Papa's Pizza & Pasta

258 Naugatuck Ave, Milford
(203) 874-0215

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Julia Rosati

From a Celiac, this is the Best Gluten Free Pizza I have ever had in my life! It is 14 inches and comes in a large pizza box. I got a plain cheese (it was still good even without any toppings) and the white clam, they were both fantastic! Almost cannot even tell it is a Gluten Free Pizza, will be my go to place for Gluten Free Pizza! Papa's has it spot on to a New Haven Pizza!!

Roger Smith

I have always considered Papa’s one of the best in Connecticut. Crust and sauce are #1.

Nick V

Best gluten free in town. All other places serve the same trash dough! Please don’t change it!

Richard Lambert

Papa's wood fired pizza is delicious! It only has take-out, no dine-in.

Emalee Alexander

I've had the same pizza from Papa's since I was a kid. Been eating there foe 22 years now and sometime the consistency varies but the flavor, quality, and friendliness are always the same. The pizza is and will always be the best in my book. Their cone grinder are HUGE and packed with whatever fillings you want. Small local business that is worth the wait and the prices.

walid sallam

One of the best pizzas around. Great cheese, eggplant and spinach with ricotta pizzas.


Papa's Pizza is fantastic 100 percent of the time! Greatest pizza,greatest people !


Stopped off while getting work done on car, gentleman working was so nice! Couple of delicious meatballs later, I will be back for pizza!

Lauren O.

We haven't been able to order from here ever for dinner because they're always too busy to pick up the phone! We opted for a 2:30p pizza and they answered! This must be the trick to getting through, anyways our pizza was ready in 20 mins. Good amount of bacon and well cooked. They have a pick up window so you don't even need to go inside. I've never looked at the menu before but I plan on checking it out to see what specialty pies they have. I'd say it's similar in quality to peppes pizza and ONE step down from Sally's/modern but for being in milford I'd rather go here than drive into new haven! Medium bacon was $20. Supposedly THIS location of pappas is better than the other, so I didn't even bother trying the other place!


Papas is one of the best tasting service is great highly recommend

Jonathan Whittaker

I grew up around the corner and have had their apizza since they opened in the mid eighties and I've always loved their pie. I put it on par with the more well known greats in New Haven. Definitely the best in Milford. Always great.

Al M

Some of the best pizza I've ever had. My family has gotten papas pizza every Sunday for years and they never disappoint. Friendly staff, incredible pizza - there's not much else left to say.


I've had pizza here in this state at Pepe's, Sally's, Bella Napoli, Tolli's, Minervini's, DiPalma's, John & Maria's, Anniello's, LoMonico's, DelMonico's, Zuppardi's, Rosso Vino's, Consiglio's, Costa Azzura, Luna Azzura, and about forty others in this state. I've had pizza in Wash, DC, New York City, Chicago, and in 42 other United States, even Hawaii! And Alaskans are not big pizza eaters. If you didn't notice, I'm a pizza nut. I'm also Italian (Mario Francesco Bonfiglio) and I've had pizza in Rome, Naples, Venice, San Marino, and in Florence (Italy). FYI I'm not being paid for this endorsement - PAPA'S PIZZA BEATS ANY OTHERS BY FAR and I will not order pizza from anyone else. So, please don't ever close, or I'll have to go back to Pescara, Italy, where I was born.

Keith Karlac

I personally think it's the best in milford I think gigi's is a very close second. But papas is new haven style pizza really really good we've been getting it once a week for years only thing is wish they delivered. But it's so worth the 2 min drive it's the cheese the sauce and the dough that really make. We def give it 5 stars for number 1 in milford. They also make great salads and meals but for the meals we go to gigi's its outstanding Italian food. Very traditional food excellent tasting food. We love going there as well once a week

Saul Robles

Really good pizza im a pizza guy.

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