Uncle Tetsu

Desserts, Japanese

3525 W Carson St, Torrance
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I know this place is really popular and I really wanted to love it but at the end of the day, the Japanese (souffle) cheesecake was so so so so so dry. Did I say dry? Make sure you have some water near by cuz you'll drink every drop when you eat a slice. Are Japanese taste buds different than my Chinese ones? Maybe I got a bad cake but I highly dont recommend. NO NO NO NO NO. 85 degrees is better.

Very standard Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes. If you like their product, these will be good. The line wasn't out the door, and the cheesecakes were still soft, jiggly, and delicious. Their oreo cheesecake was, just like their other stuff, mildly flavored. For those who've never had it, they're not dense at all. In fact, it's pretty much the opposite- light, fluffy, and kind of like, um, sponge cake almost. Some people don't necessarily enjoy it, but if you're...read full review

I wanted to buy their cheese cake. I went there and they were nice enough to offer me the samples. The guy told me I have to wait a while so they finish baking the samples so I did. They gave me samples and all different kind of cheesecake wasn't good at all. I can get better cheese cakes at marukai or Nijiya so I didn't buy any. The staffs were very nice. It's just too bad I didn't like their cheesecake.

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