Chipotle Mexican Grill

2301 Georgia Ave NW Unit A, Washington
(202) 319-1391

Recent Reviews

O k

Fast service, food is good.

Luviee Lenore'

The staff was pleasant and my food was great!


I went when it wasn't busy. Back in the day, Chipotle was standing out for the friendliness of the staff... No longer :( Also the portions are much smaller specially the meat! Dissapointed.

N00B Master

We ordered delivery, and the person never came! It was for a friends party and we waited forever! It said it was delivered, but never came.

Akish Davis

Good fresh food n pretty good service with a smile.

mike robbins

pretty good chipotle

Kenzi W.

Very stingy. Went today got a bowl & they didn't even fill the bottom of the bowl w rice. I asked for more they told more that's extra. When I tell you half my bowl doesn't even have rice in it, there's no rice on one side of the bowl! A girl before asked for more & they told her the same thing. I would think filling up the bottom is minimum but no they told to pay extra to fill up the bottom. Lol never again

Tee Bennett


Frank Parham

Its good. I can't eat it every day.

Ahmed Alzubair

It's a good place to go there

Lee Lee

Come on you know its good already why you checking

Sheila Brown

The taste of the food has been getting alot better.

Brandon Aragon

This location is disgusting. The employees are extremely rude and they try to nickel and dime you for an extra side of salsa.

Ben Zeigler

Your standard Chipotle location, convenient location to campus or Banneker Rec center. Dropped in on same day as move in and there was a decent line that went pretty fast. Location is clean and staff was on the ball when I was there.

Alexia H.

My go to chipotle! Not all Chipotles are created equal and this one definitely stands apart from its siblings. It's like they sent their staff to culinary school because the meats/veggies/condiments are always seasoned to perfection which is very unlike other Chipotles I've been to around the country. The location has a very high health score which is both uncommon for the area and very satisfying to the germ conscious people like myself.

Sam R.

This is one of the best chipotles in the DMV. They have a very high health score and it's always clean when I go in there. The service is fast and the employees are friendly. Aside from customer service, the food is very flavorful. Not all Chipotles are created equal when it comes to flavor. IYKYK. I've become a loyal customer

Khan Adil

I been getting service everytime I been there. everyone work hard but SARAIA WORKS 👍👍👍


They over charge on everything. I can buy the same bowl 2 days in a row and pay different prices for each. It's like they charge for what they want when they want to do so

Marcia Carey

Love their food and service

Jamila Jenkins

Always clean and quick service. Can’t complain.

ace boone

Dirty unsanitized and the staff is just bad customer service. They serve little food the pinto beans are always undercooked just terrible service

Benjamin H.

I ordered delivery from this chipotle for the third time. The first time my order was randomly given to somebody before the door dash delivery driver arrived. There was no resolution. I had to contact door dash and they told me to use chipotles online form to contact customer service and request a refund. I didn't eat that night. Thanks. The second time I ordered several months later, the food came (much later than when it was estimated) and they forgot my salad dressing. Okay. At least I had food. I just ordered from the chipotle app again. Door dash was on their way to pick up my order and when the driver arrived, once again this chipotle managed to give my food away to somebody else who was not me or my driver. The driver put the manager on the phone. The manager refused to remake the food and send it with the driver and said that they needed to be contacted by door dash directly to resolve the issue. I called door dash. They tried for 20 minutes to get this restaurant on the phone and they finally gave up and told me I have to request a refund from chipotle. Once again, a night with no food. What a terribly run restaurant to not even be able to manage to hand food to the right person.

Ben Concepcion

Convenient location but they don't give much meat here and customer service was so so, flat out refused to give me salt when I asked for it

Weekend Warrior

Great portions, very friendly, A decent amount of space

Cheri Sarkur

Good food. Easy walk to campus.

Will B.

Started making my burrito with ridiculously tiny amounts of rice and beans. About half what I usually get, and I go to Chipotle often. When I asked about it I was yelled at by staff. "You have to ask for it." Wow.

Adrienne Rigby

This location is conveniently located on 7th Street at Howard University and across the street from the McDonald's on the corner.

malaysia mason

Fast working and the workers are great when it come to getting extra things.

Daria Winter

Food served warm, somewhat friendly servers, and cleanliness maintained.

Brittany Fells

The service is consistently quick and efficient.

Britney M.

This location has horrible customer service!!! I ordered an chicken salad and I asked for dressing the cashier only gave me one with very little in it. Then told me if I wanted another one, I'll have to pay $1.48. Then cashier rather argue about it then just let me pay for another one. Ridiculous!!!

hh safa

I and my family love eating at Chipotle. Its a great option for vegetarians. However this particular one is a hit or miss depending on who is working i guess. On the last visit it wasnt as clean as we would have liked and that isnt an option for me. I had to ask for the table to be wiped down. The young lady didnt do a great job and i had to go behind her with a feww of their paper napkins. 3 stars given.

Katherine Breckenridge

Bad customer service. Complained about bad sour cream and neither the cashier nor manager made any effort to apologize or remedy the problem, insisting that they taste test the food before serving, and thus implying that I was being dishonest.

Jefferson Vasquez-Reyes

The customer service at this Chipotle is not good. Most of the workers do not listen to customers complaints and do not take action at all.

Romeo T.

Horrible they can't comprehend online orders and they give you what they want and not what you ordered the employees ate very unprofessional

Emma Ladson

Howard University Location in Washington, DC is very clean and the staff was Very Professional!

Akami T.

This chipotle is literally a hit or miss. At one point they were selling brown guacamole and still charging the same price. And when I asked the employee why it looked like that he says "thats just what it looks like today"...

Yaroslav Maslovskyy

Rude. Inpersanable stuff.

Michael Ciurea

The chicken bowl I got here was hands down the best chipotle meal I’ve ever had. And I’ve had many meals at Chipotle’s.

Jennifer V.

Went in for chips and guacamole. Was happy with the service was in an out in less than 5 minutes, however, I know the lines can get really long. Standard chipotle