Federalist Pig

1654 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
(202) 827-4400

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Amy W.

Oh my, Federalist Pig, you blew my mind and my soul with that BBQ you offer. My husband and I were in the area enjoying the Georgetown Waterfront and decided to try Federalist Pig for some good BBQ. We ordered two sandwiches, Big Cheese (pulled pork) and Texas Ranger (requested for burnt ends and it was honored) and a side of seasoned fries. Both sandwiches were amazing, good portions, fulfilling, delightful, you name it. Since it's Covid season, they require you to order through their website for pick up and when you arrive, there is someone there to assist you with your order. They also have different types of homemade BBQ sauce up for grabs. I can't wait to try their meats, we only ordered the sandwiches because we knew we were eating it in the car. But man, I'm already thinking about my next trip here. Friendly service, AMAZING BBQ? That's a sign for customers to be coming back for more and obviously this is the case for me!

Ally T.

We are so obsessed with Federalist Pig. Ever since they opened we've been regulars. Before covid they would often have a line out the door and sell out of the popular meats. Right now during this crazy pandemic they are dealing with everything really well. We've ordered take out 6-10 times and it's never disappointed. Our fav sandwiches are the Carolina on my Mind for husb and Big Cheese for me. Delicious!!! Their Mac n cheese is to die for and their Brussels sprouts are super coated with flavor. If you haven't been, order some take out now and then go eat there when this is all over because that's a fun experience in it of itself.

katherine t.

Decided to pick up some hearty dinner on my way home from rock creek, but underestimated the hills and was out of breath by the time I got there. One of the workers handed me a water bottle and I'm pretty sure I wasn't charged for it. Regardless, outstanding customer service and equally phenomenal food. Do yourself a favor and make your way to federalist pig. I'll be back.

Peggy L.

This spot is top notch, from the food to the A+ team working the kitchen and front door. My partner and I go regularly for chicken wings and brisket sandwiches. Always leave happy with our food and the friendly service. Don't forget the ranch!

John Boggan

EDIT: the restaurant reached out to me immediately with an apology, and I'm adding 2 stars for good customer relations. It seems the problem is with their delivery service, Postmates. So I guess it's that company I should be giving a bad review to. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I wish I could write a review of their food, but I haven't tasted it. I tried the delivery option they offer on their website (via Postmates). I got an email confirmation, with delivery supposedly 35-50 minutes. After waiting 2 hours, I cancelled the order. The issue may be with the delivery service, but it reflects very badly on their business.

Joel S.

Walked past the other day and looked good, so we ordered their Sampler Platter with three meats.We got chicken, brisket, and pork shoulder, plus fries and brussel sprouts. Excellent all the way through, and a good portion for two -- plus an easy walk to Meridian Hill park for a light dinner sitting on a bench and watching the (mostly masked) people go by. We will definitely be heading back.

Marcelo M.

I live walking distance to this establishment, and it always has a line of people waiting to get their food. I was excited to get my hands on the most raved about BBQ in DC, but it did not live up to the hype whatsoever. The food was cold, brisket sandwich was fatty (70/30 fat to beef ratio) and the bread was soggy. Fries were decent, but again cold. The mac and cheese was a disgrace, I even went as far as spitting it out (that's a first). It tasted burnt, looked like it was put through a blender, and placed into a container. It had the consistency of cheesy oatmeal. You are better off making boxed mac and cheese. Overpriced, and poor quality bbq. Wish the food tasted as great as their customer service. Why people rave about this so much, I will never understand. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Alex W.

In my perspective, and having a sister who lives in Austin who I visit regularly, this is the ONLY BBQ spot to go to in DC. Hands down, there is no better brisket in the area. We actually order a few pounds for Thanksgiving these days instead of bothering with a turkey, because who doesn't prefer brisket?? Also, the burnt ends melt in your mouth and are simply a must order. The sauces are good too, but honestly I think the meat stands well by itself and the sauces (while good) aren't necessary and just take away from how good the meat is. The sausages and pulled pork are good too, but again I think the brisket and burnt ends are the stand outs here. As far as sides, the mac n cheese and brussel sprouts are a great way to take a break from the meat for a hot second. The team has also always been great about handling both our catering orders for Thanksgiving and also in person orders in the past. They talk you through things and make sure you get exactly what you want. I don't hesitate to give them 5 stars and absolutely recommend you order for pickup or delivery any and every day to support this amazing local BBQ spot!

