Cletus' Chicken Shack

4426 Main Way Universal, North Hollywood
(407) 224-4233

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Andrei USA

I ordered Cezar salat for 12,99$, but cashier sold me meal for 16,99$!!!She change plate, but not price, told me it's fine. She can give me smthg for 4$ (drink for exampls), but she can't do it!I feel like i was robbed.Nobody recomend it.

Daniel Flud

Have experienced both the fried chicken plate and the tenders. While nothing special, it's above the average theme park food you get. A nice quickie through the day.

Karen F

Omg, the worst meal ever. Chicken dry, sweetcorn soggy along with the fries. Hideously expensive for what you get. Avoid.

Saramay Benavides

This restaurant is located inside Universal Studios Hollywood California. Food is good here plenty of seating upstairs and downstairs.

Jennifer Q.

came here on a busier night and decided to get in line since this was shorter than krusty burger! boy am I glad I did! for some reason I always think this line does not move, but once we were in line it went quick! it looks long from the outside but they take orders fast and I was super happy about that. THE FOOD: -thrilled to be grilled sandwich ($13.99) - grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce, pickles, lettuce, tomato and fries. skip this. the grilled chicken breast lacked flavor and had not much going for it. not worth. -chicken & waffle sandwich ($15.49) - fried chicken bread in a waffle sandwich with lettuce, tomato maple mayo sauce and fries... GET THIS! was PLEASANTLY surprised tbh. everything went really well together. only downside is the sauce gets the waffles soggy towards the end. so eat fast before all of the bread is soggy. tasty too! -fries (comes with the entrees) - nothing great, solid portion of frozen fries. PROS: -line moves faster -food quality is better than krusty burger -feels like the food is tastier since fried chicken CONS: -wish the waffles were cooked a bit to be harder and crunchier so the sauce doesn't make it soggy OVERALL I would eat here again! id even try the more expensive option with the mashed potatoes... looks good!

Gregory V.

Over-priced kinda greesy......but still pretty good and honestly what do you expect out of theme park food do yourself a favor and stop by Moe's and get a duff it will make the chicken go down better.

Graeme B.

What a horrendous assault on our palate. We thought how much can you f' up fried chicken. Believe me you don't want to find out! Three pieces of fried roadkill of the day, with soggy corn on the cob, a biscuit and mashed potatoes was $16.99. It was worst than we expected and we did not have high expectations. Add to that supplying only paper straws to try to drink a milkshake (it is not possible, the suction required overwhelms the paper straw and it does not keep the vacuum strong enough to get the contents more than an inch up the straw). And don't forget the $15 beers. I highly recommend skipping any food establishment within the park itself, and make your way out to the Universal City Walk, where you can find several, much better and cheaper, alternatives. It's only a five minute walk from Cletus' Chicken Shack to the NBC Sports Bar and Grill, which is fabulous!

Bianca A.

Look, I kno ppl don't come to universal studios for the food....but....THIS was a sad sad joke. This poor chicken died for nothing. ZERO seasoning. Not even grill marks. Just terrible.

Michele P.

I got the Caesar salad and it was actually pretty solid. Most importantly the salad was pretty filling. The amount of chicken on top was not skimpy, the dressing was tasty and there were ample croutons. Price felt a little high but it was to be expected for a theme park.

Mihrdat Y.

Nothing to really note here unfortunately. You don't really have many expectations when eating at an amusement park, but their food was mediocre. Both my partner and I were not satisfied with the food even with the higher than normal price tag. I believe your better off eating at one of the concession stands than at most sit down dining here.

Le Goose-man

Chicken were tough and extremely dry. This just is a cash grab. Do not go here. Extremely overpriced.

Samuel Jacob

I tried the #4 grilled chicken sandwich , the chicken was like boiled , it had no taste at all , fries was ok


Because, on a very crowded day, there was no line to get lunch, we dashed in here with only 20 minutes before Water World performance time and grabbed a chicken sandwich with fries. The chicken was almost overcooked, but it came out very quickly and with an extra plate, we were able to easily transport it to our stadium seats. Otherwise it's not worth the price.

Lisa B.

Not too good, but not the worst. 3 pieces of fried chicken, a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit and a mushy, overcooked piece of corn on the cob ($18.60). My daughter and I shared the meal. The mashed potatoes were probably the best part of the meal. Pretty tasty, and the only think we finished on the plate. Not outrageous for amusement park food, but not great either. Chicken-- some pieces were moist, others dry. Would prefer KFC . Maybe if they had hot honey or hot sauce, it would help. Seating upstairs, and air conditioning in the building .

Mariam G.

I wonder what the health department inspector will say when he/she sees this 1-week old lettuce being served in this restaurant. We can't have such service and such food in the Universal Studios. This is wrong, it can cause poisoning, and I'm not even talking about the number of food safety regulations that has been overlooked at this establishment. The corn was saggy, the chicken stripes were over cooked.

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