Sunrise Grill

3830 Washington Rd #10, Augusta
(706) 228-4883

Recent Reviews

Julie J.

I went in for the first time yesterday. Ordered eggs, grits, bacon and a biscuit. I am very piticular about my eggs. They were perfect. The biscuit was actually toasted. To me this unusual but I really enjoyed it. The service was terrific. The server was pleasently dressed, energetic and very attentive to our needs. When we were paying the young ladies very kind and quick.

Jenn T.

Great, local diner for good breakfast/lunch! Hubby recommended it from his time here years ago. Will not disappoint. I had the omelet with toast the first time. My husband had traditional eggs, bacon & toast. Delicious! Always refilling coffee, tea etc. very friendly service. (Always a smile to get you going in the morning!) Next day I had the #13 French toast, scrambled eggs and sausage. It hit the spot!! Rare I order French toast and it was done right! Ps, glad to see Applebutter as an option for your toast!!

Jes H

If you're looking for a nice American breakfast spot in Augusta, Sunrise Grill is a great go to! They mainly serve the typical American breakfast staples; omelettes, pancakes, waffles, bacon/egg/sausage combo plates.

jack chavis

I ordered eggs grits and corned beef hash. The grits weren't good, they had no flavor.The eggs were ok. But the corned beef hash was terrible. I only needed one bite and I was done. I thought since it was homemade corned beef it was going to be good. The Hormel Corned Beef hash in the can is much better.

Jordan McInnis

This place is great!!! It appears to be housed in what used to be a little shop in a strip mall, so it is very wide open. I had the sweet potato pancakes that were out of this world! They were paired with the restaurant's homemade cinnamon cream syrup that added a whole level of flavor. Would go back in a heartbeat. Super friendly staff and great food!

Blaine Prescott

This place os a nice breakfast spot if you're wanting something more down home and want to avoid Waffle House. They open at 6am and only stay open until 2pm, so keep that in mind if you want to grab a bite. There's usually a wait on the weekend, but they have a bar seating area that is first come first serve if you're riding solo. Good food. Good service.

Dre H.

The only issue I had is with the server I had with an attitude. She was a blonde hair white women with a chip on her shoulders. If you don't want to serve me then suggest someone else to. The food was great.

Mona I.

First time trying this place. The staff is very nice and welcoming. The food was pretty good. We had breakfast food. It was delicious. They have a variety of options. Plan on coming back soon for delicious breakfast food. The grits were okay, kinda picky with that. Everything else was cooked nicely and fresh. Food came out hot. If you want to find a new breakfast place to try, come to sunrise grill. Much love to y'all.

Jimmy Tankersley

Good service. Very polite fast serves good atmosphere. An very clean

Fefi Roman

The food is slightly average. We had eggs, bacon and grits which were pretty basic, not bad, not great. The French toast and waffle were good. The sweet potato pancakes came out undercooked, they remade them and they came back undercooked again. I’m not sure if that was an oops or they’re meant to be mushy on the inside. However they were the most flavorful/ different plate we ordered. The pricing and service is great. Overall, I’d recommend if you’re not in the mode for cooking yourself or want a quick/cheap meal.

CeCe Collier

I love this place. I eat breakfast there usually. Get grits, eggs, bacon which is very crispy the way i like it and toast . I have tried the sweet potato pancakes. They are soooo good. The place is always packed but its worth the wait. And if it's always packed it means they have pretty good food and service

Linda McLendon

The waffles are always so good! Their omelettes are wonderful too. Their service is great and staff if so friendly. This is my favorite place for breakfast!!

Paula K.

