Fugu Express Hibachi and Poke

1165 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta
(770) 393-8989

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Kristin W.

Not something I would get again While I realize I had to place my order during COVID-19, there were only two of us waiting outside so it wasn't like there was a rush. I ordered the Hibachi steak bento box (obviously to go). First of all, they didn't ask how I would like my steak cooked, which any hibachi/sushi place would've asked me and I would've asked for medium rare but the steak came out well; noodles weren't on the menu/I only knew to ask for them instead of rice from an order I had tried to place on Door Dash the night before, but got past the 6:45 expiration point? The two chicken dumplings were swollen up and drowning in some type of sauce I didn't ask for. There were three tempura veggies: broccoli, carrot, and onion (not what you would normally get at a normal Japanese restaurant). They came with some strange orange cream sauce. Again, not what i would've asked for. And don't even get me started with the "salad." Ewww

Cathy Luckett

Food was good, but the owner was not a nice person. She made me fill that she was doing me a favor. She was rude.

Daniel Rutherford

The place is beautiful on the inside very well done, I had a poke bowl and it was all right it wasn't the best or worst I've ever had everything seemed pretty good but they are very stingy with the ingredients. A small ball comes with two scoops which is probably pretty close to a couple ounces maybe three or so, that on its own is not so bad. The part that irked me a bit is that they apparently only allow you to have your choice of four vegetables they will stop you if you want a fifth. Given the bowl is 3 oz of protein and rice for almost $10 I think it wouldn't be too hard to just let people have an extra vegetable or two for Gods sake. My only other issue is that the wasabi Mayo is sort of weak but I understand that may fit most other people's pallet. I will make it a point to try this place again and see if it is improved.

sravya reddy

Food was just average. We had chicken poke bowl, chicken fried rice and spring rolls.. all are just ok

Francisco Jimenez

Had a poke bowl. The ingredients were fresh but the portions were very very small! Except for the rice which was more than half of the bowl. Wife had the steak hibachi and there was something wrong with the beef's flavor and the veggie portion was also insignificant.

Sid B.

4.5. Good quality but fast style . My second time in and enjoyed again My daughter found and recommended it. (Maybe because of cookie place next door) Tonight had salmon tuna poke bowl. Only customization was to leave corn out. Excellent taste, freshness and portion size. Very reasonable priced too. Wife had hibachi salmon. She said portion size was same or larger than our regular place at about half the price. Cooked fresh when you come in. We both had excellent miso soup. Located in REI shopping center, lots of parking. Across road from regal perimeter theaters

Jasmine V.

Really enjoy eating here. I usually get a hibachi bowl with fried rice and chicken & steak. I agree with another post about more rice. I can usually eat it twice but the rice/meat/veggie ratio is off for my liking. I turned my coworkers on to this place after bringing my food to work. Very clean, nice people and fast service especially since it's cooked to order with the exception of the rice of course.

Mz. Tiant LaNeisha

Eat here as OFTEN as you can!! Their food is AMAZING!! ? ?

Courtney Johns Pendle

Delicious, healthy option! I had the hibachi steak (filet mignon! Yum) with all veggies, no rice. It was so good! I definitely recommend.

Brad Demerich

I used to frequent this place until their newest management said I couldn't have an extra side of yum yum sauce. This is an average quality hibachi grill with higher than average prices. If the management is going to nickel and dime me for a side of yum yum sauce, then they don't deserve my continued support.

Christopher Emmerich

A tad pricey for lunch, but it's getting to that point if you want tasty, fresh, and nutritious food.

Rock Harris

The food was fresh. I had hibachi shrimp and salmon with vegetables. The food was cooked by order and not sitting in a warmer. 1st visit I will respond again on next visit to see how legitimate the establishment was, Thanks.

Richard Eleazer

Always love this place! Food is so good!

Tim Mardis

Delicious food and very kind staff!

Laura Cuadra

Pretty good quality for $10-$15 lunch range. Friendly staff, fresh food and good portions. I will be back.

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