeout and online ordering just isn't consistent at all.

Liz Morgan

Great customer service ..food was great

Alexis R.

Best poke place around. It's hard for me to find a good one bc I find a lot of them aren't exactly fresh, however this place was surprisingly fresh and delicious! I ordered a small bowl with spicy tuna and salmon, white rice, a variety of toppings and spicy sauces. Would certainly recommend it.

Luisa V.

I loved my bowl! With this virus going on the best restaurant is one that is fast when you order, that's how it went for me! Just got there grabbed my food and left. I didn't have to wait and they were really nice.

Adam Reed

I'm a big fan of salmon and spicy tuna poke, and I have never had better anywhere. They have a just-poke option that's perfect for my very-low-carbohydrate diet. I guess that I'm lucky to have this place near-by.

Laura S.

Yummo - pretty tasty poke place - lots to pick from- love love getting this yummy stuff to go


Recommend ordering spicy sauce!! Very good!! I can eat many vegetables!! No guilt!?but Lemonade is not good?

Stephanie Mesdaghi

This is a "we-stayed-too-late-at-work" staple for us. Reasonably healthy and a good value for your money. Build your own poke bowl on rice or greens or noodles (or a combo). Choose your toppings and sauce and you're done. The small is plenty for one person. Get the stamp card to get a free medium after 10 items. Boba milk tea is available at this location, but we've never tried it. Mobile order is also available.

Toni F.

I was considering trying this poke establishment, but between no menu other than size and price available on line, and the extremely mixed comments from one end of the spectrum to the other, I will continue to go to King Poke on PCH near Crenshaw...their service and quality is never questionable.

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