Jennifer Slaughter

We got delivery from here from a third party app and it was excellent. The brussel sprouts, pork belly, and potato salad were highlights but everything we had was delicious!

Thre T.

Best bbq in town. I am OBSESSED with the spicy bbq sauce. It comes in 6oz and I usually order two because it is so good. The spice leaves a nice burn in your mouth with an amazing aftertaste. The Brussel sprouts are amazing and crispy. The meats are also so good and Smokey. Take out is perfectly done. Five stars!

Mia C.

Their pork belly is to die for! It gets a bit hectic inside so me and my fiance usually do pick ups.

David Zeledon

After a couple hiccups (first time going they ran out of food on a Saturday at 6pm; and then ordering food at 11am [system allows you to] the following Saturday and having the order cancelled because they sold out of food), the third time is truly the charm.

David Z.

After a couple hiccups (first time going they ran out of food on a Saturday at 6pm; and then ordering food at 11am [system allows you to] the following Saturday and having the order cancelled because they sold out of food), the third time is truly the charm. The food was absolutely incredible. Rob does a great job infusing the meats with a smoked undertone that complements the sauce/rub on the different cuts. Ordered 5 different meats and they each had their own flavor. Unfortunately we didn't receive our fries and brussel sprouts but I'm sure they are good. The brisket, chicken (white meat) and the Mac and cheese where my favorites! But you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.

Greg Antrim

Quarantine = a craving for everything! Today, it was BBQ. I’ve never been to Federalist Pig before but it will be on my permanent rotation now. Everything was top notch! Can’t stop eating the brussel sprouts and the brisket! The sticky garlic BBQ sauce is bomb. And everything else is great.....GREAT!!!!! too. Loving it all. Got a big order just so I could have seconds later.

Amanda M.

Federalist Pig has been on my list for awhile so why not try it during a pandemic and have a BBQ at home! 1/2 lb SLICED BRISKET $11 Smoked daily, served with Texas Toast and pickles. *really tender, nice smoke on it and a layer of fat, loved the Texas Toast and the pickles and pickled onions were a nice touch SM RED BLISS POTATO SALAD $2.73 Southern style potato salad with chopped pickles, celery and hard boiled eggs *surprised that the potatoes were so thinly sliced, I wanted more of a chunky potato salad and it was pretty bland THE BIG BAD WOLF $11.50 Pulled Pork, Pork Belly, Sausage, pickled onions, slaw, bbq sauce, sesame bun. *really good size sandwich, lots of great flavors and textures, wish there was a little more pork belly, meats were all very tender and juicy Loved the variety of bbq sauces from carolina, sweet, garlic and spicy. Each bite of brisket I dipped in a different sauce and it was delish.

Alice B.

This meal is the best that I've had during this entire quarantine. I'm not a barbecue person by nature but the smell caught me as I was walking by. There was a solid amount of people waiting for their food and after taking a look at the menu, we decided to go ahead. We both got the Jimmy Muscles sandwich, two large Mac a cheeses and a regular Brussels sprout. All three were absolutely amazing. I was SO full. The sprouts were the best I've ever had. My boyfriend thought them a little too smoked but I thought they were perfect. I'd go back for those alone. The Mac was also amazing and the sandwich blew me away. The chicken on it had just a tad bit of spice to it that made it absolutely perfect. Even if you don't normally go straight to barbecue, give Federalist Pig a try and I think you'll be happy with your choice.

JD Odom

This was definitely our favorite meal during our trip to the DC area. Pork belly and brisket was absolutely amazing! Staff was wonderful too! Here is some important info: get there when this place opens if you intend to dine-in. I have never seen a place fill up so fast (which is a testament to the food). The wife and I got to the PIG fifteen minutes before they opened, and I am glad we did! Line was out the door and down the street in a matter of minutes. Great food!

