E-Gyu Revolving Sushi & Korean BBQ

5979 Buford Hwy NE St A2, Atlanta
(470) 395-8982

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Shelby Hardin

By far the best rotating sushi place around the Atlanta area. Quality is good, food is delicious, atmosphere is really nice, plus unlimited Korean bbq. Price is flat rate which is a

Tracy H.

I have visited this place a few times before, but today we chose to go here for my birthday dinner and unfortunately, I was not very satisfied with the experience this time. The Korean BBQ was fantastic as always, but the sushi was low quality and the variety of options was quite limited.

Mike Stanley

Ok…so this was my first Korean BBQ experience…but this place is fantastic! I had a lot of fun, and the food is great. There’s a train that brings your proteins, and it’s a total game changer. It elevates the experience 10 times. Highly recommend.

Amanda Richardson

This was an awesome experience!!! Great service!!! Great atmosphere!!! Great sushi!!! Quality meats!!!

Adriane Davis

My first, but definitely not my last time!! I loved the food, the customer service, the atmosphere, the decor of the restaurant, and above all, the staff, especially the manager Chenda! She was so gracious and sweet to not only welcome me, but she actually assisted me with the proper grilling of my food! I was a little nervous about the grill, but she's a pro with cooking, and a pro with making her guests at ease. Actually the whole staff was very helpful, welcoming, and pleasant. My first experience and impression of this restaurant is completely wonderful, and I will return again!?


The quality of food is below average. Sushi was the worst part! Rice was dry, no flavor. Lacked fish and flavor. The price was so expensive and the tips was added of %25! For two people we paid $130 dollars. Without dessert or drinks!

Lorena Pacheco

I came here thirty minutes after it opened so it was empty but soon enough more people started coming including a family who sat on the opposite side of the revolving belt. The waitress was very kind and explained how the tablet at the table worked to place orders. The sushi and BBQ is All You Can Eat with a time limit of two hours and an 18% gratuity included in the bill. The BBQ meat is delivered by a small train on a track, which the kids liked on the other table.The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is nice, well decorated, and has a classic cottage look. A good place to come for a date and enjoy privacy. If at anytime we needed help there was always a waitress who walked by to make sure we were doing okay.Lastly the restroom was a three stall room, quite clean, and with a smart lighting up sink. It took me by surprise because it has a spout that activates when you place your hands underneath.Parking: The location is big enough that most of the parking is near the restaurant.

Smile Its Jerome

Good restaurant, with a great selection.The cool, catchy thing, you order the BBQ proteins via a device at the table and they are delivered via a mini train rail.They have some options other K-BBQ don’t.Porterhouse, Pork Jowl and Sausage, Salmon, Lamb.There’s also sushi there I’ve not seen many places, Beef Steak Sushi, Cali w/Spicy Tuna & Jalapeño.I’ve never had a bad meal, but sometimes you can tell the sushi has been revolving for a while, it’s not bad just not the freshest.My biggest complaint is the service, everyone is polite, but once the original drink order arrives, you rarely see the server. We had to wave someone down for refills or to get some sauce or extra utensils.Overall I enjoy E-Gyu and would def recommend for the food, if not the experience.

Charlene Alonzo

Food was good, but a little expensive for the 40ish they charge. I’ve gone to other Koreen bbq that only charge 32 per person. The lady that provided us with service seemed to not understand. She kept on getting the Spanish speaking waitress despite us speaking to her in English(???) we weren’t sure if to laugh or feel offended. Anyways, the little trains were cool and the music was on point. Probably would not go again though, there’s better sushi/Korean bbq options

Misaki Mason

E Gyu is a good option if you want both sushi and kbbq, but is definitely overpriced. The food is average and limited in options, though the meat quality is pretty decent. Keep in mind they auto-grat all tickets too regardless of party size so you'll tip twice if you don't pay attention. Good place to try at least

Ali M

Really great stop. Super cool that you can do KBBQ and sushi conveyor all in one. The price is very reasonable for all the options and the quality is good.

Ellis S

I enjoyed the concept of the restaurant where you can get both Kbbq and sushi but I feel like there’s also drawbacks to both. The Kbbq has a decent selection but I was surprised to see there wasn’t any of the regular pork belly that’s more thick cut. The sushi is somewhat hit or miss, some pieces tasted more fresh than others. I definitely noticed that each nigiri wasn’t overstuffed with a lot of rice to fill you up. I did enjoy the food overall and I think it’s worth it if you’re craving both.One other thing is that they automatically charge 18% for tips which I could understand. But during my visit, my server only picked up some of the empty dishes and that was the only interaction I had. They didn’t really provide much service which leads me to be a little confused about the automatic charge. Maybe they’re more proactive about providing service other times but it would’ve been nice to have our grill changed and a little more interaction to justify the charge.

Adrienne Ly

For the most part, the food was delicious. For the sushi I would say that my favorite was the salmon nigiri it was soft and simple. For the Kbbq, my favorite was the spicy pork belly. It was very rich and flavorful as well as having a nice texture to go with it.The service was good. Even though you don’t interact too much with the wait staff since ordering and such is through the tablet at your table. The food came out really fast though.Overall 5/5

Stephen Joiner

This place is heaven on earth for my friend and me. The food we got was perfect. The grill setup is a little different than other BBQ places I've been to, but it wasn't really an issue. The food can kinda get stuck on there so it might be worth requesting a clean grate or some non-stick.The nice thing about it is that everything is ordered on a tablet at the table, so you don't really need to interact with the servers very much. I gave 4 stars for service because our server seemed confused when I asked for all the sides and sauces - they should really just bring that out for everyone.Pro tip: They have forks in the drawer under the front of the table, so if you are lazy you don't need to use their sticks. They use wood chopsticks instead of traditional metal ones if that matters.I wouldn't mind seeing more variety in the desserts. They have cheesecakes and stuff that is good, though.

Lawson Wright

This place was great. Stylish interior. Great up beat vibes- playing pop music videos from all over the place. The food was on point. Very fresh and fast. Staff was polite and quick to clean away the endless number of little players you accumulate. You really just can’t beat the all-you-can-eat price and variety. Plus there is plenty of parking and some other coolSpots in the same shopping center.

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E-Gyu Revolving Sushi & Korean BBQ

5979 Buford Hwy NE St A2, Atlanta, GA 30340
(470) 395-8982