Pita Star

5800 Stirling Rd #1527, Hollywood
(954) 981-7710

Recent Reviews

marc CSAPO

This place is great for shawarma pita. Always a pleasant place for a great meal.Z

Micah Stevenson

This place is my favorite. I visit plenty of restaurants but to this one I constantly return again and again. The crew is very attentive and the cuisine they offer is so fresh and tasty. I never miss an opportunity to have a good meal in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.

jayne fulton

Love Pita Star..Ive had many of their dishes and they never dissapoint. The schwarma and falafel are delicious. Great guys behind the counter serve your food however you like it. Its a small but clean store. If youre looking for a fantastic meal, go to pita Star.

Mitch Silverman

The emes, as we say in Yiddish, the real thing. Fresh, tasty meats, fabulous vegetables, big portions... and the french fries are to die for.Kfir, the owner, has been working in pita places around here for about fifteen years--we've known him that long. He knows how to avoid all the mistakes, and the best suppliers... because his food is consistently fresh and delicious. He's always been a warm, friendly guy, even when he was just stuffing pitas. He and his staff (mostly this great guy Netanel) treat their new customers like friends and their regulars like family.I can't recommend Pita Star too much.

Natalie lencovski

I have been going to pita star for several years now it’s probably one of my favorite spots in all of Miami. They have salads that you can eat for free and they’re so kind there. Food is always on point

Naor C.

The best place for Shawarma! Great food! The Shawarma is the best, the Falafel is great and the Kebab is delicious! Everything is amazing. The salad bar is awesome, you can get as much as you'd like and it is all taste amazing. The stuff is generous, kind, and very friendly. Amazing food, amazing people! Love this place! Recommended to all!!!

Segev S.

Best lunch around. Closest shawarma you israel you can get. Honestly love their foods and salads, always feels like home.

Albert Haynes

The food is consistently fresh and tasty, employees hands over great customer service. I loved how neat it is and character. Highly recommended.

Rodrigo B.

I've been coming to this place for a little while now and not sure why I haven't reviewed it yet. First and foremost the place could use a bit of a revamp and maybe some remodeling of the floors and the bathrooms. Doesn't look terrible but could be better. But what really matters is the food right? They prep each mornings so the ingredients are always fresh! Usually, I get a pita with falafels or a pita shawarma. For both, I have them put Turkish and Israeli salad inside the pita along with hummus and this hot sauce they have. I don't shy on the eggplant and the red cabbage either. They usually top it off with this yogurt sauce (must have, gives it so much flavor!!!) or they serve it in a small side cup for you to dip it with. There is so much texture on every bite that your taste buds just wanna thank you! If you're in the mood for a good vegetarian lunch. Try the falafel on a pita. If you're a carnivore, get the shawarma with the pita. You can't go wrong with both!

Amin Plaisted

Several shwarma places in the area. It took a little work to track down the recommended place. When was the last time I had hummus with layers of turkey shwarma... never! This was good! ... a special moment. A lil pricey till we saw it was easily enough for two good meals.

malka werzberger

Came with my family, food came super fast,It was soooo Delicious ! We took food to go. Caz I knew I’d be craving later and I was only in Miami for a few hours.The place was clean.Service was fantastic .

Sharon Amoyal

Number one !!!!! Best service Great food

Ronnie Moon

I really enjoyed their dishes. I always get awesome customer service here. The place is well organised and the staff members are always very nice. Will visit here again.

Brayden Morris

This place clearly knows how to satisfy their clients. Consistently with a super nice demeanor. The food is fairly priced, always delicious and clean.

Jeffrey Dach

Chicken in a baguette is my favorite. Always good for a quick meal. Friendly fast service. Eat and run. Thats ok.

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