Temaki Den

3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver
(303) 200-0530

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Jeremy Yowell

I've had the opportunity to experience sushi across the US and this is one of the best sushi restaurants I've come across. Service was excellent, with great suggestions and quick turnarounds. The menu was easy to follow and varied, with fair prices and a great sake flight selection. The actual food was outstanding - get the red shrimp hand roll option! Next time I'm in Denver I will be back.


Temaki den is always great, though my last meal here was probably the best I’ve had in Denver in 2022. Service was attentive and the food was excellent. Fish is immaculately fresh, presented beautifully, and delicious. To me the best thing about Temaki Den, however, is the rice. It is seasoned absolutely perfectly and the ratio of meat to rice in each piece of nigiri is perfect. Temaki rolls here are also a pretty good value, so if you don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of options for you. Love this place.

Casey P.

I've been here 4 times and generally this has been a 5 star experience: great, creative omakase with fresh flavors and thoughtful touches. Unfortunately, on our last trip on August 17th, all three of us who had the omakase fell sick with food poisoning within 12-36 hours later, and were out of commission for ~2 days. Given the nature of food poisoning, I can't give Temaki Den the blame with 100% certainty, however this was the only meal the three of us shared, and we all fell sick with exactly the same symptoms, so it's a VERY high likelihood that this meal was the culprit. Disappointed to not get a response about this when emailing the owner 3 days ago. While food poisoning happens and might not suggest any bad practices from the restaurant, I would nonetheless want to see that the restaurant took this seriously and was working hard to investigate which item could have caused the food poisoning incident to avoid other customers suffering the same outcome the three of us did.

Jennifer S.

This is my second time here and as someone else mentioned, it just wasn't the same. Came here with my family excited to have them try specialty hand rolls with that crispy seaweed and unfortunately the seaweed crispness was very inconsistent. Some I had were perfectly crisp, others we had to actively grind our teeth to cut through the nori. Granted we were seated at the table, but we ate them fast enough when they arrived since there were pieces that were crisp. Maybe we just got a bad batch of nori. Fish itself was great and fresh. Uni was the tiniest fishy, and aburi salmon with the crème tasted more like smoked salmon (if you're into that)

Katie N.

Went to Temaki Den for my birthday dinner. This place is THE sushi spot for Denver. I ordered the Hamachi, spicy tuna hand roll, and Ootoro, Lobster and Scallop Uburi. I've never had Uburi sushi and WOW is it amazing. Totally pulls flavor out of these cuts of fish. They also gave us Panna Cotta to celebrate the birthday. Phone didn't eat first, so no pictures. Can't wait to go back for more.


This was the best sushi I have ever tasted in my entire life. I have never been to Japan but I can only imagine that it tastes like this. The yellow tail sashimi was AMAZING. It was so buttery and smooth and it tasted so amazing. I can still remember how incredibly it tasted and my mouth is watering thinking about it.

Becca M


Andrew C.

My gf and I have been to this place so many times in the past (we came to dine in every weekend one month) and they were always great. Of course their quality of fish and service is excellent, but the thing we love about this place compared to other sushi restaurants is their nori (seaweed). Temaki (hand roll) here wrapped with their crunchy nori is what made them stand out from any regular hand rolls you would find at a sushi joint, but it wasn't the case today. We stopped by for lunch of Sunday around 2, to be surprised that they weren't busy at all. We ordered variety of sushi and temaki, including the lobster temaki special and snow crab nigiri that our server mentioned. To be brutally honest, everything from the rice, nori and the flavor were all just disappointing. Rice in most of our nigiri just fell apart before we picked up the sushi. Nori from the temaki rolls were all soggy and hard to take a bite out of, except for one temaki roll. Flavors were all just ok, nothing fresh or exceptional about it. Plus our server barely stopped by our table to ask us about our food. Overall, we were disappointed from a place we enjoyed so much in the past. It feels wrong to give it a 3 stars to Temaki Den, but that's the best I can do for what we were served today. Perhaps today was just an off-day from them, and I would give them another try sometime in the future and update the review if necessary.

Guadalupe Gomez

Not only was everybody extraordinary, the staff was attentive, well informed and efficient. Tony was passionate and extremely helpful in our selections. It’s my first time having sushi and I’ll be back! It’s desserts were also amazing.Only thing I’d change would be the availability of handicap parking yet that’s not on the restaurant.

Lindsey D.

While I've never dined in at Temaki Den, their takeout is fantastic. I've never seen the amount of attention and care put into packaging food for takeout as Temaki Den puts in. I always order the Best of Temaki Den BenTo-Go - the hot food is packed separately from the fish and the handrolls come in great little packages that keep the seaweed and rice separate so nothing gets soggy. On one occasion, my order wasn't ready at the quoted time but the restaurant offered a gift card to compensate which was a nice gesture. The restaurant is located in food hall at The Source hotel which has plenty of 30 minute parking spots available for takeout orders so you don't have to pay for parking or hunt for a spot on the street.

