Hibachi Express

2901 Meredyth Dr, Albany
(229) 420-8730

Recent Reviews

Dawn Demeritte

I arrived with the line all the way to the highway, and still got my food in less then 10 minutes. The Yummy Yummy sauce is a must!!!Kid-friendliness: Price just right for kids, and plenty of foodParking: Great parking in front, young lady outside taking orders helping to move the line more swiftly. I absolutely loved it

S. Hart

I spent $42 on food today. When I got home I noticed that I did not receive my 2 veggie rolls which I ordered. My order was 52KJGZQAV065R and my server was Baylee. I didn't have time to go back. Otherwise food wS good.

Stephanie Blessed

Love love this restaurant! Due to COVID19 you cannot currently dine in as to protect customers and employees. My family and I enjoy the variety of hot delicious meals they serve. All of the meals we ordered actually have you super full and many times just one of the bowls have so much food that you are not able to finish it in one sitting. That is a plus when you have mouths to feed and unable to cook lunch or dinner that day.

LaQuanta Townsell

I get there in line it’s about 5 cars in front of me. Only one of the mics was work there was no sign post on frost mic to place order I get the the second menu mic and it’s a sign that says order here with an arrow pointing at the one before I make it to the window to be told I have to get back in line. That customer service is horrible I will not go there again!

Mrs. Amazing

One of the best places in this area. Food is absolutely delicious and they are very generous with portion size. The surf and turf with shrimp and steak is everything! Don’t forget the veggie spring roll. Delicious at a reasonable price!

Ardis M.

food is phenomenal, wait time is no time at all and whoever the manager is, IS KILLING IT. 10/10 would definitely recommend. Overall a good experience every time I go.

A Jam

The food was hot and very tasty. You have a nice portion of of food. They still have not opened the restaurant to customers which causes extremely long lines and wait time. The next time I plan to order ahead so they can just bring it to the car.

Kena Taylor

The food was horrible. No seasoning … no salt, no pepper, no nothing. Then they give you sauces to pour over the food for flavor. The cheapest meats are used as well. The steak was dry as cardboard. I tried to eat the veggies and low mein but it just taste like oil. I just threw it all away.

Pamela Verney

Food is OK, nothing to call home about. They forgot my spring rolls, so I had to go back through the drive through as the dining room is not open to the public. I had to wait, which was inconvenient. The customer service was good, the young man taking my payment at the window was very nice although the lady taking my order through the speaker acted like she hated her job, which I get I mean I wouldn’t be happy either but it surely doesn’t help me want to come back hearing you sound bored out of your mind and you’d rather be elsewhere.

S Henderson

Based on favorable recommendation of friends, I decided to pick up here for first time in years.I ordered fish; however, upon arriving home, I found out I was given chicken. I called and spoke with an employee who advised me to come back following day (as I wasn’t up to driving back to restaurant). She took my name. Upon returning the following day, I was advised that order could not be replaced because I didn’t bring plate with chicken. HUH ?? I would DEFINITELY have recalled if person I spoke with had told me to return chicken plate. She did not.When I asked employee for name of manager, she stated there was no manager onduty (at 4pm on Tuesday). When I asked for manager’s name, she stated ‘we can’t give out names’. HUH??No worries. Lesson learned. I won’t be back.I’ve come to expect poor Customer Service (everywhere except Chick Fil A). This was par for the course.

Tiffany Hart

Servers not friendly completely messed up my order gave me onions when I asked them not to because I am allergic. Packaged food bad so my plate got crushed under the weight of the heavier items. I will not be returning ever again


They got my whole order wrong I asked for chicken and shrimp no mushrooms extra broccoli… when I opened the plate it was piled with mushrooms hardly no broccoli and no chicken or vegetables besides broccoli what so ever?? so I called there and told the girl on the phone that I was allergic to mushrooms… she gone say they prolly heard wrong and say they can’t do anything without the plate….

Connika Walker

Always our favorite spot, when we are home. Great staff! Great Food!!

Bill Fischer

When will these people grow up and quit treating customers like diseased rats? Open the dining room, luckily there are other places to go close by for lunch that we can actually sit down and enjoy a meal

PJ Dunn

So good! If your looking for fast and good Asian food in the Benny, this is your place!

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