Incas - Restaurant Bar

333 Naugatuck Ave # 4, Milford
(203) 874-0505

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Barbara Ramos

I hate to share this experience because Incas has been my favorite Peruvian restaurant for years now. I’ve always recommended to people. I went there yesterday for the first time since the pandemic. Safe to say the quality has drastically declined. For starters, they no longer serve bread when you get there. Only corn and aji. Not to mention that if if you wanted aji for your food, it would have to be extra. Our food was SO bland. My mom ordered lomo saltado and I ordered tallarine verde. No flavor at all. and the portion size reduced so much. I’m so disappointed because my family hs always loved going there. Will not be recommending anymore.

Coralys Negron

AWFUL FOOD and BAD SERVICE!! The food was awful…I ordered a lomo saltado and the rice taste bad like pond water and the steak was hard…they did nothing for me…the waitress didn’t seem to care…nobody ever came to the table to apologize or to offer me something else…waitress never came to check on us not even once to see if we needed drinks ect…then they bring the check as if nothing had happen…

Jeselyn vidal

Love Incas Restaurant ❤️Love their food !! Everything Fresh And Delicious ?Their Lomo Is The Best!!! 5 Stars To Them♡

Alondra Marin

Excelente food, the staff is very nice and amazing. The owner is very kind and friendly. The jalea is very delicious and is worth the wait. If I could I would eat there everyday. The drinks are also very good, the piscos are the best in Milford top tier I recommend.

Aurrie Banks

Been coming here to get Lomo saltado for yeeeeears. I’ve tried at least 8-10 different spots in CT and tried their lomo, but nobody can dethrone this place here.

Laura A.

Had dinner here 1st time in a LONG time. The drinks were fantastic. The banana chips and dip amazing. I was so excited. Ordered the Mussels appetizers, it was forgotten.. Then ordered dinner, steak with a basil sauce and fried potatoes. The steak was so tough, it was inedible, the pasta with sauce was good but there were no fried potatoes for either of us. My friend ordered the same dish with shrimp. No fried potatoes. The handled it by taking $10 off the total bill. Sorry, I won't go back. I would definitely skip this place!!

Irma Rivera

We stopped here after spending the afternoon at Silver Sands State Park. Very friendly staff, casual atmosphere, the best was the delicious food. I had Ceiche Mixto wirh tostones; hubby had Lomo Asado with amarillos. Great find and recommended. !!!


Will not be returning here. I came for the first time and they said they were closed due to a private family party. It was a real inconvenience to go out of my way just to get rejected. I figured I should give them a second chance. The food and service was okay. But what really made me mad was that they automatically put the tip on the check. I didn’t notice and added onto the previous tip. They are unprofessional to treat there customers this way.

Johnny McCockenen

It’s just embarrassing what this restaurant has become. This place had by far the best lomo Saltado I’ve ever had, but now under the new poor management they can’t even hold a French fry to the way it used to be. Complete failure every way possible

Diana Montoya

We are disappointed with the food. We ordered Lomo Saltado for our office, and we got very few pieces of meat and the plate costs $20. Definitely, it is not worth it to buy lomo saltado for this price.

Gabriel Gonzalez (Gabe)

It kinda sucks I missed the prime of this restaurant. My family always talked about this place but I lived too far and now I’m 5 min away and the food just wasn’t it. Under new ownership and there’s def a new chef. I’ve had this food once and it was great.. but this time… literally everything was bland.. potatos we’re hard, sauce had no spice, Lomo had no “jugito” and couldn’t taste the soy or vinegar and was super bland, also looks like they share Fry suppliers with McDonald’s. I could make a better Lomo at home. Arroz chaufa was sooo bland and had way too many peas. Best part was the causa de camarones, I’ll give em that.I made a reservation not knowing they had a special menu. You would think they’d have that menu working like a well oiled machine since there are only a handful of options but it took 45 min to get our appetizers just to start. They also sat us in the corner with a lopsided table I had to fix myself.Then we realized… we were actually forced to order from the Mother’s Day menu. We realized because another table with a kid received salchipapas which wasn’t on the “special” menu. Had we known, we would’ve just ordered a regular meal and not be forced to pay $30/person with no drink. Also before ordering, we asked for a regular menu or options for kids and she said no, only the Mother’s Day menu is available. Then when we asked again cuz we saw the other table, she said “you asked for a kids menu” like cmon stop with the games. You know what I meant. I obviously wanted something for my 5 year old daughter.Apps took 45 min to come out, my alcoholic drink took 20 min longer to get to me cuz the waitress didn’t hear me. Then when our main entrees finally came out..mine was incorrect, she claimed I said pollo saltado. I literally NEVER order pollo saltado at any Peruvian restaurant. I’m literally half Peruvian, I know the difference. No one else at my table ordered pollo saltado either.Worst part is they charge automatic gratuity. The service was bad, the food was bland and lifeless and the experience overall bad. Won’t come back here again. Go to Bridgeport or Fairfield for some better food. Such a shame.

Marco Garcia

This wasn't our first time at Incas...but sadly was my last, we ordered fried calamari as an appetizer and our dinner. Everything come at once making our hot food cold. I send it back and it cone back out of the microwave the steak was cold and no flavor, the rice was cold and hard.I forgot to mentioned that we were the first and only table for about 45 minutes...there was no need for rushing our food.Sorry Incas and please improve your food.Service was ? great...

Chris P.

Went in today Good Friday , service was horrible , ordered jalea , shrimp fried rice and peruella.. was disgusting don't go here took 40 min for food to come out and was trash the soup was gelatinous the shrimp fired rice had nothing but calamari and we didn't wait to see the jelea Simply sucks I've had great Peruvian food in port Chester my and even in peru this place is a joke

Joe Mazas

What once was our go to Peruvian restaurant will never be anymore. Under new ownership, the food was bland and lifeless. The Huacatay sauce, which was one of the best. Now tastes like it either has mustard in it or they have used the wrong cheese. And, is not even faintly spicy. Also the chicha morada was watery and sweet. It had a slight taste of cinnamon but no pineapple or clove and no body to it. Sad to see what the original family grow into something special, fade to nothing so quickly.

Daniela Rios Reyes

I have been going to Incas since 2010, I was always a fan of not just the food but the service as well. Recently I heard a rumor that the ownership was changed and I was skeptical. I visited the location last night and my fear came to life. The food is still very good, the service was great, our server was attentive and courteous. If this weren't the case I would have had an issue with the automatic gratuity.However the food does not taste the same, even the aji sauce has a different consistency and taste. I can't express enough that the food isn't bad, it is okay however if you were a frequent customer the taste of the food is noticeable. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be a regular customer anymore. I do wish the new owners all of the luck, as I see that their reviews have drastically dropped.

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