Taco Bell

921 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 539-4665

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Kathy Gilbert

Don't ever go out of business Taco Bell. Crunchy tacos and soft, delicious burritos. Their protein steak bowl is really good, too.

Michelle Of Westminster, CA

This Taco Bell is newly remodeled. It very clean. New Kiosks to order food and get it quickly. Plenty of space for guests to sit and enjoy their meal. TACO BELL PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR NACHO FRIES!!! THEY WERE FREAKN' DELICIOUS!!! ?

mikka layese

tastes nice, but simple cheap fast food with many choices and not too crazy portion sizes

Gabe Gabriel

Taco bell saved my life. I had just donated blood and the drive thru was so convenient. I did not eat all morning until I arrived at Taco bell. I ordered number 8 combo and diablo sauce. It was a good day to taco. I ❤ TacoBell

Dana Hull

The food was not hot and it didn't taste fresh like it had been there for days.and the dinning table was very dirty they saw me put hand sanitizer on a paper towel to clean my table to sit and eat it was no air conditioner on very warm in there it was hard to breath so I just walked out and I was scared to eat my food due to the unclean place so I put the food in the trash.not good pls send in some one under cover be you will see not good for. Business I won't eat there again.i will tell family and friends don't eat there I'm sure I'm not the only one that feel this way.

Matt L.

I went to this location from time to time. They are what you expect. What is getting them this 1/5 star review is them not supporting the Free Covid-19 vaccination tacos on 6/15/21. It was all over the radio and advertised, but when you tried to get them at this location, they responded with "This is not a participating location" I was only there for the tacos, but after sitting in the drive through for 10 minutes, I was stuck so had to order anyways. Bean burritos were 2/3 filled and almost all sauce.

Dante Gotuzzo

Service is good , but they hardly put meat on the crunchy taco.

Ebelin Rodriguez

First taco bell that actually gave me all my items for a big order!!! Amazing!!

Eric Chabez

This place adds a little hair the the orders and the ones they don't they add sour cream... I didn't want either yet i still got it In my food... I'm ? that people don't care about what they do with the food. Quality control taco bell

Christen Bundoc

Always gets the order right and food is always better than at other taco bells

Evy V.

If I would be able to give 0 stars I would. This is a darn franchise place and besides them having a horrible customer service, they don't have anything. I ordered cinnabon but they said they don't serve those after 12 pm. Then I ordered a slushy type drink and they said their machine was not working so I decided to order Cinnamon twist instead. Got to the window and we paid quite a little touch for what we had ordered. We requested the order receipt 4 times and the guy at the Window name Fernando was not approachable at all. He kept telling me the receipt was in the bag. I requested hot sauce for my tacos and he gave us KFC sauce( horrible taste). Them it seem like he was getting upset because we were requesting for our condiments at the window holding the line. Well IF YOU WOULD HAVE PUT ALL MY DARMMM CONDIMENTS IN MY BAG I WOULDN'T BE REQUESTING ANY. After leaving the drive-thru I pulled over in their parking lot and checked my bag. NO FREAKING receipt, not the hot sauce I wanted and my Cinamom twist were all over r the bag. Got off my car besides that I already wasted 20 mins there and headed inside. Now the cashier on the front said we don't carry the taco hot sauce in this facility only KFC hot sauce. Then when I complained about the Cinnamon twist, she said well the bag come with 12 pieces and I'm like wtf. The bag is not even half way and you are telling me it comes with 12 pieces so I requested my money back for those twist. Besides being pricey the experience there was HORRIBLE They need to retrain these people on customer service but of course they are franchise so what can we expect. NEVER EVER going to this piece of s^$^&#& again that's for sure.

Mike Bloomfield

Very fast driving through no matter what time of the day it is

Tamatha Lawrence

Love Taco Bell's fast service and food.

Tami Koch

The tacos here are delicious. Their slushes are very good.

LAs Qtst

The crunchy taco ? was delicious ?

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