First timer at Sunrise Grill. While visiting the Augusta area, we always like to try the favorite restaurants of locals. This place is definitely a local favorite for Breakfast! We arrived before 9 am (which means we just beat the crowd). The restaurant is very large, with ample seating in the waiting area (church pews to sit on and I believe there was a coffee station while you wait to be seated). Decor is vintage country i would say?? Lots of country signage and roosters! :). In my opinion it could use some updated flooring/and sprucing up in general. I like the charm of the place, however a few cosmetic changes would improve the experience. The server was friendly and provided great service. Food arrived quickly, was hot and was correct. I had scrambled with cheese - they were ok, a bit too runny. Bacon was good - average. The waffle was hot and tasty. I requested light onions on my hash browns - wow still a-lot of onions. My friend enjoyed her meal. I cant recall if her meal was an omelette or burrito? They offer breakfast and lunch. They accepted the 10 percent discount that the Yelp Ap provided.

Kenny Harris

Very good breakfast and lunch place. Quick service, friendly staff. Clean and neat dining area.

Katie J.

Stopped here to grab breakfast. I ordered #13, French toast, eggs and patty sausage. It was disgusting. The French toast was not cooked long enough. It was mushy and not toasty on the outside. The sausage tasted like fake meat and also wasn't cooked long enough. Wished I had gone to McDonald's Waffle House or anywhere else.

Kevin M.

Good place for breakfast or lunch.

Courtney Bond

Food was good. Prices were great. Decor could be upgraded. The seating, bathroom and carpet were kind of ruff. All in's worth a quick visit.

Jamie P

This is a great place to get a quick bite. The servers are friendly and the food is good. I got the white gravy with the potatoes and wasn't disappointed.

andrew leanza

Great place to have a nice breakfast. Service is always great and menu is straight forward.


As a paralyzed disabled veteran, I'd order from Sunrise Grill more often if they'd stay open later than 2. Because you won't find a place that makes food taste like home style food better than Sunrise. We Veterans love this place.

Vik Major

Service was great!! Food even better. I had the ribeye and eggs with a side of grits and french toast. My husband had the Mexican omelette with grits, dry raisin toast and a side of sweet potato pancakes. Food came out within 10mins. I asked for my steak to be medium well since it was a thin cut. It was a little dry so next time I'll ask for medium. It was seasoned really well though.

Christopher Cerasaro

The staff is simply awesome. This has become our Saturday ritual. Great food and good prices.

Jackie E.

A roomy basic dinner. Next to Carolina Pottery on Washington. Decent food and good service.

Wayne C.

They may be a fantastic breakfast place. But unfortunately we have 5 paralyzed Disabled Veteran who wanted to order from them. We even would have paid for the distance. Unfortunately they don't deliver nor do they use a delivery service like Uber Eats, Waitr, Postmates, Grubhub or DoorDash. Looks like they don't take Veterans money,,,

Michael B.

I took my mom and brother for the first time today to this restaurant after my mom's nurse told us about it, only to find out that my first experience there was not a good one. When we ordered there I was supposed to get a French toast and split it with my mom but instead they charged us for two orders of French Toast instead and when I mentioned it instead of fixing the check and charge us for only one they adjusted the second one by charging us $3.25 for the second one. Second, the waitress was constantly asking my mom if she was done when in fact she was still eating. It is as that waitress was in a hurry to leave and want it us gone. Any other restaurants would give us the time to finish our food and take our time. But this one was pressuring us to leave. Not going back again.

Jeffrey B.

A quality diner/grill top breakfast spot. The wait time is generally short, even with a full restaurant. The coffee is good with plenty of refills from attentive and pleasant waitstaff. It seems to be a popular spot for retirees. Really worth it.

John Kovacs

Very good service, great food and reasonably priced! Our server was Macie. Very friendly.

Bosco's Adventures

Really enjoyed my breakfast here. The place is casual and simple on the inside. Staff was friendly and the food was good. Cost wise, it was more than reasonable. Will definitely go back!

Melissa H.

Much like Pamm J. we ended up at the Sunrise Grill because Metro Diner had an hour wait. I am glad they were full and we were able to discover this spot! They are the representation of small town diner and the food was hot and fresh! The restaurant is open and the wait staff were friendly and the service was quick. The kids thought that the use of a tablet to take orders was cool and that made the food come out even faster. Having a breakfast spot in Augusta like this easily rivals Metro Diner in quality. We will be back.

