Red Lobster

2403 N Slappey Blvd, Albany
(229) 439-8857

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Angela Peters

The food was really hot, fresh and good last night. Curbside pickup was on time.Food: 5/5

Mike Wood

My wife and I daughter graduated college today. She wanted to to do Red lobster for her graduation lunch because we had family who had came from a variety of different places out of town. We called first to see about reservations and was told there was no wait and they could accommodate our party. We were the only family waiting. They seated us promptly, took our order. Two hours later we still waiting on our orders. Multiple people came in well after us and everyone except us was receiving their food. Meanwhile, we are still waiting ours. I ask the host, who I assumed was the manager what was going with our food. We kept getting the run around. He then got the manager and she said she do not have time for this. I asked for our tickets for what we had on our table. She then, the manager said "I don't have time for this!" Shen then walked off to the back of the kitchen. This is unexceptable and need to be addressed as soon as possible. This is no way business should be ran. Today is Dec 10 and the time spent that restaurant waiting was 2 hours plus. I give this place a ZERO. Horrible place of business and customer service!

Janet Reynolds

Meh... Not sure when Red Lobster went to disposable plasticware but that screams fast food to me. The food was just ok. Nothing about the experience would bring me back. I had not been to one for a long time. Maybe it's time for this chain to retire.Food: 3/5

Sabrina Clark

The food was fresh, hot and delicious! The service was not so great!Food: 5/5

Jeanette Pilgrim

They were out of all you can eat shrimp but two selections I ordered bacon shrimp scampi the second time after 20 min.our server comes back with regular scampi because they are out then they turn out some of the dining room lights while we're paying the bill this place should just close

Makena M.

Was OK at best, was not impressed with old restaurant feel, slow’ish service & somewhat fake-tasting food (mostly the very lukewarm, almost cold & fake-tasting/terrible lobster bisque)! Servers were pleasant enough and checked on table numerous times during meal. The Tallahassee location offers much better food & atmosphere than the Albany location.


We had to wait 3 minutes before someone acknowledged us. Then after being seated, after 4 minutes no one came to even ask for our drink order. We got up to leave. The one who seated us asked one of the other servers, where did our server go? She didn't know

Rachel Clankscales

Their food is preety good I come in to pick up orders and there's this one dark skin lady with braids idk if she's the manager or not but she needs to work on her tone of her voice and learn how to have respect and talk to her customers Everytime I come in she have a nasty attitude like she's miserable ? so one of the girls gave me the wrong food and the rude lady came out and grabbed the bag from me and I told her they gave me the wrong food she said oh she didn't give me the wrong food the other lady did first off hold your horses don't raise your tone at me sweetheart you don't need to be working customer service at all and the only reason why I gave them 4 stars is because they have great food!!!!

Connie Harris

The food was delicious had to wait for a few minutes but over all it was good.

Tami Walker

Where do I start... Upon arrival, I stood at the front desk awaiting a waitress for seating 10 minutes.. Once seated, it took an additional 10 minutes for anyone to come to my table.. Ordered a sweet tea, and it took about 10 minutes to get that too!! She came back to the table to take my order about 10 minutes later.. I sat there 20 minutes before the 2 biscuits arrived at my table.. my salad didn't come out with them as requested! At this point, 20 more minutes passed by and I still hadn't received my food, I LEFT!! ALBANY, GA HAS THE WORST SERVICE for it to be as empty as is was inside!! I WON'T RECOMMEND OR RETURN!!!

Chris L

The service was great but the food was Mediocre. The stuffed mushrooms were ok. My buddy ordered a burger and it was crispy on the outside and as dry as sawdust on the inside. The biscuits were excellent.

Jess King

Food was absolutely horrible. Tasted as if it had been frozen and reheated and frozen and reheated. Tasted old not fresh at all. Service was subpar. Took forever. Out of baked potatoes. Never got our replacement. 0/10 recommend.

Evelyn Dawson

Had a good time with my EEI sisters And it’s a great atmosphere

Robin Jones

My absolute favorite ..... Stuffed Mushrooms ❤️The chef did a great job and it shows he loves his job!

QueenLizzy Queen

Food & drinks was good and the service was nice!

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