1401 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington
(202) 661-0142

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Maggie Haggerty

The beer selection was good but something must be up with the tap lines. Every beer we ordered was mostly flat/very little carbonation. Would be 5 stars if they figured it out.Food: 4/5

John Zang

Shelter is a beer lover's paradise. With its wide selection of craft beers, it offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every palate. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting to enjoy a pint or two. The added advantage of being connected to a food court allows patrons to explore a variety of culinary options, ensuring there's something for everyone. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide recommendations and help navigate the extensive beer menu. Whether you're a beer aficionado or just looking for a casual spot to unwind, Shelter offers a fantastic beer bar experience with the added convenience of easy access to a delicious food court.

Chrissy King

Wow!!!!!! The perfect find for craft beer lovers! And for all of us there are fantastic IPA'S, Stouts, Sours, Lagers, All the styles! There are 6 different restaurants you can order from, we had the taco HI F Taco Shop which are some of the best tacos we've had in a long time. The staff is so friendly it's refreshing! Stoked about this find will be A DC fav for sure! Well done Shelter. This concept is Awesome!!!!!

Jeanette Jiricek

We stopped in just passing through on our way to the airport and were impressed by the wide beer selections. I tried a Kölsch beer from Halfway Crooks Brewery (based off staff recommendation) and loved it!

Kimberly Humphries

This place is amazing. I love the community and most importantly the staff. They have nice restaurants and seating is comfortable. I love the fact that they are family and kids friendly. I am so happy that DC is changing for the better.

Teh Grl

Solid craft beer bar in the roost. I love the format of rotating taps. When you see something Interesting grab it. Don't wait as it very well could be gone by the time you return. The bartenders always know their stuff. And you can order food from any of the other stalls at the bar (as that's the concept of the roost). I am sad that all of the desert options disappeared from the roost.

HA Bond

Fun place. Love the umbrella organization of The Rooster ?

Pam C

Not ever again. The atmosphere is great as is the design but the food is AWFUL

Ricardo Stewart

I recommend this place highly such professionalism dining at the best you get high class service in this place okay if you're not used to good service this is a place to go this is the best out there one of the best


Really limited on the spirits but the service is great.

Brandon B.

Consistently excellent beer selections, choices galore, options on size of pour, and cocktails that are equally on-point. If you're on or near Capitol Hill Southeast, there is no reason to go anywhere else for a brew.

Jessica McNutt

Great space. Great selection of beer. They generally have one or two issues with my order each time I go, but no show stoppers.

Tina Coles

My first time their with my parents we love the food it was fantastic .

Eric Oboite

Last night I was heading to the Dave Chappelle show at the Capital One arena. Before heading out — my close friend and I wanted to grab drinks from the Shelter located at the Roost. I can’t help at times to feel like I’m treated as someone who does not belong there.There has been a few occasions where I brought friends to the Shelter and they have expressed the same feeling.Last night was the icing on the cake. My friend and I sat at the bar — located in The Shelter and waited several minutes before the server, named Dale, gave us menus. Instead of handing us the menu — he just placed it on the side and pointed at it, then continued about his business. Keep in this is not our first time going to the Shelter so I already know what I want to order and tried to relay that message to him but he completely ignored us.Finally when he takes our order — he ask us for ID’s which is fine but I couldn’t help but notice that he was looking at it extra hard as if it was fake or something. Also, there was a couple sitting right next to us and they ordered cocktails but were not asked to see there ID.This is not the first time Dale served us. When I first moved into the building we sat outside of The Roost for dinner and Dale was our server. We had issue with our orders and I brought to Dale attention. Instead of helping us to resolve it, he shrugged his shoulder as is he didn’t care.Today I reminded him about how he treated us the previous time he served us and his response was “I don’t remember or know what you’re talking about”.If you want excellent service ask for Abby, Lou or Big fella that wear the Hawaiian shirts. They are the best. Overall the food is great here and it’s lovely atmosphere. But sometimes a few bad apples can ruin an experience.

Derek A.

I enjoyed this place. It's a great place to watch a game or hang out with some friends for a Happy Hour. You pay as you go which makes it even more convenient. If your looking for a good place in Capitol Hill with some good food options and draft/ wine selections give this place a try.

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