Poke Bar

21219 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-9886

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Katrina U.

Still one of my favorite poke places in the area! Since it's poke, it's always going to cost a little bit more than you want to pay; but here, the portion size is good and they are more generous with their fish portions than other places. Always make sure to check in on Yelp for that free miso soup!

Lina Y.

I actually have been here twice, and the only reason I was back for a second time its because this is the only healthy fast meal place I could think of after leaving the gym at 8 pm. I was very disappointed at the customer service the first time, we came 15 min before their closing time and the guy there told us we close in 15 min so I cannot serve you. However, he then said He would serve us but be fast? I mean just change the closing time to 15 mins earlier instead of being rude.. On top of that, he arrogantly served our food (or rather threw at us..) while using the rudest tone. Food was good and I will leave you some pictures in case you feel the need to go.. but make it there 4 hours before their closing time so that you don't feel like you are begging for food. (Pd: the 2nd time we were there the lady was super sweet; thanks for doing your job)

Carlos D.

Today 10/1/2021 I came here to get my order, it was 9:10 and they close at 9:30. The person at the store refuse to sell us food. She said that they close at 9:00 when they've closed at 9:30 for a long time. The person there was Amy and she just wanted to close early. I think this is unacceptable and I hope the manager does something to correct this.

Ivory H.

Unfortunately they removed the masago and replaced the (good) crab meat with a cheap terrible tasting brand. The worker was even struggling to scoop it out it was so hard. All of this while raising the price. This use to be my go to for poke, but I'm going to look elsewhere since I don't want to pay more for lesser quality. Just want to be clear, nothing bad to say about the actual workers, they are always friendly and fast at their job.

don j.

Their fish is not as fresh as other poke places. Walked in the other day and it smelled like rotten fish from the second I opened the door so I walked out. Before that Ive been several times with no issues. But not sure if I can go back.

Bjorn K.

Great taste, very nice service! I will definately come again.

Tyler Kosa

The salmon was old and smelled like rotten eggs. Might have just been unlucky but would never go back.

C R.

Had a bad experience tonight. I noticed that my eyes were watering. I felt that it was because there were raw onions out and so I opened the door and the guy working immediately ran and closed the door so I told him that it was because my eyes were watering. Nobody was waiting on us but when my friend wanted to look at the nutrition facts on the cookie, the guy rudely said "don't touch that." We were waiting to get our food for more than 10 minutes. Customer service had gone down significantly here and I'll never return. My friend got stomach upset after eating here. What an awful experience. The 2 employees working possessed the worst customer service. I didn't like my food and luckily there are much better options available in the Southbay for poke. Good riddance!

Adrienne C.

The first poke place I've ever tried I vibe The fish is fishy The rice is Ricey Just how one would like their poke

Daniel Phan

Fair price. I just love poke.

Ponka Po

Really fresh and deliciousSmall size more than enough for 1 person

Wilma Dadang

Very Disappointed. We always come to this place for poke . So excited when my hubby arrived with poke large size on his hand….. to my dismay there was approximately 70-75% of brown rice of total meal served!!! Digging thinking might be at the bottom but none! Oh well I lost my appetite! Sooo disappointed!!!!

Terry McCleary

Excellent service with a smile, even though it was super busy! What a selection of proteins and sides, I love this place!

Felipe Monsalve

Loved ot

Robin S.

This place was AWESOME! It had all the fixin's you could want for the same price!!! Very authentic and great portions. I highly recommend it.

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