950 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park
(954) 675-4545

Recent Reviews

Shanique Franklin

The guy filled this with milk and put one shot in. This has no taste and no taste of any syrup

Cheryl Tomaszewski

Waiting at door at 650am. Workers are in there but not acknowledging us. Then 5 mins later they open the door and say they're only open for drive through. Not the first time. Need to post a sign.

Cristiane Luckett

This is the worse starbucks ? everSave your self a bad experience and just don't go here..

Juan González

Poor customer service! JOSH does not know the meaning of customer care and how to treat his customers.


Service has gotten better. The service use to be slow.

Dashiell W

I went there for coffee and ended up being able to get breakfast. Way better than McDonald's

Lauren Clorite

Barista did not know how to make anything. Had a regular cashier working with her to try and help, but she also didn't know how to make anything. She spent 20 min looking through cards to try and find the drink I ordered. Only told me after I got my d inks that they don't do stars because they are a Publix Starbucks. Also got my order wrong. I definitely should have gone somewhere else.

Tati Figueroa

Do not go here! This is a new Starbucks in a Publix and they didn’t even hire a real barista. That is key to making Starbucks coffee. They literally threw a Publix cashier in there with a book of instructions.. waste of time and money!

Kenney Gonzalez

Good service, but The attendant should have greeted me eventhough she was alone...

Alicia Williams

Love this place. My favorite go-to when I'm tired and need to feed an army?

John Keough

Not happy with this location and the customer service sucks. It is to small and too cramped up without social distancing.

Sebastian Martin

Great atmosphere, and coffee taste.

Chris Singer

I love Starbucks, great place for coffee, music, and internet.

Mark M.

What a horrible location for sitting inside Publix grocery store. They hardly have anything for sale as far as mugs and other collectors items. Further, the seating area is located in a very high traffic area after the checkouts and comprised of just a few tiny tables. Customer service is good but this place is best just for takeout.


Employees need a shot of espresso before they start working. Slowest coffee shop i have Ever been to in my life. Its absurd!

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