Mark Allen

Best BBQ in DC! Always a great meal. Order by the pound and then grab a sandwich too!

David K.

I'm docking a star because they messed up my order. I ordered a 3-meat combo and I only got 2 meats. To be fair, I was only charged for 2 meats, but I DEFINITELY ordered 3. I even discussed the wings with the guy as he rang me up, but I didn't get any wings. I even heard him say "Four wings!" as he placed my order. Why didn't I get any wings? Why was I charged for a 2-meat combo when I ordered a 3-meat combo? Strange. Why was my friend's name called and my name skipped when he ordered after me? Not a very tight ship these guys are running. The food was pretty good, but I really hate it when a restaurant messes up my order, especially on my first cis. It makes me not want to come back.

andre perkins

The flavors and seasonings are some of the best I've tasted. Period. Great service. I very much enjoyed the experience and look forward to going back soon.

Michael Sipe

HOLY MOLEY this is good stuff!! Will definitely be back. Even the sides were delicious. My co-workers and I came as a group and I sampled a little bit of everything. My only regret is that I wouldn't know now what to order next time I come by. All of it was awesome! ?

Angelina Gonzalez

Delicious food for a decent price. I absolutely loved the mustard bbq sauce and the employees were all super helpful and nice.

Naya A.

5++ stars!! The best BBQ in the area, the brisket and ribs are my favorites..and the brussel sprouts are a MUST..trust me!! I dream about this place 24/7, everything on the menu is absolutely delicious and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Love this spot!!


DC's best barbecue joint in Adams Morgan neighborhood in northwest quarter of city......go for chicken, beef brisket, and top choice pork ribs......good sides complement the meats

Brooke D.

I TRULY don't understand how this place has almost 5 stars. I don't think any of y'all Yelpers have had good bbq if you think THIS is 4.5 stars I was so excited to eat here. Especially after the star rating and the pics... but boy was I wrong! I was beyond disappointed with the brisket and sadly it may have been the worst I have ever had... Originally I was going to get the turkey club but they were out of turkey so I replaced it with brisket. I was pumped to have some yummy Texas toast and fall apart brisket. At first the sandwich looked delightful. After one bite I new something was wrong. The brisket definitely wasn't your fall apart and flavorful brisket... It was way too tough. It was so rubbery and I couldn't break it with my teeth so the whole slice pulled from the sandwich. Oh and my meat was cold! Like not just room temperature... Also my Texas toast was so soggy. Not too sure what it could have been from because there was only a little bit of aioli and it definitely wasn't from the meat cus it was dry as hell. I was so grossed out that I only ate my Brussels sprout. Which were slightly over done but alright.

Joey J.

What. The. Hell. Are. Yelpers. Thinking? I ordered a brisket plate, and it was drenched in fat. Ever eat? something and feel like you need to go to the gym again I saw fried plantains and made the mistake of doubling up on them for my sides - I didn't eat a single one. What I really got was deep fried (but thick) plantain chips - not the actual sweet/tangy banana-like treat that anyone who's ever gotten into Caribbean cuisine is familiar with. This was basically a hard French fry - they all hit the trash. The prices are pretty reasonable, but I walked out $20-something poorer and still hungry ‍

Damian B.

I hope you're getting your food Togo because it's gonna be cold anyways. This hole in the wall was jam packed with people you would be lucky to get a seat. The only good thing about this place was that the staff was very nice. But when it comes to the food.. worst I've ever had. The brisket wasn't cooked for long enough it was all rubbery and you practically had to cut the sandwich unless you wanted the whole piece to come out and it just didn't taste good. The Texas ranger is supposed to have crispy onion rings.. my sandwich came with none. They ran out of turkey for the club sandwich that my wife ordered so she got brisket instead.. which she took out of the sandwich because of how disgusting it was. Just ate the pork. She said the aïoli that was in the sandwich was so excessive her bread was soggy and falling apart. Lastly. The Brussels sprouts. I imagine they'd be good. If they weren't burnt and every bite left a char flavor in my mouth. DO NOT RECOMMEND SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Maddie G.

