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There pretzels re VERY DRY!. i live in NJ and we have a wetzel pretzel there and let me tell you NJ wetzel pretzel taste wayyy better than florida. They are buttery and have a good taste and is soft, florida pretzels are try and not soft at all. The same with the brand Auntie Annie's pretzels, very dry, but in NJ it isnt. My sister told me that in florida their bagels and pretzels and things taste differently. idk why but if u guys want to taste a better version go to NJ!

Well for bag of pretzels of over $7 I expect the bag to be more full. It was less then 3/4 full.it looked like they took some out to make other bags. Pretzels were not warm. Not really salty. They were soggy. Being a pretzel lover I really wish I can say I enjoyed them. Also if you are going to give a free sample of lemonade out. You may want to give one to both people ordering instead of a half of cup for two people to share. That just wasn't right.

I was told my pretzels would be ready in 6 mins but didn't receive any updates until I asked 10 mins into waiting. It still took another 5 mins and the cin a bites must have been rushed because it did not taste great at all. The cinnamon wasn't stuck onto the breading and the breading was so thick and flavorless that you couldn't even taste the small bits of cinnamon on there. It was expensive and not worth the price

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