Auntie Anne's

5613 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 543-7530

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Walked in and it was empty. The employee never greeted us or asked what we wanted. When we ordered they didn’t have what we asked for. Any time I’ve gone to an Aunt Annie’s, they will make it if it’s not always made. We ordered from the 3 items they had waiting. They were stale. Never again.

Bird Bricks

The customer service was horrendous and my cinnamon sugar nuggets tasted salty

Earl Stallard

Same experience as others. Store closes at 8 we went in at 330 was told what’s in the case was all that’s left….2 small pretzel nug cups. Mumbling when talking…..lazy loafing around….everyone on there phones. Horrible place….never again.

Prabha Shankar

Very bad customer service or staff at this location. We stopped by the store and we were waiting there at least 5 min but the employee (lady) noticed us but did not care to ask what we want or greeted us to wait while she finish her work. Even if the food is good here the staff make it worst possible experience for customer to come back again. We ordered just the pretzel and left the store. Location is good , parking might be tight because many small store occupying the space with traders joe in the same complex. Clean store and I find the staff could improve on their front end handling.

josh bilodeau

This auntie Anne’s location is awful they either burn your food. Or say they don’t have dough to make the food. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone

Blake Short

KIARA G had wireless headphones in her ears and was on the phone during my order and then told me if I want my food that I need to say please? Lol Her nasty long hair and attitude should not be trusted around food let alone people in the costumer service industry lol. She was nasty to her co workers too!

brandon ledeker

Staff was friendly however, they failed to accomplish my order which was literally just two pretzels and a drink.....only received 1 pretzel and a drink.

Sam Cambridge

So today is 4/26, aka national pretzel day. And I came to this location of auntie Annie’s to redeem a free pretzel as I have done so in the past through the app. I went in and choose the option in the app to redeem in store with the pretzel perks and when I had the barcode ready, the lady behind the counter told me that I had to order it online and then come to the store. However when I looked on line after wards I saw that I could redeem both online and In store. Now I’m not sure why she lied to me. It could have been because she didn’t want to take my order or because she knows nothing about the pretzel perks app. Because the app itself gives the option and barcode to scan when in store to redeem. Definitely not coming back to this location.

Becky Tingle

I don’t usually like writing bad reviews, but I continually have a bad experience at this location and will no longer be going back. The customer service is horrible. They also never have “specialty” items (a pretzel dog is specialty?) ready, they cook those to order. So it’s a 10-15 minute wait. I actually even called ahead last time to see if they had pretzel dogs, was told yes, then when I went in was told “no we have to make them” when actually they did have them. No one there had a clue what was going on and seemed straight up miserable working. I don’t know if it’s poor management or what but it’s always a terrible experience when I go. It’s a shame.

Gabriel Rodriguez

No one acknowledged us when we came in. Stood in front of the register for 5 minutes while the cashier was on FaceTime chatting it up and NOT taking orders. Do better Wilmington SMH

Steven Bryson

Incredibly slow and inattentive. Pretzels were room temp and stale.

Theodore Hill

Terrible customer service. I didn’t even order I walked out. The young lady working in there is extremely rude.

Santosh Roy S

Great pretzels and good staff!

Raji Gandhiraj

Good food and great service! Definitely recommend!

Eswari Pandiaraja

Great pretzels. Very fresh and delicious! Cool lemonade.

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