David N.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Colorado. They make amazing sushi that tastes fresh and high quality. I'm pretty picky with my sushi, but this one makes the cut. If you're looking for a special night, you should stop by

Joey G.

Aburi paradise. 4.5/5 stars but I'll round up because service was absolutely amazing. I got the omakase and the quality of fish is fantastic! I do wish that they gave two nigiri per order instead of just one. I also wish they would have used just a little less rice on the nigiri. They focus on flame searing their nigiris which throws a unique spin on the nigiri. My favorites were the amberjack, the eggplant, and the A5 Miyazaki nigiri. The eggplant had an awesome texture and was unlike any other eggplant I have ever had. The eggplant was soft, sweet and it melted in my mouth. The amberjack tasted pure and lean. The A5 miyazaki was truly a treat. A5 is so buttery and rich. I am glad I just had a small amount of that steak. The scallops tasted rather good too. I haven't had aburi style sushi before but it was nice for a change. The smoky flavors from the sear and the umami from the fish made for a beautiful marriage. I was a little skeptical about getting sushi in Denver but this place left me pleasantly surprised. The best part of the night was the service. The staff made sure were happy, they were very attentive despite being so busy. Thank y'all for a wonderful night!

Brittany B.

So, SO, SOOOOO good! My husband took me here for my birthday - all I requested was omakase and he did the research and brought me here! I had mentioned wanting to come here before but honestly forgot it was in the Source! I was (pleasantly) shocked walking in and seeing their area! Nick was an excellent guide and was more than accommodating when we requested the omakase - he checked in re: allergies and likes/dislikes. My hubby loves Hokkaido uni but I can take it or leave it so Nick made sure my hubby got this and brought me scallop instead. All of the items we had were fabulous: from the broccoli rabe salad, too the nigiri (fresh, delicious, with citrus and garlic and caviar to highlight differences), to the hand rolls (including one with tuna from Hawaii - some of the freshest seaweed and best flavor combos!), yellowtail sashimi... everything was absolutely wonderful! Oh, that otoro! Absolute perfection! When we 'finished' Nick asked if we wanted any other items or were satisfied - again with the accommodation! - but we had a little more room so he asked the chefs to send out 2 more items. Then, because it was my birthday, we got a free dessert. They were out of the yuzu sorbet unfortunately, but we got the green tea panna cotta, which was absolutely perfect! I'm looking forward to our next visit! We ordered cocktails initially and moved to sake, which was really tasty! Some cucumber melon something... I guess I'll have to return to refresh my memory... One final note: they have an option to buy the staff a round of drinks. It's $18. If you have the means, please consider this. They work hard, they produce phenomenal product, and it's a small gesture that is absolutely appreciated.

Lauren R.

I'd seen mixed reviews of Sushi Den (Temaki Den's sister restaurant) so I was a bit skeptical of Temaki Den's stellar rating but it is wholly deserved. The highlight here is the excellent quality fish. Seriously excellent. You can tell they pride in this as the staff make a point to tell you where the fish in each dish was sourced as they're served. Although it's a hand roll bar (and they make really good hand rolls and cut rolls!) the nigiri and sashimi are the way to go, imo. The quality of the fish is so high that it almost seems like a waste to order it inside a roll (almost). It's just such great buttery, meaty fish that you want to enjoy it plain for all its glory. They have traditional nigiri and sashimi and some special nigiri with extra toppings in addition to the fish and rice. We enjoyed these special nigiri but again the standout was the delicious fish plain. The hamachi we tried was absolutely crazy. Some of the best fish I've had outside Japan. Also don't skip the dessert. The Yuzu and black pepper sorbet we tried was unique and delicious! Definitely worth trying if you're in Denver. Reservations are recommended.

Dalina H.

Had reservations for a party of three for an early Saturday dinner at this authentic sushi restaurant, also serving sake and cocktails in a roomy, industrial-style venue with happy-hour specials. We knew we wanted to end our friend's trip who was from Chicago on a good note, while also celebrating one of many occasions here all in one. We went with the omakase option. Everything was great but it would have been nice to have other items part of the menu for those who are not heavy sushi eaters like one of my friends; like some sort of appetizers like the first dish we got, which was some type of broccoli, rather than everything being nigiri. Our server was not very attentive, which plays a huge role with my experience. Had to get up and ask the chef for a fork for one of my friends after asking the server, then seeing her go off to serve another table -- was not going to wait and let my friend starve. Best sushi had so far was in New York, but this is as close as it gets, for now.

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