21540 Hawthorne Blvd #401c, Torrance
(310) 561-8171

Recent Reviews

Larry W.

This location is closed. Neither their hours on here nor their voicemail reflect this. There is a location in Long Beach that is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope the location changes its hours on here and google to reflect the current status of their business hours.

Mike A.

They open at 10 AM I come in at 12 and the girl with the tattoo on her arm and hair slicked back give me an attitude saying we aren't even open yet I just showed up we open when we open and we are understaffed.That should be no excuse since she isn't doing nothing but being on her phone and looking in the mirror not working at all.She can come in before 10 and open everything around 11 especially since the llama was there around this time no excuse

Rose B.

Have you ever seen a Popbar popsicle look like this? ‍ The ice cream was old and they no longer carry nuts..

Chunky Guac

I had the mango popsicle and the blood orange they tasted nothing like you imagine. they taste like plastic.

Jenny K.

I have NEVER been disappointed with Popbar. I love the ice cream and I love getting the green tea kit kat flavor. I was MEGA disappointed with this location and highly do not recommend. There were only a few flavors available. The green tea popsicle was melting. When I took a bite out of it, it moved so much and dripped EVERYWHERE. Even my friend was super shocked with how melted it was. I don't even know how it kept it's shape. It didn't even taste like green tea. It's always so difficult to chose between Popbar and Somi Somi when I'm at Del Amo. I know now to never get popbar here and always go to somi somi. I have never been so disappointed with dessert.

Gabby G.

I have visited this location several times. My last few visits have been very disappointing. At our visit today there was not enough milk chocolate, no pistachios, no vanilla popsicles. Really?? It was only noon on one of the busiest shopping weekends and no one was in line. The cashier lacks costumer service skills. She looks very unhappy. The product is amazing and there is a lot of potential with the right staff.

Luis A.

The lady at the pop bar has no costumer service skill at all; she looked like she was unhappy working there and shows a terrible attitude toward the clients; especially been around Christmas she should have a little more of professionalism; bad trainIng from their management as well

Tania Q.

Went last Tuesday and some lady was on her phone sitting in the back so I started to wave a bit and call out but she was sooo into her phone I thought geez must be something, important as heck and left wanting ice cream. At least put the phone on speaker so you can attend people and talk.

Malibu Racoon

First time here. So many flavors and toppings

Samara Kaplan

Really refreshing on a hot day

Emydhel T.

I was really excited to try Popbar because I always see my friends post yummy photos. I came and tried the passion fruit bar dipped in white chocolate with almonds. It was pretty good you can definitely taste the passion fruit. I've had better popsicles for less than what they up sell here. Great photos for your social media.

Elizabeth O.

This place is so nice to come too when you want a quick desert that isn't too filling. I love to get the strawberry sorbet, full dipped in chocolate, with a hazelnut coating! This place is so nice to come to in the summer, and it's so delicious that I have no problems coming here any other time of year. :)


I always enjoy coming here. This pop bar in the mall was very convenient and had all the flavors I've come to love about pot bar. But the staff seems a little perturbed and tired, maybe just be a casual Friday. I definitely definitely recommend going to this place for a sweet snack. I enjoyed an orange Creamsicle. The sweet flavor jumped off the page and I enjoyed it. In all things considered, it was relatively really cheap. Service: B Flavor: B+ Wait time: A

G Marshall

Disappointed with this location. Didn’t have all the flavors as I usually get green tea at other location. The little girl taking the orders last weekend had such a POOR attitude. Very unfriendly and rushed the order. Was rude and short when asked question. Surprised the owner hired such an employee when most dessert shops like these have such friendly workers. On the plus side, the cashier was more pleasant.

Sara S.

Love the concept and taste but this location had worst service of any Popbar. Girl taking the order had attitude and very unfriendly. Obvious she hates her job. Did a sloppy job with dipping and toppings also. It's a shame if the owners don't know. Bad service hurts the business. Will not return to this location.

Pete Simochko

Good ice cram flavors and toppings

Jasmine S.

really lame service from the female employee around 5pm today...seems like she hates her job, also service area could be cleaner. I've had better experiences from this location but today sucked. 2 stars only for good product. bought 4 popsicles and all the flavors were good. mediocre dipping/coating job (again, lame service) but consistent taste in product.

Jose L.

Cool spot with some great popsicle sticks. Located within the Hangar at LBX which is a nice spot to sit down and have an ice cream. The only reason I am knocking off one star is because these things are expensive for the relatively small amount of popsicle stick you actually get. The popsicle sticks are very small for $5 and although it's only an extra 50 cents to get toppings you pay 5.50 for a few bites of popsicle stick.

Thomas T.

My girlfriend's green tea pop had bits of paper all throughout the inside, it was inedible and had to be thrown away.

Mari Jones

So totally meh...😐

Andrea O.

It's delicious, but they cut a bunch of flavors and they are understaffed, the only girl working there is always in the back kitchen. She must be overloaded with stuff to do. I can't get my favorite flavor, it's never available, too bad!

Kat M.