Very cool experience at Federalist Pig last week! As a tourist in the city, it was awesome to check out a smaller, local business. Firstly, I will start off by saying this is not the place you come to relax and unwind. But it is the place you come to sit down, eat, and leave basically immediately after enjoying your dang good meal. Seating is limited and people are always lined up, waiting to have somewhere to sit down next and staring at you so I felt a little pressured to eat quick. I ordered one of the sandwiches on the Specials board. It was called Texas something..I cant quite remember but it was delicious and had ground brisket a d sausage, pimento cheese, pickles and bbq sauce on texas toast. I also had a bottle coke, which hit the spot and the seasoned fries. The house made sauce options here are impressive, including the ranch.

Courtney W.

Really does deserve the title of "Best BBQ in DC", hands down. The place is very small, but they rotate the tables at a very good pace. By the time you order, you really won't have to wait too long for them to find seating for you. The specials they offer are really the real deal - and I would recommend going for one of their sandwiches if you get the chance.

Brittany B.

Came here with a friend after not having good BBQ for about five months. We each got the two meat and two sides platter. I got the brisket and pork belly with smoked mac & cheese and Brussels sprouts and he got the brisket and pork shoulder with mac & cheese and green beans. Only thing we didn't care for was the green beans but the mac & cheese was delicious (esp with the hot BBQ sauce). The meat was tender and delicious. Another place I'd be glad to come back to and try more of their menu.

Matt Unick

I had the club sandwich and it did not disappoint. Lots of meat and good taste. They also have a big assortment of sauces on the side to add extra flavor! There was very little indoor seating

Sid S.

I love barbecue even though honestly it's only occasionally truly good. The San Francisco Bay Area is a sad BBQ desert with only the most minimal nods to the good stuff, so I try it anywhere I go. I went to Federalist Pig half-expecting another douchebag barbecue-themed restaurant. I mean, they serve tofu. But I'm willing to admit my mistakes! I ordered the 2-Step combo with pork spareribs, brisket, mac and cheese, and fried brussels sprouts. First off, the guys working there set the tone by grooving with classic and semi-classic soul and hip hop. Second, there was a line out the door the whole time. After a short wait, I got a gorgeous tray! Spareribs: dry rubbed with good flavor and tender texture. Everyone thinks "falling off the bone" is always the way to go. It's not. But chewable cartilage is my friend and they did it right. I'd have liked a deeper smoke flavor. Brisket: a little bland and slightly tougher than I prefer. It's not bad by any means, but not transcendent either. Again more smoke would've helped, but it was fun to pair with the sauces. Mac and cheese: Tasty! I don't know what cheese(s) they're using, but it was a hefty cup of thick and creamy shells with gooey cheese on top. Fried Brussels Sprouts: Definitely good with enough crispy char to make it worthwhile. Beware it's a big portion. That's a lot of oil at once. Sauces: Fun! I mostly used the Carolina vinegar and the mustard sauce. The mustard was legit. The hotter sauces were also tasty. There was even one that I think said Dumb Sauce? They were all yummy. They even have Bleu Cheese which was great on the brussels sprouts. Texas Toast: That machine with the butter flavor trough freaks me out. TL;DR: My heart has been broken by barbecue poser restaurants many times, but Federalist Pig is pretty decent. I'd give it a 3.5+.

sergio candia

The perfect place exist. It’s called Federalist Pig. Everything here is delicious. Try all, have it all, come back, bring people. You won’t regret it.

Hal R.

