The Habit Burger Grill

3829 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 406-3063

Recent Reviews

Joy Kennelly

If you like small burgers, then this is the place to go. I ordered the teriyaki burger and according to the picture thought it would be the size of what you get at a Carl's Junior, with maybe a little higher quality meat. Ordered the onion rings too. Both were disappointing. Rings were not fresh, fried so often they were dark brown and dry as a bone. Burger was juicy, but like a small Big Mac. Guess I will stick with Carl's. Or wait for Proudly Serving to pop up over the weekend.

Jeffery South

Quality fresh ingredients make this your go to Hamburger Restaurant. Courteous staff, cleanliness and attention to detail makes for a wonderful dinning experience.

Natalie P.

I love the habit grill, but not at this location. Every habit I've been to is amazing and delicious but me and my family came here and we ordered onion rings, burgers, and chicken popcorn. Let me start off with the onion rings. They were burnt. That's all I will say. Next the chicken popcorn. Bruh, were trying to give salmonella because that chicken was not fully cooked. My mom took the first bite and you could see the pink in the middle of the chicken. The burgers were good but if you love habit like I do, go to a different location. This one is always full anyway due to the first timers.

Candace A.

2 stars for their tempura green beans and onion rings. Everything else...hard pass. I just left the drive thru to discover under cooked meat . Idk what has more of a red/pink hue...the tomatoes or the meat . I keep giving this place a chance and get disappointed each time . Don't brag/advertise about the cook to order process if you're going to take short cuts

Marivic Sigua

I was appalled at the terrible customer service. The cashier was ROLLING her eyes at me repeatedly while taking my order. When i got my onion rings they were BURNED way past well done. I didnt even ask for well done onion rings! I tried calling the manager but no answer. Never again.

Sam M.

You ever notice burger getting smaller. I guess due to COVID-19 they seem it. I come here so much often. So yes I can tell the difference that the burger quite a bit shrunk down not the correct size the way it was before in the past

Lindsay G.

First time here! Thank you Alberto for your great customer service in helping us select our meals! The Santa Barbara charbroil was very good and green beans!

Miguel R.

Outstanding service!! Only my second time ever going to this place, the first time being over 10 years ago, and i was blown away! The first time i had gone there, the food was just meh, and not worth the price. This time around, the food was amazing and the service, and this is saying alot, was even better!! Everyone behind the counter looked happy to be there, the manager was polite and courteous, and although he had misheard my burger order, i dont blame him at all...purely covid mask first world problems..i was okay letting it go and eating the burger i was given as i am not that guy. it looked delicious as well. He apologized and made the burger i had initially wanted and walked it out to me himself and wow the whole meal...not a thing to complain about...except the fact that my stomache was way too small to eat it all in one sitting. I would definitely go back to this exact restaurant specifically for the crew there alone not including the perfectly made food..and i live in long beach...but definitely worth the drive! Thanks again!!

Rachel “Rachel”

Great customer service. Very polite and patient. Clean restaurant & restrooms. There is dining inside and outside. Great vibe. I had the Ahituna sandwich & u can literally add whatever u want to it. I added a runny egg & garlic aioli.

Mike Freh

Good burger quick tasty clean good customer service.

Robert Russell

I love the food, the staff and their app. The food is prepared when I complete my order on the app. I could choose curbside delivery but I like going inside and seeing the friendly faces. This is one of the few takeout places where I can get a hamburger with a salad. I substitute the whole wheat bun on the burger. The salad is good with vegetables that I like.

Austin Garlick

This place is sooo good! I have been going there whenever me and my friends don't know where to go. Just because this place never disappoints! The Santa Barbara Char is really delicious! Ooh and also the shakes

Martin M.

Really good fast-food. Only concern is an A/C set too low (even if it is chill outside). Update: it is probably the coldest restaurant in the county. You wear shorts and t-shirt outside and you don't have anything more to wear to survive inside. The temperature set is ridiculous! Not healthy, not economical, not eco friendly, not pleasant.

Mary M.

My husband got food from here for dinner tonight. I ordered a habit burger and it had long black hair in it. . We ordered two green beans and got one green beans and one onion rings. The only thing they got right was my husband's chicken Caesar salad. My husband had to go back and get me a new burger. I hope they give him two fresh orders of green beans we originally wanted. The black hair is what gets me. I don't even want it anymore. GROSS!

Aaay B.

They were a little busy so we decided to use the computer to place our order. It was very simple to use, and we received a text message when our order was complete. The food was awesome, my favorite was the Oreo shake. The staff was very friendly and awesome.

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