I did not find my chocolate covered strawberry popsicle special in the slightest for $4.50. The ones you get at the gas station for $.99 taste better IMO. I was a bit disappointed after the good reviews here on Yelp. I definitely make better at home. The triple layer ones from Trader Joe's that come in a box of 4 for $1.99 are far superior. Go elsewhere for your dessert.

Daniel Car

Such a "cool" concept, the flavours and topping options are amazing!

Jennifer M.

Delicious ! Only complaint is that they're super expensive . Three bars cost $15! That's a lot for an arguably small gelato bar. We ordered chocolate, strawberry and vanilla dipped in milk chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. They were all really good.

Hedgie L.

I've always wanted to try a pop bar since coming to LA. Their gelato bars are very soft and almost chewy. Chocolate green tea was like a nice rich green tea flavor with brownie bits inside. The passion fruit was tart and sorbet on a stick. It was nice. But it was gone too fast.

Audrey Nazareno De Leon

Green Tea popbarGreen Tea popbar

Alane Castillo

My gfs favorite spot we stop by everytime we go to the mall

Eva M.

Popbar is a popsicle and shake shop located in Del Amo Mall. 4 stars because it was good, not amazing and a bit overpriced for a popsicle. Fun concept though: you can choose your popsicle flavor, dip it, and add toppings. I got a strawberry popsicle dipped in chocolate and yogurt. It was enjoyable and instagram perfect.

Jonny K.

Pop bar The popsicles at pop bar are kinda creamy and are like ice cream. I ordered the green tea pop with chocolate sauce and it tasted like a green tea kit kat in popsicle form it had a good amount of green tea flavor and the chocolate sauce turned into a chocolate solid shell. Another thing that surprised me was the popsicle never dripped on the floor at all not even once when it started to melt. Pop bar also serves milkshakes and you can dip your popsicle in different kind of sauce and toppings as well.

Jonny K.

Pop bar The popsicles at pop bar are kinda creamy and are like ice cream. I ordered the green tea pop with chocolate sauce and it tasted like a green tea kit kat in popsicle form it had a good amount of green tea flavor and the chocolate sauce turned into a chocolate solid shell. Another thing that surprised me was the popsicle never dripped on the floor at all not even once when it started to melt. Pop bar also serves milkshakes and you can dip your popsicle in different kind of sauce and toppings as well.

Mel Z.

PopBar Yes! Especially to all my Pistachio Lovers! When I get my sweet tooth craving this is where I am simply headed. My husband is not much of a sweet tooth type person but his eye went in connection with their shakes that they have. Shakes taste great but I'm more towards the Pops so refreshing and with the selection chocolate and toppings yum. So excited they are opening one up at the Long Beach Xchange. Can't wait!! It's a must have to try if you haven't had one!!

Tamika R.

Over priced popsicles. You can kind of say it might be worth it only if you get it with chocolate and nuts. Not to mention, I always come into the mall before they open and the counter is constanly a mess. They dont clean up at night. Very unsanitary.

Sarah L.

Quick takes: Service: good Atmosphere: mall pop-up Food: SUPER sweet (even with a sweet tooth) The cashier was patient to explain how to build a popbar and what flavor combinations were popular/aesthetic. Only downside is that all the toppings make the popbar TOO sweet, like eating pure sugar. I would have preferred the bar better by itself? Overall, a good experience but I wouldn't go back because of how sugary the dessert is (and with no toppings there's no point really).

Bhootzie Badass

Way to exspensive

Briana E.

1) it's overpriced ice cream / milkshakes 2) employees will scam you for the prices $ 3) staff needs BETTER ATTITUDE and to learn to SMILE 4) don't get me wrong it's good but not worth it Tonight I went to try it out with my boyfriend and one of the girls with brown / reddish hair (had a low pony tail) had horrible attitude she saw us and huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes at us.

Janet L.

Pretty good, but nothing exceptional. A little pricey for what it is. The chocolate dip is straight up chocolate and a little too sweet of an addition for my liking. However, there's not a lot of these ice cream pop kind of shops around so still happy there's one here.

Ben Z.

Pop bar is pretty cool, they have a lot of different variety of popsicles and I find it pretty unique. Its a bit sweet in my opinion but the popsicles sure do look good in picture!

C.M L.

This location has gone down in quality and customer service. I've been here before a few times throughout the years they have opened and my experience has never been this bad. I was there a quarter 'til noon on a Saturday and it was all quiet at the store front. The lady at the register looked like I was bothering her with my order. I decided to just get a simple, undipped bar for my toddler and get the heck outta there. I didn't feel welcome at all. There are definitely other "frosty" treat stores that are much better in value as well as customer service (some other reviews have mentioned them), so don't bother with Popbar.

Michael Gilbreath

This was an interesting place. If you're looking for a cool refreshment, this will suffice. They can dip your flavored popsicle in chocolate and then sprinkle toppings on it. I personally wasn't that impressed but my wife and daughter liked it.

Sophia A.

Didn't care for this place. I tried it out and paid about $5 for a pistachio bar dipped in white chocolate. Overpriced and overrated. I would recommend frostbites instead which is located on the other side of the mall next to AMC. Better service, quality and better prices than Popbar. I just wasn't wowed. I ended up going to target and purchasing Ben & Jerry's ice cream to satisfy my craving.