Federalist Pig is undoubtedly the best barbecue in D.C. I ordered the Pitmaster Special (4 meats and 3 sides), and it is not only delicious but incredibly cheap considering the amount of food you are getting. In Washington, it is easy to find low quality, over-priced barbecue, and Federalist Pig is the exact opposite. $28 for four meats and three sides is an incredible deal that allows guests to sample all their favorite flavors. Brisket (5/5): This is the best meat on the menu, in my opinion. The brisket is smokey, exceptionally tender, and moist. The edges were perfectly crispy with a slightly peppery taste. Each piece melts in your mouth. Pork Rib Tips (5/5): I thought this was the best pork item on the menu. I found the rib tips to be more tender and flavorful than the pork belly or the pork ribs. They are smoky and sweet, and I wish I had ordered more. Pork Ribs (4/5): These ribs were delicious but a little small and chewy for my tastes. I do not believe that ribs should be so tender that they fall off the bone, but these were a bit dry and thin. This is not to suggest they weren't tasty, they were. However, a slightly more meaty and tender rib would make these perfect. Pork Belly (4/5): The pork belly was great but a little lean for me. I love the fattiness commonly associated with pork belly. These were lean but still perfectly cooked and tender. They were, however, not the most flavorful pieces of pork belly I have ever had. I would recommend trying the pulled pork shoulder or chicken wings instead unless you are a serious pork belly fan. Crispy Brussels sprouts (5/5): The Brussels sprouts were exceptionally well-seasoned and just crispy enough without losing their meaty texture. They were unique, large, and unusually flavorful for Brussels sprouts. I would definitely recommend these to any first-timer. Smoked Cheddar Mac n Cheese (5/5): This Mac n Cheese was also excellent. It was everything a barbecue Mac n Cheese should be. The cheese was thick and creamy, but not so excessive that it overwhelms the entire side. The macaroni was plentiful and chewy. Chipotle Garlic Green Beans (5/5): The Green beans were a pleasant surprise. Barbecue places often neglect the quality of flavor of their green beans, but at Federalist Pig, they spare no detail. The beans were uncharacteristically flavorful and perfectly soft. The garlic and chipotle flavors are a nice addition to the side, making them especially flavorful and unique. Green beans are often bland, these were anything but. The staff is lively and helpful. The space is incredibly organized and clean. The ambiance is great. I loved the small, no-frills setting. A host of BBQ sauces means that anyone can find a flavor that they like. The sticky garlic sauce is my favorite for its sweet kick. I recommend coming early as they often sell out of popular items!

Matthias Hess

Amazing BBQ and veggie sides! Super laid-back but quick service. Nice setup with a handy sink for quick wash-ups.

Dominic T.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. A little on the pricier end for BBQ, but it is worth it in every bite. Absolutely delicious, dependable food. Great service. And their absolutely delicious sauces top off the best BBQ in the city.

Clarissa L.

I was visiting DC for the day and Federalist Pig came up as one of the must eat places, and I was not disappointed! We stopped by around 6 PM on Sunday and all the options were still available. We had the beef brisket, Ribs, Pork tips, pork belly, jalepeno sausage and some Mac and Cheese and the Brussel sprouts. The seasoning and smoke flavor on everything was amazing, but my two favorites had to be the Beef brisket and the Pork Tips. The brussel sprouts were fried to a crisp and well seasoned, you would never even know they were vegetables! They also offer a variety of different sandwiches you can try. Warning, the place is pretty small and it can be hard to find seating, so come early or expect to wait a bit.

Dani G.

Great value and even better food. The portions are very generous for the price point esp when it comes to DC. You want to eat it all and you most likely will due to how good it is but as I sit her full to the brim I keep telling myself maybe I should of saved some for leftovers. I had the pork belly, brisket, Mac and cheese, and potato salad. All of it was exceptional except for the Mac and cheese. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything to write home about either. I would say this spot is probably the best barbecue I have had in the area and the staff is super friendly. It's a small intimate spot so get here early for seat. As an addition, I had the pork belly which was so good. I finally had the wings and I have to say it's the only bad thing I have had here. The meat was a little pink inside, chewy, tasted undercooked a tad and the flavor wasn't there for me.

Pamela Davis-Acey

Great BBQ! Awesome staff and fun environment.


The sides were way too salty and the brisket was mediocre at best. The smoked wings were really good though.