Corinto Restaurant

4390 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park
(954) 563-8800

Recent Reviews

Nathan Olson

Awesome local joint! I highly recommend the steak breakfast sandwich. Kind of a dive which makes it even better. They know their people by name.

Manuel Rey Arocho

I like their food very much. It is an unassuming little place inside with unique architecture, and I actually like it a lot. They serve inexpensive food that tastes great. Corinto's serves tasty breakfasts, like omelets and breakfast sandwiches. They also serve food with a Latin flair, like churrasco, cubanos, and the like. I highly recommend it for breakfast and lunch. I haven't been there for dinner yet but one day I'll try.

Larry Zimple

All three in our party thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts and the prices are very reasonable. Good service, good food, and a good price get 5 stars from me.

Mr W

Wonderful experience, service was outstanding, food was wonderful. They do so much to ensure your happiness.

Robert S.

Went there for lunch/late breakfast with friends. It was raining hard, so the back of the parking lot was flooded, so I had to drive around slowly to get a parking space that was ok to use. The lady waiting on us was nice and friendly. This is what our group ordered: - Mahi Mahi salad - nice piece of mahi on top of a romaine lettuce salad with rings of raw onion on top and dressing. It was good. - Western Omelette - It was filling and large. - NY Strip with rice and plantains. Not good. I asked for a medium rare steak and it came to the table Well Done. The rice was good, but the plantains were not sweet nor ripe, they were hard and tough. Not a place I would go back anytime soon for Latin food.

Robroy Dude

Great breakfast and then we immediately ordered lunch. It was that good. Cuban sandwiches are good but the Leave It to Us was my favorite.

Michael A

Value-priced eats and great flavour/freshness. Awesome and friendly little diner with all the right stuff: A knowledgable and friendly staff, good, simple food served hot, great prices, lots of variety in their menu, and an AWESOME hot sauce made onsite. Impressive! You can eat well for $10, or even better for $15 taxes in. Eat here.....! You'll like it.

Michele B.

Great breakfast/brunch/lunch place! I had the hue is rancheros with home made salsa verde. Delicious ! Great, friendly service, fantastic value!

Stephanie Blessed

Very nice and friendly waitress. The food is excellent. I normally would take pictures but I devoured my plate because the food was Delicious!!!!

Julie F.

We had a decent lunch here -- it's not at all fancy. More like a luncheonette/diner frequented by many of the working guys from the local area. We came for lunch while my husband's car was being serviced nearby. The small restaurant was quite busy inside midday and the tables turned over several times as we ate. Although they specialize in Latin cuisine, we didn't feel like a big meal. They had a few blackboard specials in addition to their menu. My husband got a hamburger with house-made potato salad. It came with lettuce, tomato, and onion. He said it was a pretty good burger. I had their grilled mahi sandwich with crinkle cut fries. It was okay, but not a choice I'd get again. I've driven by this building many times as it sits on the corner of Dixie and Prospect. I'm glad we finally got a chance to try it. Now we know.

F G.

This business provides quick and well priced quality food and beverages. I highly recommend you visit to try their products and service.

Kenneth Goldman

Highly rated restaurant by Google but tell you the truth was nothing special portions were okay size fool was kind of bland though would not go again

SymOne M.

Breakfast is my favorite type of food! I can eat it anytime of the day! This place serves breakfast all day and other foods. Everyone was friendly pleasant and very welcoming! The food is so affordable! I mean very affordable! This is now my new favorite Breakfast Spot.

Kevin D.

This was my first time here and it was a cute/old school type of restaurant. They serve Breakfast (ALL DAY), Lunch, & Dinner. I wasn't that hungry so I ordered two scrambled eggs with American cheese (it would've been nice if they had actually scrambled the eggs with the cheese instead of just placing the cheese on top)..and two slices of white toast. (My meal was delicious)! Overall I as satisfied and I will come back

Rob P.

Man, if I lived in Florida I'd be at this restaurant every day. Super cheap diner with a pretty decent sized menu. I came for breakfast and paid like $7 after tax for French toast, 2 eggs, and 2 strips of bacon. That's how much it should cost for a simple breakfast! Staff is definitely where this place shined, though. Anah that served me was an absolute delight and I watched her and the other girl working be absolutely pleasant talking to people that came to dine-in or take-out. Working at a restaurant isn't the most glorious job, so it was nice to see people who smile while they're working through the day. TL;DR Go for the food, stay for the service.

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