Jon Strydio

Place was decorated like a sad VFW cafeteria, the service was good, friendly, knowledgeable wait staff ,and they know how to cook an egg and some sausage. That's about where it ends though. Both mine and my brothers eggs were great, my biscuit was doughy, the grits were like a soup, and so tasteless I had to salt them and pepper them to the point it tasted like I was just eating a pile of salt and pepper. the biscuit gravy was obviously from a can and apparently no sausage is actually in it, in said can. As evidenced by the lazy pile of sausage crumbles at the bottom of the bowl of biscuit gravy. My brother's pancakes were so doughy and undercooked he had to stop eating them, and the bad part is that all of this isn't even the worst part of the meal.

Mark Watson

Seems like a nice local 0lace to grab breakfast or lunch. The staff was great and super attentive. My coffee cup was never empty or half empty for that matter even though the place was busy. Food came out fast and hot and at a great price. I would recommend this place.

Rommie Royal

I had been meaning to come here for a while, but never had bc it's kind of easy to forget about. It's back off the road and in a plaza I don't normally stop in.... But for my first and only time this far... I'm pretty impressed.

Scott Turner

One of my favorite places for breakfast. Say at the bat last time. Food came quickly, hot and great taste.

Lisa Short

It was delicious and we had great service at an affordable price.

Kenya C.

I always love Sunshine Grill for a Sunday breakfast. It was one of the first breakfast spots we discovered after moving to Augusta, and the food and service is still great. As packed as this place can get on Sunday's even before church let's out, your food still comes out fast, hot, and tasty. I do recommend, with small parties, if you want to avoid having to wait for a table to sit at the counter.

Dan Hoffman

Lots of choices for breakfast! I didn't look at the lunch menu but I saw customers plates with lunch items. We all had breakfast (see pics) and we were not disappointed at all! Delicious and hot (cooked to order) and minimum wait time to get our food. This place seems to be one that has frequent locals as the wait staff knew some of the customers by name which I thought was very nice

Kendall W.

Very cute casual place to go for breakfast! Eggs benedict, home fries, grits, and omelet were very good! Our waitress was very nice and attentive! Will definitely be going back!!

Kyle W.

Was visiting a friend in Augusta and was given this travel tip: "Dont come to Augusta without stopping at Sunrise!" So to Sunrise I went and joy was i glad I did. With a party of 3 we walked right inside and bellied up to the bar. Met by our wonderful and talented server, Michelle, she took our drink orders and then promptly returned with Sweet Potato Pancake samples...mmm...mmm..mmm. Absolute heaven in your mouth!! Served with caramel syrup and covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar. Lip smacking good! With a large dining room and no shortage of chefs you will be seated and eating in no time. And if mixing and matching sides is your style then you just found your new favorite restaurant! Parking is a breeze and this breakfast experience is second to none. 5 star establishment!

Lindsay K.

I was debating between three and four stars, but I really don't have anything negative to say about this place so four stars won out! We came here for a breakfast before work one morning, eleven of us total. We were seated immediately and service was prompt. Our server was incredibly nice and she kept the coffee coming! I ordered scrambled eggs, potatoes, and toast - my standard go-to breakfast. I was not disappointed. The scrambled eggs were great and not just some folded omelette type egg like a lot of diners do. I was pleasantly surprised by that. I generally like my potatoes a bit crunchier, but they were still well cooked and delicious. Perfect for dipping in ketchup. No complaints on the toast, either. I normally work nights back home, and if I was local to the area would consider making this place one of my regulars if only they served booze. It's nothing fancy that will knock your socks off, but it's the perfect combination of intimate and friendly that makes it worth your while.

William Lowdermilk

I think the food was cut and dry. The staff was not very friendly. They did however get my food promptly and ensured my coffee was full. I think if you want a quick breakfast with the necessities this would be the place i would go to.