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3624 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite 100, Colorado Springs
(719) 590-7760

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jana buist

Usually I am pretty happy with Papa Murphrys. I called over an hour ago. They said it would be 30 minutes. I'm here. Pizzas are not made. 3 guys wondering around not being very helpful. .. waited another 20 minutes. Saked several times if they jad started my order. Decided to leave when they had not even started my order! Worst experience ever!

Dezari Rivera

I ordered a salad with Italian and a 2 liter of Pepsi. I was given ranch and when I asked for Italian they didn't have any. I went to grab my Pepsi and all they had in the fridge was diet mountain dew. I asked for Pepsi and was told all they had besides diet mtn dew was hot mountain dew on the floor in behind the counter. The person behind the counter tried to move on to next customer whilst giving me all the wrong items and acted bothered when confronted with questions regarding the order. I won't be coming back to this location, service was terrible.

Jeff Broderick

Terrible service. Waited 45 mins for them to make 1 pizza. Ordered online and got there after the 30 min eta. Watched people come in after me (and place a fresh order) and leave before me for 25 mins. I asked twice about the pizza and I believe they kept putting it to the back of the orders because of it. The guy making the pizzas kept staring at me and my child, he probably got off on making us wait. Never going back!!!!!!

Josh Becktold

Papa Murphys is awesome, not this location though. Ordered pizza online just before 6:30 pm. Said it would be ready at 7, I show up at 7:10 and it’s not even started yet. I’ve never seen people move so slow, was told it would take 5 minutes to make, it took 15. Didn’t get my pizza til 7:25. I don’t understand how assembling a pizza, not even cooking it, can take almost an hour from start to finish. At least the pizza was made right though.

Anthony Gittens

This location is the worst I have very gone too. I places an on line order at 4pm for pickup at 5pm and arrived a bit late around 545 and it still was on the list to be made. What is the point of taking on line orders if you can't keep up and process order. And don't blame it o. Staffing issues.

Larry Waters

Staff member seemed uncertain about how to enter my custom order and did not know how to redeem my reward. A second staff member was unable to assist with the redemption, even after asking manager for her security code. The manager came out to complete my transaction, but did not apply my reward. After I looked at the receipt and questioned the omission, the manager said, “Sorry, ‘honey’, it’s too late. I can’t do anything about it.” Poor, unprofessional customer skills. Poor training.

Julie Langness

Used to be a place i really enjoyed. Was craving pizza so i ordered picked up my order & went home. Got home and my order was completely wrong. The business was closed for the nite so i called the nxt day & was told...there wasnt manager there so it couldnt be handled. Very unprofessional. BTW NO one from Management never responded neither did anyone from the Corporate office regarding my issue ?. I did call a different store to see if I could reach someone who cares about the establishment. The store I called was on Dublin in Colorado Springs, while the gentleman I spoke with did apologize which was nice. He also reiterated that there has been many complaints regarding that particular store(Academy Blvd). I couldn't help but giggle at his just go his store. Which would be great but it is 20 mins further. Not very convenient but at least he tried. Lol

Jennifer Blazis

This location charges $12 for $10 Tuesday pizzas- No other location does this. Employees were working hard, but they were swamped with orders, and clearly needed at least a couple more people to handle them. I waiting 30 minutes for my pizzas. I’ll be using the Circle Drive location from now on, where they’ll honor the advertised prices and offer quick service.

Drew Conner

Pizza looks amazing! Service to get it done and quickly with quality was definitely noticable! Thank you guys again!

paul gotsill

Papa Murphy's preps your pizzas for you, so instead of taking a frozen pie out of the freezer and waiting for the pre-heat and bake times, you pick up your FRESH pizza and take it home to bake and eat.(If you can pre-eat the oven before you return, your wait time is ONLY the cook time! Call home and have someone pre-heat the oven or turn it on as you walk out the door. You then pop it in when you get back.)¹>>>Note: These are pizza you bake yourself.Papa Murphy's does NOT deliver or bring baked pizzas and does not have an oven, so you must have the time to bake it\them yourself.²>>>Never have we been disatisfied with our orders. Or our meal.Vegetarian options: They do sell a meatless pizza for those who would not like to indulge in carnivorius mannerismsParking: Grocery store parking lot with King Soopers A'e Hardware and Ross in t-e immediate area.Wheelchair accessibility: Easily accessed by patrons of the 4-wheel mobile travel regiment.

Amanda Robillard

I have gone to this location for 7 years. But in the last year it has not been the same. It changed owners a few times with in 2 years or so. This most recent owner as of right now has not only stopped doing $10 Tuesday and charges $12 in stead, but has also cut the topping amount in what seams to be in half and not mention that when you payed more but are getting even less then expected. Yes, I know the cost of everything is going up and everyone is raising prices. But non of the other near by locations have cut their toppings this much. It doesn't seem right to raise the price and lower the toppings. If you have to, just do one or the other not both. I live 4 minutes from this location and have been so disappointed every time in the last few months that I now drive 15 minutes to the constitution location instead.

Michelle D'Ambrosio

Learn how to take a darn order and make the pizza the right way. We ordered 5 pizzas. The chick at the counter was confused when we asked for each pizza with 2 toppings. She kept asking if we wanted one pizza with one topping, and a second pizza with the second topping... are you serious? How complicated is it when someone asks for 2 pizzas with 2 toppings? Needless to say after going back and forth for a few. We come home to find that one of our pizzas was missing the Canadian bacon. She made the pizza with only green peppers.Why on earth is it so hard to listen to someone give an order and understand what they're saying when they're all 2 topping pizzas!? So of course we have to drive back to fix their mistake.I'm blown away by how incompetent some people are with things that are so simple to understand.

Gato Se7en (MIKEBUCK90)

Love this location. Very close to my house. Always get a good amount of toppings. Usually order on their Special prices days. Tuesday ($10)and Friday ($5). Toppings are quite fresh. I recommend trying the zucchini slices on your pizza. Have never had to wait. I usually order for pickup on their app. But have also had 3rd party delivery but that one came from a different location. Friendly employees. Clean inside.Vegetarian options: Many different non meat toppings to chose from. Parking: King Soopers parking lot. So, sometimes a bit busy, but always plenty of spaces.

Mike Buck90

Love this location. Very close to my house. Always get a good amount of toppings. Usually order on their Special prices days. Tuesday ($10)and Friday ($5). Toppings are quite fresh. I recommend trying the zucchini slices on your pizza. Have never had to wait. I usually order for pickup on their app. But have also had 3rd party delivery but that one came from a different location. Friendly employees. Clean inside.

Chrystal Kaminsky

Amazingly done! Usually get our pizza done to an ok degree...sloppily placed items and you can tell the counter is dirty because there are pieces of pizza fixings on the bottom of the pizza but NOT this time. I don't know if it's under new management or they just finally found preparers who really care. Either way, our veggie pizza was amazing and we hope this trend continues! Great job!!!!

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