Scooter's Coffee

4296 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 266-6832

Recent Reviews

Jared Anderson

I was impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff was on my visit. They made some great suggestions on their iced coffee options. They have a bunch of off menu coffee choices as well. I really enjoyed the Iced Caramelicious!Food: 5/5


Stopped here and there wasn't a line which is shocking. Service was incredible. Hott chocolate was delicious.... Much better than Starbucks and dutch bros. Highly recommend getting a cookie. So goodKid-friendliness: Kid friendly temps on hot chocolateParking: Lots of parkingDietary restrictions: Offers different types of milk substitutions.

Josh Homer

I keep forgetting to take pics of my coffee! I absolutely love the coffee here. I always get a cold brew with a double shot. Perfect pick me up. They have the BEST pumpkin spice drinks. Way better than the competition.

Casey West

We got three things- bacon chabata sandwich, maple sausage sandwich and a sausage burrito. It was $15 for items that barely cover my phone screen. They were disgusting and poorly made. And we’re dripping with a mysterious liquid. I recommend to save your money and/or go somewhere else

Scott Mayo

We are actually considering purchasing a Scooters franchise. The drinks were great, food was delicious, cost were competitive, and the store was nice. Two thumbs up.

Misty Compton

Wow… this is a great little coffee shop treasure. Ordered a pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin muffin. Both were so delicious! The coffee has flavor (on the sweeter side) and the muffin moist and worth the calories haha! The shop was cozy with a mix of tables chairs and cozy leather seats.I highly recommend Scooters Coffee! One of the top coffee places in Colorado Springs.

Myzterious 93

Yes this is a tad late!! BUT it's hereSoooo omg!! I didn't know Scooters has this special in May where they do Half OFF EVERYTHING MONDAY - Wed 3PM- 6PMTheir coffee is Soooo Delicious!!!!

Deloris M.

Love this little coffee spot better than Starbucks any day of the week. People here are so friendly.

Kevin McElroy

My, my. Love the Vertigo at Scooters. I’ve gotten my friends addicted to them as well. They have a variety of other drink offerings as well as a good selection of food items.

Tristan Anderson

Seriously I love this place my new go to coffee place!! Not trying to compare but hands down scooters is better than Starbucks and dunkin and Dutch bros.I have tried a lot of coffee places and I tried to love them but I couldn’t lol and I take my coffee pretty serious ? no but really scooters is such a good coffee place and the employees are just sweeter then ever. I highly recommend scooters coffee ☕️

Michael L Ivey

Good coffee, I tried this place because on Veteran’s Day they gave a free Caramelicious and I really like it. It’s better than Starbucks for sure so we go here now to get a frappe.

Aaaa Bbbb

BACK TO STARBUCKS! Sadly, I LOVED this coffee shop. Now, I am banned. Im banned because I asked to talk to a manager when one of the baristas refused to give me cream on the side. Great employees Scooters....


While waiting for my car to be repaired, I decided to try a coffee place that was new to me, especially since I don't live in the area. The service was super-friendly, and my Americano was excellent. Yes, there is not much that one can do to mess up an Americano, but it was done well. I downloaded the app before ordering, which gave me a coupon of $2. I liked the drink so much, I stayed and ordered another.

Nathan Hull-Crew

I had regular coffee and a cinnamon roll, which were both average. However, my mother ordered decaf. The cashier rung it up as an Americano since their only decaf option is espresso and she didn't warn us it would cost more than regular coffee.

Lara Osmon

Their iced coffee is delicious! Great layed back atmosphere. Outdoor seating

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