The Beach House Restaurant Sandestin

4009 S Sandestin Blvd, Miramar Beach
(850) 608-6300

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Brooke Gafford

Service was very slow. We tried to give the waitress some grace Bc she did have a lot of tables but we never got our silverware or refills for our drinks. Food was nothing special. View was great!

Sidney Landry

After a day on the beach I wanted a hearty dinner. I went straight for the steak. I really wasn't expecting too much from a beach side eatery but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the fillet. Good food at good prices.

Lori Finley

The lead bartender with dark brown hair was amazing. Went here for our last night of my honeymoon. She goes above and beyond and is super sweet and helpful. Her delightful personality is what makes the beach house so perfect. Even on a rainy dark day I felt blissful on the beach at this quant yet fancy little restaurant. Thank you! We will be back!! Also cheese fries with pulled pork are outstanding!


We ate here one day while on the beach as it was close. We both had frozen daiquiris which were both delicious. Our waitress was also very nice and friendly and the view was pretty. The food in my opinion is overpriced for the quality, I had the nachos which were nothing special and my husband the Fish Tacos...everything was just average as was the atmosphere of the restaurant, if it wasn't so close to the beach we were at I wouldn't have went here much better places to eat at.


So my family and I stayed inDestin for a month. We came to The Beach House the first time and was greeted by a younger girl with long eyelashes and way to short and tight clothing. I didn't know what to expect. She was really rude. After we sat down our waitress arrived within moments. Her name was Megan. She was great!! I mean really awesome. Friendly, personable, funny, attentive, and caring of our needs. The best waitress we ever had. The food was excellent.. Afterwards the kids left and we closed out and sat at the bar. The bartendesr Bettany and Brandy were rude and just gossiped the whole time. Mainly about our waitress. They finally stopped long enough to ask if we wanted a drink, and they both were rude. Not to mention , I understand its located on the beach , but the one had so many tattoos all over and a tank top on I just assumed between her and the hostess that their was no dress code. Later on a gentleman tried to go inside without a shirt on ,but he was stopped and told he needed a shirt to come in, and I thought it was funny considering the two staff members. We returned multiple times and sat with Megan when we could. Shes the reason we kept going back.

Sara O.

Nice atmosphere. The menu is fairly small and food is expensive for what you get, but it was all a good portion size and tasted great. Especially the blackened grouper. I did want to call out our server - she was attentive and helpful with our questions, and most of all, honest. We accidentally and unknowingly handed her two $100 bills instead of one, and she immediately notified us and handed the money back. Most people would have kept that money. She was working on 8/26 and had long brown hair. A nice reminder there are good people in this world and one works here!

Denise Fierros

Not impressed. We had dinner here based off of some reviews but immediately regretted it. Staff was not friendly. Our server did her best (I’ll give her that) but service was slow and the food….Not at all what I was expecting. Fish tacos were God awful. My salad was just ‘okay’. Kids had the Cajun pasta & just moved it around. We ended getting our ticket early & ordering room service at our hotel. Not at all what I was expecting. We will not be going back.

Donisha R.

I was on vacation with my family and wanted to eat at a place on the beach.....and we found the perfect spot! THE BEACH HOUSE! It was a warm, breezy Tuesday evening when we walked in. You could smell the salt coming from the ocean. When they say this restaurant is beachfront, they mean just that! It was beautiful. The atmosphere was engaging, and the breeze made us all feel at peace! My family and I were eager to try the food and we were NOT disappointed. The shrimp and crabmeat pasta was so good, I made up in my mind I was going to try a recreate it once I got home! Lol! My mom had the salad, and she too was thoroughly pleased. The drink, "menace II sobriety was bomb! It's a creeper for sure, and I had a good buzz! Lol! Almost couldn't handle the waves on the beach afterwards! All and all this restaurant was amazing in every aspect! My family and I are planning to come to Destin yearly and The Beach House will definitely be a place for dinner every time we come back!

Laura D.

