Black Bear Diner Torrance

24021 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 974-9002

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Yolanda C Santos

Awesome! Large portions at a great prices! Very friendly staff very clean environment!! Our waiter Antonio was very friendly and was able to handle our large family orders & Mama Bear was awesome she took the time to stop & and greet us during our breakfast! Highly recommend the Torrance Black Bear Diner!!!

Wayne Gunther

amazing food amazing service I've always loved the black bear

Juan Torres

Very good overall, good portions and service was great.

Don Harrison

Fun place to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Friendly staff. Huge portions with a very extensive selection. The ingredients also seem to be of high quality. Bakery case in front is always full of tempting, delicious looking pies, tarts and many other items. Parking is fairly good as long as it's not too full. The theme is bears, lots of bears.

Tom Marinello

Sandwiches were delicious, but likely made in a hurry. One half had very little meat on it and the Cole slaw flavor was prominent. The second half turned out to have most of the meat on it. Completely different sandwich. If I order that again, I'll look inside first.


As part of a large order via Postmates (tip included) I requested two orders of side bacon which should have totaled eight pieces of bacon, instead I only received six pieces. I can't even blame the driver because the bags were sealed. When I contacted the restaurant, the person who answered told me I should contact Postmates to get refunded because she's too busy. I can't even tell you how the food taste or if it's any good because I'm so irritated. At the very least they could have gave me credit for future use or have me picked up the two pieces which I would have gladly done. I spent close to $70 on this order, and this was my first time purchasing food from this restaurant. Where's the customer service?

Ronnie A.

Charles we loved you! Amazing service by the sweetest man!! Today was my aunt and myself second time at this restaurant and everything was perfect! We will definitely be back and hopefully we can have Charles as our server again!

Larry K.

A little disappointed this morning. Went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast & was seated right away. Service was great and fast. Unfortunately the meat lovers omelette was dry (over cooked) and didn't have a lot of cheese in it. One of my favorites is their sausage, today the sausage basically had no flavor. The veggie omelet was good but also a little over cooked. It had lots of cheese in it. The food wasn't bad enough to keep us from coming back again.

Laura F.

We have been coming to this location since they opened, we take into consideration Covid, less employees, longer wait times and we are very patient when we attend restaurants these days. However, I'm saddened to see the overall quality of this restaurant that IS in their control suffering. First off, I have ordered the tuna salad for years. This time, it was sad. A tiny scoop of tuna, so a plate of lettuce, a few options of veggies (some forgotten) and dressing. Most of all, the manager was serving us, he set the food down, and never checked on our food. If we had any issues (I did) it was way too late. Any server knows that after setting food down, you check on them within minutes to make sure the food is good. 20 min later, don't bother. There were very few smiles. In this competitive food market, if the quality of the food and service goes down, the restaurant is doomed. I've been here for 50 years, I've seen it over and over. The restaurants that didn't keep up, failed. And not because of Covid, because during Covid the restaurants that kept up, made it. Please don't let this restaurant fail. People like "cafe" style and there are very few left. (The rest of the food was very good). Sadly, reading the other reviews it's seems they only seem to respond to the positive reviews. I would address the negative ones since this place used to be great. This is often the beginning of the end ...

Eric Munoz

I've passed by this place a few times but never had the time to visit until now. I wish I had dropped by earlier now. The staff here is very friendly and attentive. The menu is huge and the food is delicious. There are several items here I have to try out, so I'll be back.

David T.

I want to take this time out to say thank you to Mekala at the Hawthorne Black Bear Dinner. She is the epitome of multitasking. She greets everyone who comes into the restaurant with enthusiasm and kindness. She can be seen doing 5 things at once and getting our DoorDash orders out simultaneously! She's AWESOME! Makela is certainly in the right path to success! David T

Carlita W.

Omg our first time here today and let me tell you i will never go to Denny's or norms again this is my new favorite place, the food was so good and out server ROSIE was the best treated us like family and that's what matters to me had a great experience thank you Rosie

Beachguy M.

What happened to this place? I know covid has taken its toll on many restaurants, but this location used to be a favorite go-to for us. It is really run down looking, unclean, and the once pleasant, efficient staff, is no longer. Sad to see it so neglected.

Rochelle E.

Me and my significant other went to breakfast this morning we were not pleased at all our food was cold service was poor we felt some racism with the waiter why because we arrived got seated after 10min another Hispanic family got seated and got service immediately we have patronized this business for quite some time but today was totally a disaster we asked for the manager Aveva she took over 15 min to come and see what the problem was after she heard our complaint she had little to No concern at all even after she was shown that a FLY was in my Syrup there was still lack of concern.we deserve some compensation for today's visit..

Vianca Booker

Always satisfied, great food, excellent service.

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