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Landon W.

I go to this McDonald's frequently and I am aware of the "patient service". I just came through with 7 cars in line and it took 20 minutes to get to the window. I understood what I was getting myself into in reference to my wait time; however, I ordered $16 worth of food and only received a McChicken and a fry. If my math is correct that should be about $3 worth of food. I am currently waiting in line. It is taking a long time. Please send help. If you are in a rush I suggest going to bed hungry. The morning does a great job though! Thank you for your speedy service and well portioned food. I enjoy my breakfast endeavors; however, I can not say the same thing for my midnight run. Thank you for the time you have put in to reading my review. This review is the only thing at this moment that is making the time go by and keeping my sanity intact. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you again for your time.Update: They just came out and fixed my order! Kind of. I waited in line another 20 minutes and then they asked me to park to make the food fresh and it took another 20 minutes. I cannot make this up. The best part? They forgot nuggets and two cookies. I work in fast food and I can honestly say I have never seen this happen.

Wayne Bemis Jr.

Order is never right with drive-thru.


Dahlonega Macdonald’s sold me burnt quarter pounder today. Of course we had to wait in the parking lot. The best past was the person that came out had no idea which bag was mine. She asked me to check the contents of the bag. Luckily it was mine, because I didn’t have gloves.


Went through the drive through at 10pm on 8/27. I only went to use a buy one get one coupon. The lady asked for my coupon at the window and I gave her that and cash. I didn't check the receipt until I got home, she did not input my coupon she clearly received. 0/10, never coming back here. It took me 20 minutes just to get my order.

Kathryn Hill

I usually come here instead of Dawsonville, food is always hot and fresh, usually people are nice. Never any real issues with quality or sanitation always clean.

Roxanne Worley

Lady on nightshift was super sweet. She fumbled the time of day and recovered with getting used to nights again. Food was awesome. Service impeccable

Empress Dyer

Stay open late. Easy to get in and out of parking lot. Good service and pretty fast .

Justin Cooper

It all depends on who is working as to what kind of service you will get! Last week the nicest lady (Lauren) took care of us, and this week the manager was just nasty.... Its not hard to be kind to one another!!!

Candy Bennett

Took wayyyy too long, as usual. Too my surprise, the customer service was decent. Improvement....thus the 3!

Dante W.

This McDonald's needs to change their website. 1) They do not do all day breakfast. We've tried on a couple of occasions to order breakfast only to be told NO. 2) This McDonald's is NOT open 24 hrs. 3) This McDonald's does NOT deliver. Either the OWNER , employees of McDonald's or the Corp. office is not telling the truth to the public. Also, this would be under false advertising. Change your website to tell the truth!!

Bill Pippin

You order at sign, you pay at first window and are told to pick up food at second window. Second window tells everyone to pull over to a parking spot where you have to open your car window in the pouring rain. On top of that the fries were terrible. Starchy flavorless soft sticks.

gary dyer

Super nice staff food was fresh


Got McNuggets only. Asked to pull into a spot. Fine. 15 Minutes later, manager brings my food out and tells me my sauce and the extra sauce I ordered is in the box. Get home. Not one sauce. Not one. Nice effort.

Alex M

We just visited this McDonald's and the girl at the first window said absolutely nothing to us, we even said OK thanks.. and she turns her head to look but didn't say anything. The rudest encounter I've had since living up here. This took place at 2:30 in the afternoon her name is Deseire or Desere or spelled something like that. She doesn't need to work at the window if the person is rude..


One of the worse I have been to. Made an order on the app. They couldn't find it. Gave them the order reference # from the app. They didn't understand how to look up an order using the reference # that their apps gives with every order. Customer service was terrible. It is Lumpkin county, so I guess I should have not had high expectations.

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