Saw this place next to my hotel on the beach when I heard live music playing. Me and Dad were only on vacation for five days and we ate here three times, so that should tell you a fair bit about the quality. As a warning, don't come here during peak mealtimes - when it comes to decent restaurants especially ones that are literally on the beach there is going to be a crowd, and it's going to be very loud, so I don't count that against this place since it just kind of comes with the territory. The first time we came here was around 8:15 p.m. and there was a 20 minute wait, we tried to come another day around 7 and they told us it would be 45 minutes so we went to the hotel bar instead. We came by a little after three the other two times and had no wait. The drinks here are very good. I had the banana breeze, beach house bushwacker, and the mango tango. Dad got the strawberry blonde (the beer on tap) and we split the caribbean coconut colada. I don't usually like beer but I tried dad's strawberry blonde and I actually liked it (you can taste the strawberry the most). The mango tango was good, though not as exciting as the others. Banana breeze and bushwacker were delicious, I'm not sure which one I preferred - if you want a fruity taste I'd go for the banana, for a sweeter and creamer taste I'd choose the bushwacker. That colada though...that was amazing! That was better than any other piña colada or piña colada-related drink I've ever had, really. Perfect sweetness and balance of pineapple, coconut and alcohol. As for food, we got the grilled fish tacos (they were mahi mahi), seared grouper, pulled pork sliders, fried fish tacos (redfish) with mac and cheese and cheese grits sides and just split everything. The seared grouper was my least favorite entree as it was still good but could have stood to be a bit less salty, but the vegetables and cheese grits it came with were excellent (hence why I ordered cheese grits side another day). The mac and cheese looked simple but it was some of the best I had, perfectly cooked noodles and neither dry nor liquidy with a wonderful cheddar flavor. The fish tacos were stellar as well - fried ones had fantastic breading, fish was cooked to perfection and the avocados in the tacos were fresh. The beans and rice that came with it were excellent. The pulled pork sliders, however, were my favorite and I can barely describe the quality of this dish but I really couldn't put my fork down. The fries were amazing! Some of the best fries I have ever had, great texture and perfect salt level. I normally don't like hushpuppies because sometimes people season them weird or the texture is gritty, but not the case here. I LOVED these. And the sliders themselves...the buns were fresh, soft and tasty. I also normally dislike coleslaw, and I loved the coleslaw in these sliders as it was flavorful and not watery. The pork was cooked to absolute perfection and just a *beautiful* flavor. Overall, all I have to say is...go here!! Really, so many things were delicious. The service was also excellent, every server we had was very nice. The view is beautiful and the live music was a wonderful bonus but I would absolutely go here just for the food alone.

Michael Perez

I’m not much to write a review, but this is my way of saying thank you. My wife does wedding side gigs and I always enjoy helping her out as a 2nd shooter. The wedding ceremony started at 5:30pm on the beach, but suddenly the weather was starting to not look good(Florida). Unfortunately the heavy rain started pouring even before we can do some more bride and groom photos. Everyone hurried towards this restaurant by the beach to get out of the rain. There’s no way to take outside pictures and the couple were a little discouraged on how it turned out for them. Along came Matt, owner and chef of the beach house to save the day. He willingly welcomed us all in and even gave us access upstairs to take necessary photos using their deck area. My wife and I own 2 restaurants and 1 food truck that keeps us busy, so we know how it is, that’s why we are very impressed when owners get out of their way to serve people despite having their hands full. The couple and their families were all grateful. We were very pleased with the hospitality that was shown and you all know that food taste even better with good company. This place is a good company. The beach house is an excellent place, with great food, great staff, great view, great live music, great relaxing atmosphere, and excellent hospitality. Thank you Matt, thank you beach house for making things happen! More power and blessings to you!

Hannah B.

The Beach House was perfect! It was right by our condo and overlooked the beach. The food was delicious and every waitress we had was incredibly friendly and helpful. The shrimp was so good! We ended up coming back several times throughout our short trip.

Matilda S.

The view is amazing! Highly recommend sitting outside. The fish was wonderful, super fresh. We got the blackened fish tacos and grouper sandwich, amazing quality fish! The food was definitely very heavy and over salted, which kind of distracted from the quality of the fish. Overall it was a nice experience with kind people!:-)

Rose R.

It's a hopping place. Walked right down the beach and popped in for a few drinks and a bite. Went back several nights in a row. The I Ku down fall is that it has to close at 9. Otherwise the food and drinks are great. The service is friendly and prompt on getting orders out. We had fried shrimp, blackened shrimp, grouper bites, more food and lots of blended spirits that were yummy and refreshing. Definitely need to check it out.

Breanna S.

Food was delicious a little overpriced but I truly believe that you are paying for the food but also for the views. Which were amazing! Got the grouper bites so hot so good also got the pulled pork sliders so good and love the pineapple coleslaw. Nachos were good I'm might have said I've had better but still good fries were nice and crispy. Our waitress said the chef was award-winning. Would definitely recommend and go again!

Wendy Hines

This place is AMAZING!!!! I am just sad that we only, this vacation, found it. From the start everyone was fantastic!! The hostess was super sweet and even though we had to wait (party of 6) for outdoor seating , we had a fantastic view of the ocean! Our server was beyond perfect and was sweet, efficient and friendly! The drinks were amazing and the food was even better! Great Happy Hour discounts and live music! Thank you Beach House.....we will definitely be back next vacation!

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The Beach House Restaurant Sandestin

4009 S Sandestin Blvd, Miramar Beach, FL 32550
(850) 608-6300