Pasta Jay's

1001 Pearl St, Boulder
(303) 444-5800

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Jordan LaFata

My relatives have been going here for years. Having an Italian grandmother it’s difficult to find good Italian food, but this place meets that bar. Their dishes are absolutely delicious. The garlic bread is a must have to soak up their homemade marinara sauce. The staff were all running around working incredibly hard in a very busy environment. The waitress came by multiple times making sure our wine glasses were full. The atmosphere is very cozy, you must come here!

Nichole Harris

We made a reservation for 9 people (4 kids and 5 adults) at 12 pm on a Saturday and were so happy to see our table was already set up for us and waiting (waters and all!) when we got there. Everyone was so nice! Our waitress was attentive and kind and did a great job taking care of all of us.The atmosphere was so cozy and welcoming as well. We loved the classic Italian vibe with the checkered table cloths and brickwork. And they had the restaurant decorated beautifully for the holidays!The food was absolutely delicious! Everyone agreed that it was the best marinara sauce any of us had ever had. The kids couldn't get enough of the garlic knots and loved their meals, and the adults wholeheartedly agreed. Portion sizes were generous and our glasses were never empty! This may become a Christmas tradition for us to dine here.Kid-friendliness: Great children's menu!

Elijah Thomas

Noodles were perfect al dente, the sauce was rich, savory, sweet, acidic, just the perfect flavor and portion. It was very busy when we got there, but the servers were very attentive, and fast. The food was 10/10. Simple pasta dishes with TONS of flavor.I always take a pilgrimage to Pasta Jay’s when I’m in Boulder.

Bob A.

Not bad but service was slow. Ordered a pizza which had TONS of garlic. If you love garlic, you'll love the pizza but WAY too much for me which overshadowed the other ingredients.

Quentin D.

The food was good and so was the staff. I will say they were understaffed however everything was fantastic. It was parents weekend however with the food being good and the service being decent the restaurant was great. My sister enjoyed it as did my girlfriend and father. I would easily return for the chicken parmigiana. Not included is the chicken fettuccine Alfredo which was devoured previous to picture taking.

Leanna G.

We loved this restaurant! It was absolutely delicious. We had one Hagan Option with alfredo, one with marinara, and the Buffalo Bill Ravioli. We also had the salted caramel espressotini that was wonderful!

Katie P.

Very very terrible experience overall - save your time and money and find a different restaurant. I ate at Pasta Jay's in Moab and the service was exceptional and the food was amazing so I thought I'd go to the Boulder location - big mistake. The receptionist had no idea what she was doing and told us 45-50 minutes and the wait was an hour and a half. The restaurant also does not have a text service so you're just expected to sit outside in the cold and wait the entire duration. It would be helpful if you could walk around the nearby shops during your wait. Wait aside, the food was NOT good and extremely overpriced. Meals also came out lukewarm. $18 for two small pieces of cannelloni and $19 for spaghetti in olive oil with absolutely no flavor. Neither of the dishes came with a salad. Salad was $15 and filled about one plate. Overall, the food was flavorless and so overpriced and the wait was ridiculous. Like I said, go somewhere else! Terrible meal.

Dave Heymann

Really nice atmosphere. Windows open to the outside. Tables outside as well. Beautiful area of town.The problem was the dish I ordered was not very tasty. I had the spaghetti with meat sauce which is a pretty basic item. I've had it all over the world and rarely had one I didn't like but this one didn't taste very good. It's possible I just ordered the wrong item.

April P.

Great food, great ambiance, great service. You can't go wrong with this place. Great for family celebrations and very romantic for date night. My personal favorite would be the tortellini belletini. I've brought my husband and his whole family to the restaurant. My mother in law is celiac. Our server gave us a run through of the gluten free menu & she got the gluten free ravioli in Alfredo with shrimp. She absolutely loved it. It was great.

Frank W.

The atmosphere was welcoming and cozy. I loved the candle setting at each table. The waiters were friendly and service was quick. The food was even better! I would highly recommend the eggplant parm, it was just what I wanted! Will definitely be back again soon.


Good pasta, down the strip of downtown Boulder. Could see the mountain tops off in the distance when sitting outside. Service was fast even for how packed they were. Garlic bread was good just wish it was timed better with are dinner.


We stopped here around 12:45 for lunch. We were waiting to be seated and there was a large party sitting there waiting for there food. The waitress acknowledged us and explained she would seat us as soon as she got that window of food out. Understandable and I thought this was a good practice. We were seated less than 5 minutes after that. We ordered our food shortly after being seated. Our food was brought out to us hot and bubbly. Portions were large. Each meal came with fresh baked garlic bread. Salads were extra. Definitely a place to go for a hot pasta meal.

Melissa P.

This place is very popular during a weekend night. We stopped to eat here given the popularity and buzz. There are a lot of great dish options on the menu - a lot of pasta, as expected! We had the Alfredo Williams and the shrimp Giacomo, these two were good but definitely felt like a cheat meal. A lot of cream in both dishes had the pasta feeling a bit soupy. The shrimp were large and tasty. They are also generous with the portion of chicken. Overall, it was a good experience as the staff is very nice and the atmosphere feels like being in your Italian grandma's house. The food was ok, but heavy and definitely not a place I could frequent. Would come back in the future if I'm in the area and in the mood for comfort food at a comforting place.

Nick P.

Picture this: it's a cool day and the Flatirons are hidden by clouds and mysteriousness. That was literally my day and all I wanted to do was curl up with Pasta Jays to keep me warm and cozy. Love this place! Best part...they encourage drinking red wine at 11am!

Seth G.

This place sucks, it's always crowded with freshman and parents taking their kids out for a mediocre spaghetti meal and overcooked pasta. The owners also are responsible for the cars returning back to west pearl. Don't go here.

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