Just to Serve You, DE

1828 W 11th St, Wilmington
(302) 888-1100

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Missy Momo

The food here is AMAZING. I love it and I order almost once a week. Their service is terrible and their hours are so inconsistent. You never know when they're going on vacation or if they decide to close shop early.Also the food is really inconsistent too. Sometimes the jerk chicken is more light spiced baked chicken, it's not bad, it's just not always the flavor/consistency that I come for.Unrelated gripe but I hate the lemony buttercream icing they use for the yellow cake, it would be much better with the icing they use for the pound cake. Just a suggestion.Despite all that, I still keep coming back lol. I just wish they were faster and consistent.

Gail Howland

I'm a long time customer always $50+;the food is great.Lately the service has been really bad. I want to suggest for help a person to take orders in the store and one to take your phone orders.The hold please on the phone is rude, when it's15mins & the young ladies never get back on to take the order. Also give better wait times your food is worth the wait: but need the service to be half as good

India Cee

Spent over $100 to get there and be belittled by the cashier with purple braids and glasses because I said I ordered through Seamless/Grub Hub online and she’s never heard of Seamless. Regardless of me repeatedly saying GrubHub. The the other lady hands her my food to bag up and asks her to check it to make sure it’s right and she says “She’s going to get what’s in here.” So I check the food before I leave and it’s 2 potatoe salads missing. Purple braids snatches the receipt back before throwing my sides on the counter next to my bag. I will NEVER visit this establishment again and will be sure to spread the word. Try to support local business and this is the customer service you get!? Cringe worthy!

Wendy M Gibson

The food was excellent! Mac n cheese was nice and cheesy, candied sweet potatoes tasted awesome, and the collards were just right, not greasy or salty, yet tender. Loved the wings! Fish fried to perfection.The cornbread was like cake and moist. Highly recommend!!

Aanye Tate

I get lunch from here everyday they’re open. Everyone in the store I’ve interacted with is always so friendly and the food is delicious! I notice those that complain about the service are typically the ones that tend to be on the impatient/rude customer side anyways ?. If you’re pressed for time I would recommend DoorDash or calling to place your order in advance (ex: at beginning of day) to be ready when you’re coming. I’ve never had an issue using either method!

Taz Dennis

Disappointed. The 1st time I visited, the food was great with a lot of flavor like the one in West Philly. The 2nd time I visited, the food was so salty, I couldn't eat it all. It's embarrassing because I brought my friend and raved how she will not be disappointed because this food is always great. I was so wrong. (I've been going to the one in West Philly for years and the food was never salty.) Salt doesn't equal flavor, it just increases blood pressure, cause headaches, & dehydration. Stop adding so much salt please. I don't even care about the long wait times because some good things are worth it, but this was not.

Gayle Woodard

I was unsure about ordering because of all the negative reviews. I ordered fried flounder, Mac and cheese and greens. Other than the greens being underseasoned to my taste, the food is delicious. The fish and Mac and cheese are perfect! You just got a new customer.

Krissy Daniels

Just throw the whole store away.. 2 wks ago I had the salmon with the garlic butter sauce.. when I say my stomach was bubbling, bout time I put the key in the door to go in the house, I didn't make it.. I instantly went #2 on myself.. They have rodents, their hot water was off for a few days during business hrs, they use days old meat (meatloaf) then soak it in bbq sauce or gravy to hide the dryness, alot of their food is very salty, a few of the staff need to do weekly customer service trainings because they have no customer service skills at all just straight nasty.. They treat some staff different then the others.. Just plain out sickening. I'm bout to call the city on them. It's one thing to be a black business owner but when you don't have respect for your establishment that you create how are you able to have respect for self and others your headed for self destruction.. This business doesn't deserve even 1 star

Michelle Osa

The food is not what is cracked up to be, I ordered several dishes and all were just ok. I ordered cornbread with one order and it was moldy so bad once I pointed it out to the worker she threw it away. Horrible customer service

Kelly Dockery Wells

Let me say that I never write reviews, however the food that I ordered from this restaurant was so bad!I ordered a the meatloaf kids meal with cabbage and Mac and cheese. I need to first start off with the meatloaf. It was mushy and drowning in salty bbq. The mac and cheese was aslo salty and was the burnt scraps from the last of the mac in cheese in the pan. Never order from this restaurant at closing time. You will receive the scraps! Also the cabbage tasted just plain weird.I will NEVER order from this restaurant EVER AGAIN!

610 Auto

This was the absolute worst soulfood I’ve ever had. The frozen fish wasn’t completely cooked, the Mac and cheese was mushy and overcooked. The collard greens were ok. On top of that the staff was rude! $32 in the trash


Consistently Amazingly Delicious!Fried salmon platter* with baked mac&cheese and collard greens. They made sure the fried salmon was protected from any juices from the greens. Salmon had a nice crunch and was so well seasoned I didn’t want to put anything on it! And the inside was still perfectly moist!The mac&cheese is ridiculously delicious, and the greens are always perfectly tender. This is a must try?*Bread not include.

Jaida J.

Ordered from the local hospital, order was confirmed right away by the restaurant. Portion size was great! Greens good and Mac n cheese delicious. All I needed with the fish was hot sauce.

Linda J.

Local soul food spot for me. Rather small. There's seating available upstairs. This is a very busy restaurant. I usually try to call my order in for takeout. The food is good and the desserts are tasty. The last time I got food it seemed a little salty to me, that was a first.

Charmaine Duncans

We tried a lot of things on the menu and my rating would be higher if the food wasn’t soooo salty!! They use real greens, not the canned stuff. The mac was decent although the elbows were over-cooked, the cornbread had good flavor but I had to remove the top layer because it was burnt (they should have tossed the pan and made a new batch honestly). The fried whiting was good, the baked and blackened salmon were dry but had nice flavor, the rice it came with was bland, my son had j*** chicken which I didn’t taste but he said it was good, the chicken wings were our favorite and aside from being very salty, they were seasoned well, a good size and reasonably priced. The sweet potatoes were decent and not overly sweet. And the fries were good also. Our main complaint is that it was just too salty to enjoy, but I’m going to give them another try at some point before ruling them out.

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