Barcelona Wine Bar

2900 Larimer St, Denver
(303) 816-3300

Recent Reviews

David C.

This is my go-to spot in all of RiNo. They have outdoor dining for social distancing and make sure your order your drinks before 10pm with these new guidelines. Expect a 30 minute wait on a Saturday evening, but the wait is worth it because of the food choices. I arrived about 10-15 minutes after I got the text saying the table was ready, but spoke with Graham and he made sure we wouldn't lose our spot. Overall, the night went better than planned and being at Barcelona cane in clutch.

Kasey L.

Awesome date place! Great wine/drinks list and all the small plates we tried were amazing! No complaints and will def be back!

Courtney W.

They are only serving on their patio and you have to order on your smartphone and pay for each round at the time you order. Not ideal but at least they are open.

Colton Miller

That burger was Devine! The staff were very friendly, and attentive! A new favorite!

Nino R.

Yeah go now! They're open. If you haven't been, then here's what to order...GambasPotato tortillaAlbondigas Chicken PimientosBravasMusselsCassoulet All cheeseAll cured meatsYeah I live for Barcelona on my days off. You can not replicate the experience at the bar anywhere else. It's just so unique. Doesn't matter what Barcelona you go to you're going to have a phenomenal time. Can't wait til the covid restrictions are finally fully lifted because I need that bar experience in my life. So so bueno...

Jennifer T.

Barcelona Wine Bar seemed like a special place for a special anniversary takeout meal & let me preface this review with the words YES & WOW. Ordering online was simple & quick. Pickup was also quick. Now the really good stuff, what we ate. We got the dinner for two--an amazing spread of 3 tapas, a salad, a choice of entree, & a dessert. We chose the albondigas, jamon & queso croquettes, & the mushroom flatbread, all amazing. Our meal was the mixed grill, which was an amount of food in & of itself that it took us 3 days to finish (chorizo, steak, pork, chicken quarter). There are so many options for this meal that it's one we can definitely return to, for the same or an entirely different meal experience. An earlier review said how much food the dinner for 2 was, & we now a million percent agree, but of course we didn't listen. We wanted to try more so tossed a few other items on our order, like a 2nd dessert (olive oil cake to go with the clan of our meal), patatas bravas, & the apertivo board, & rounded our meal out with the gin & tonic cocktail kit. We ate like royalty this evening. And hope to again soon. Thanks for such a lovely experience, Barcelona Wine Bar!

Alexandra B.

Holy. Moly. Greatest takeout experience of my life, hands down. My partner and I eat here all the time because it's friendly for my food allergies, has incredible food, and a great, sexy vibe. As NYC transplants, we gotta have that sexy vibe every once in a while!! In effort to have a sexy quarantine date night we ordered Barcelona take out. We expected good, sure... But we were totally blown away. We ordered the family pack for two (3 tapas, an entree with a side, a salad, and a dessert) for $40. We added some extra bread, of course and, with tax and tip, the price ended up around $60. The staff even threw in a free order of meatballs for us We expected, as usual, small plates style food. To be satisfied and starstruck by quality, but not stuffed. We were so very wrong. We literally have enough leftovers for a whole nother meal tomorrow! Here's what was delicious: the bread(!) + included olive oil, the chicken thigh skewers, garlic butter shrimp, hummus, and the grilled meats entree(pork chop, quarter chicken, sausage, + steak). Here's what blew our dang minds: the pork belly, the meatballs, + the FLAN! So, now I'm just sitting here, in a total blissed out food coma, staring at a table covered in dirty dishes and (so much! Leftover food) because I just *had* to get this review in. Barcelona we are so in love with you, never change!!

Sara Cahill

We did the take out family dinner for two last night. It was a ton of food and everything was delicious! The staff was very friendly when we picked up the order. We will be back again soon.Also talked to a couple people picking up bottles of wine. Will be adding that to our order next time.

Sara Ebersole

We got their Mother’s Day menu, it was the first time we’d ordered from them and we had kinda meh expectations because you know, delivery and quarantine. We were blown away. Everything was delectable, even after sitting in a delivery car for who knows how long and on our kitchen counter for 30 minutes. I mean seriously delicious. Thank you, Barcelona Wine Bar, we will be ordering from you again for sure!

Brian Jackson

Do not go here during the pandemic. I pre-ordered a Mother's Day dinner days in advance. I arrived to pick up at 5:30 as scheduled. I was told that they were running behind, that the kitchen was running on volunteers, and that I needed to understand it was mother's day. I waited an hour and checked in again. They said they can't give an estimate because it would make people an angry, not even a ballpark ("could be 15 minutes, could be 2 hours, I really won't say."). I canceled my order and we had leftover hot dogs for Mother's Day dinner. There are plenty of restaurants treating their customers well during this time. This isn't one of them. Avoid it.

Robert Klamser

Totally botched Mother's Day take-out service. Definitely bit off more than they could chew.

Marshall B.

As part of my series on Covid 19 Cuisine I returned to Barcelona to try their takeout service. The online ordering menu was easy to use and appeared to be as complete as it's always been. Wonderful food and wine choices. We opted for the Family dinner meal for two which had an amazing amount of food. The mixed salad was fresh and crisp, just as it should be. The potato tortilla is a favorite, and it was delicious as always. The candied beets and jamon&manchego croquettes played well off each other.- sweet and spicy .We shared the mixed grill and the the Hen of the woods Tapas. A dessert of olive oil cake with the accompanying bottle of Ameztoi Rose made for a wonderful date night meal.

Sam S

Went with some coworkers for dinner after a conference. Can't remember the names of what we ordered but know that it was all good. What stole the show was the service. Would recommend y'all check this place out if you're in the area.

Courtney M.

I love the Olive oil cake!! I always like sitting at the bar area, fun atmosphere:)) I'm not a huge wine drinker, but that have a full liquor bar too.

Tom M.

Heads up to the LGBTQ+ community in Denver. Had a friend in town visiting a couple months back, went here and sat at the bar for happy hour. Busy enough that just about every seat was taken. We were ignored to a level that I don't experience very often. Sadly, I'm a little suspicious this might have been related to the fact that we were the only two men sitting together at the bar. The vibe from each staff member was strange. They had multiple bartenders working and we had to keep speaking with a different one to ask if our drink order was in, if we could order food, etc. Food was extremely sub par but, again, who knows if that was intentional. Left as soon as we could. We're both laid back, straight guys, so maybe I'm wrong. I'm not the type to be all over staff at a restaurant. They'll get to me when they have time, ya know? That said, this was such a stark contrast in service. Imagine sitting at a bar, bartenders are rushing to attend to a dozen couples at the bar, and you and your buddy are asking the third bartender now if you can order a drink. Over the course of 15 minutes. For one drink. Coincidence? Not sure.

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