Boston Market

1454 Boston Post Rd Unit 60, Milford
(203) 878-4500

Recent Reviews

donald woodin

Good place for a hot lunch meal. I enjoyed the rotisserie chicken.


Dinner pack with rotisserie chicken it’s good. Moist and delicious. Have had better cornbread, but it’s not bad.


Food tastes great, but in the dark meat meals the chicken seems so small lately. They need to go back to serving up some adult chickens and stop serving up these baby leg quarters

Amy Davidson

Got dinner Tuesday around 4pm. The woman at the drive through window was so nice and friendly. Food was just as ordered.

Myking Hizqueen

Food was much flavor..staff was friendly. That's all I can say..


All the Boston Markets near me were closed. And I kept seeing ads for rotisserie nuggets, so I jumped at the chance for a quick dinner at the first one I saw on my travels. The nuggets are ok, but the spinach and mashed potatoes are still awesome.

Jose Lopez

las costillitas BBQ y sus guarniciones,mmmmmm....

Whitney J

The older ladies here today was very nice via drive thru first time trying Boston market & everything was fresh and delicious especially the new rotisserie chicken nuggets! They are so flavorful.

Jessica Damiano

The restaurant was clean and the people were nice. I was asking a million questions and the guy helping me was very patient and answered them all. The guy that was carving looked kinda bored but I found that kinda funny for some reason so I didn't mind. I'd say it was a good experience.

Dianna Valdes

Well let me tell u this u have out done urself the food was so delicious from the juicy chicken to the delicious and perfectly cooked mashed potatoes the service was wonderful if I could give u 10 star's I would

cherry love

It's funny I just left boston market I'm addicted to there ribs the women that works there is very polite and friendly the other workers are nice also

Jeffrey Cochrane

Quick service. Friendly staff. Tasty chicken.

Sub H.

My family used to love Boston Market; it was a treat to go there. Not anymore. The last four times have all been disappointing. None of us intend to go any longer. None of the regulars who used to work there are still around, but the mediocre service isn't enough to keep us away; it's the subpar food. Boston Market used to be exceptional. I could make better myself at home, even a frozen dinner from the supermarket would be at least as good. Nothing special food and mediocre service, whereas it used to be exceptional in both areas. So sad. I really loved this place...

Angela DeLucia

Excellent! I love there comfort food!!People are pretty cool also and the1st time I went there chef made me cod special cuz only on Friday and I think it was Thursday and let me tell ya...AWSOME!?

Krystina G.

I haven't been here in about 6 years. I used to eat here frequently! Prices have definitely gone up, but quality and quantity of food fortunately hasn't changed. Got the market bowl (my favorite) with a nice helping of chicken, cream spinach, and mashed potatoes. I really don't remember that bowl being $12 which is why I deducted a star. Expensive and wouldn't frequent like I used to.

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