Miracle on Larimer Square

1414 Larimer St, Denver

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Kristen Lingle

This place was amazing last year. Complete disappointment this year. Staff rude and trying to get you out the door as soon as you sit down, even though they either can’t get you the drink you ordered, or they are late getting it to you. Decor not nearly as festive or creative as before. Dramatic decline in environment and service.

Sarah Chase

Really horrible drinks served in cheap plastic cups. Overpriced and just plain gross.

Bernadette Mahoney

A super gimmicky experience that was laughable. The moment we walked in we were greeted with "you are timed and need to be done by X time" - wow a friendly start to the booking. Ushered into a tiny corner and left with no water and no service for approx. 10 minutes, we left and went across the road which was a much better choice! Sure it is slightly aesthetic, but not worth it in my opinion.

Sandy Moore

Terrible experience. Decor was terrible and cheap. Wrapping paper and a string of lights. Hostess staff was rude. Drinks were ridiculously expensive and didn’t taste like they had alcohol in it. Asked if we wanted a archived c round and then 5 minutes after they brought the drinks said we had to close out and leave. Don’t waste your time or money.

Peter Y.

A fun atmosphere with a Christmas bar pop up vibe beside Union Station! They serve complimentary popcorn and the drinks come in cute mugs (see photos below). Three stars because I thought the drinks were very sweet. There's no food to choose from. The service was good and reservations are required!

Mark Clintsman

I just got back from here and one of the parts that’s playing in my head is this great conversation with the waitress over Miss Santa Claus. I didn’t get her name, but I really enjoyed her energy and conversation about all types of art and music. I wish I knew your name ?‍♂️, thank you for that moment in time, it was really great.

Elizabeth Bristow

Worst bar I’ve been to in Denver servic horrible drinks horriable literally got a 7$ Santa glass that had less than a shot in it if maybe liquor maybe fruit punch took an hour for our waitress to check in on us if you go I’d recommend getting your first round and leaving. Atrocious and the Christmas lights are trash

Katherine J H.

Eh. It's fine. The drinks are cute and the atmosphere is lovely, but don't expect something that wows. PSA: If you're allergic to peanuts, every man for himself.

Heather B.

This was a fun date night during the holiday season. Reservations are required as they book up fast. The drinks are a bit pricey for the taste, but you are paying for the experience. The waitress said that the drinks are premade, so you can't make changes to the selected drinks. The wait staff was super nice and friendly.

Colleen O.

This review is for the Miracle at Union Station in 2021; and it's a low one. While I appreciate that they took reservations and seated us promptly, and that the decor was so wonderfully done, the actual exerpeince with our waitress was such a bummer that, like loud family visiting ath the holidays, it sucked all the Christmas joy out of the room. First of all, the fact that they don't have a single non-alchoholic drink on the menu (besides the tossed off "well, I guess you can get a soda upstairs?" from our waitress - Lisa - who was the least helpful and most rude server I've ever had) - this is the opposite of inclusive; it's dangerous to not offer a single mocktail. Miracle is an super fun place to be in - it's too bad they have decided that people on the wagon, DD's or even people like me (who just didn't want alcohol but would have happily spent 13 dollars on a yummy mocktail) don't deserve to have anything at all. Literally you can't have a hot chocolate with a non-alcoholic option on the menu? You are a holiday bar! I have that currently at my house! Our server was very rude, short and took to slamming down our drinks, threatening us not to steal the T-Rex mugs (something that never even occured to us) and loved tell us everything she couldn't do for us in a very condscending way. Like, talk to the bartenders - I'm sure they could have come up with something, that's what they do. Instead it was just a shrug. "Sorry we only have alcohol." Overall, the decorations at Miracle Bar were worth it, but the service and terribly overpriced drinks (which we all felt were underwhelming to say the least), maybe even out the experience. If it was me I would go to one our local amazing bars, get an incredible drink (even one without alcohol, God forbid) and then wander downtown to look at the lights instead.

Krista Bayer

Couldn’t get a drink because random guys were cutting the entire line to get theirs first and some girl straight up tried to fight me when I told her that her boyfriend needed to get in line for his drink like the rest of us. Wound up leaving after 30 MINS of waiting at the bar with no one moving or getting any drinks. Waste of time.


This is a great seasonal place if you wanna get in to the holiday mood. The drinks are well made and delicious. Cinnamon and ginger cocktails that have holiday names like bad santa, gingerbread flip, run run rusolph, snowball old fashion add a nice holiday twist to some classics. Highly recommend making reservations during the weekends.

Nikki Leishman

We have been excited to check this place out and after not being able to get in last year because of how busy it was, we were excited to get reservations this year. I was a little hesitant because of the amount of reviews I read saying it was overrated but we wanted to see for ourselves. I absolutely love the concept, it is so festive! But, I have to agree that it wasn't extremely well done. The drinks were good but small and overpriced. The overall atmosphere was Christmassy but not anything special, in fact I think some decorations around this time of year at most restaurants or bars are the same. It just felt like they were milking the concept which is unfortunate because I have heard the original pop ups were so special and amazing.

Jordynn W.

Such a fun idea for a pop-up Christmas bar! This makes for a such a fun & cute date! We randomly stumbled upon this and got there early enough that we didn't need a reservation. When you walk in it's like stepping into Clark Griswold house! I loved how festive it was and all the drinks on the menu were Christmas themed. I got the 'Jingle Ball Nog' and 'Nice & Naughty shots.'

Michelle K.

I was not impressed by how this place was being run. The overall concept is great but poorly executed. Its supposed to be a pop up holiday bar but it's more of a lounge, as they don't allow for much standing room in the bar part. We arrived and put our name on the list, which they said would be about a 45 minute wait for three people. They were supposed to text us when they had space available. We came back almost an hour later to check on our position as we hadn't received a text. They told us the wait was still an hour long and yet they took in three people who had just arrived instead of us. They weren't even on the list. I finally received the text that our name was up at 12:45am... 3.5 hours after we originally tried to get in. Obviously we didn't wait around for that. I'm glad we didn't stay because to be honest it didn't seem that great. The decorations were basically wrapping paper as wall paper and a few lights. Cool bro... all this hype for that? The random party outside for the holiday market was WAY more fun. They had a live band, holiday themed cocktails, Christmas lights and decorations, and everyone was dancing. It was what we expected a "pop-up" holiday bar to be like. Miracle - 0, Holiday Market - 10

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Miracle on Larimer Square

1414 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202