3940 Buford Hwy B103, Duluth
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Samson Jesudass

Had a great lunch at this place. Don't let the location and the interior fool you. Food is schezwan authentic and extremely tasty. Had the fish soup with cucumbers and garlic ...followed by dumplings. The green beans and tofu and eggplant were all delicious...with the ma la taste. Highly recommend this for a great eating experience

Jeff F

Thought we would give the John’s creek place a try since 2 other Chinese restaurants were there before. I will say the prices are way to high. We ordered the fish hotpot and stir fried shrimp and a pork dish. Our bill came out to over a $100 dollars and they even charge $1.00 per plate for white rice. With every dish priced over $23 you would think white rice would come with the meal. The food is not that great to honor these prices. They also don’t have a lunch menu and charge the same dinner prices. On a Saturday night at 7pm there were 3 people in this restaurant. The service is also horrible. This place will be the third Chinese restaurant to fail with these prices.


The hotel I was staying at did not have a restaurant, so I ventured out and to my delight there was a Chinese restaurant within walking distance (Not Buford location, it was 11625 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek ). Now this is not a Chinese American place, there will be no eggrolls, there will be no fortune cookies, but there will be great food. The decor and look of the restaurant is very nice, the service is quick and friendly. I wish I had this place where I am from, because I would frequent it all of the time. What I was disappointed in was the lack of guests here, especially with 2 large hotels within walking distance. I was a little early for dinner at 6:30, but I was the only table at that time. While I ate there were 4 other tables that were seated. This place should be full with the quality of food they are providing. The prices are a little high, but the portions are more than I could eat, and very tasty. One thing I would recommend is to give front desk or bartenders of the hotels some sort of referral program. They have a free appetizer ticket they give the guest, it has the person's name on it that referred them to the restaurant on it and the restaurant keeps track of how many guest were referred. They can earn a dinner or the like for so many referrals. This would increase the number of guests, it would get people that work in the same community to promote business, and maybe earn some new customers.

Jim W.

above average Sichuan-style Chinese food. Not sure if the pepper shrimp is authentic but the boiled fish 水煮鱼 and stirred fried beans 炒豆 were decent for Georgia. It's the same thing you would get in many places in the metro atlanta (Chongqing hotpot in atlanta china town) and flushing. The food is good enough for a place that charges you $20/dish and don't really do much to piss you off. Just good enough to come back if u are hungry I guess. Only reason why I dock a star off is they charged for white rice which is expected how am I'm gonna eat my 3 entree dish, by itself?. This is standard at most Chinese restaurants if not all. The wang lao ji herbal tea drink was $3. Even in New York where rents are through the roof, they don't charged this sort of prices. I speak Chinese pretty fluently and for people who can't communicate in English fluently the customer service for native Chinese speakers is also quite lacking.

Pam G.

I have been looking for a good Chinese restaurant since moving to Johns Creek last month. I am very particular. I don't like a hole in the wall, or subpar food or poor quality. I had read that Masterpiece had a great chef, who had been nominated for a James Beard award. Many times still one of my boxes are left unchecked. Happily for me this was not one of them. I had long missed the food of the great Peter Chang who I had loved in Arlington, Virginia, when I lived there. Now I don't have to the food here lives up to its promise. It delivered quality, taste, along with a nice atmosphere and good service. I will be back!

Janet M.

Delicious, authentic Seczu Delicious, authentic Szechuan food. The chili powder eggplant and dry pot shrimp were both outstanding. Pork belly was very good too. Service was good. Can't wait to go back!

Joshua B.

We stopped by recently on our way into Atlanta and I am so happy we did. I had never tried Szechuan food before and this place had been on my list for a bit. We came in for a late lunch. Were were greeted and seated immediately. Service throughout our visit was great. We looked over the menu and decided to start with a few noodle dishes. We chose dan dan noodles and Chongqing style noodles. For our main meals we decided to go with spicy diced chicken and mapo tofu. The waitress warned us that these dishes were spicy so we asked to have them made medium. Our noodles came out quickly and they looked good. We enjoyed the dan dan noodles a bit more as the flavor was more balanced. The Chongqing noodles were just a bit salty for our tasty, but incredibly flavorful. Shortly after we finished our apps, our mains came out. We both started on the mapo tofu. Thankfully we order it medium as we both broke into a sweat, but we enjoyed every minute of it. The szechuan peppercorns were pretty intense and it was an interesting feeling. The spicy chicken was equally spicy, but very much enjoyed. We managed to polish off both dishes and were quite happy with our selections. Overall, we really enjoyed our meal. The food and service were spot on. It was our first time trying szechuan food, but it certainly wont be our last. We look forward to checking out other menu items on our next visit.

John H.

It was great walking into the restaurant and hearing Mandarin conversations in the background. I was uber excited to get some real flavor. The Dan Dan noodles hit the mark. This version packs the szechuan spice with the vinegar dark soy concoction that made your tongue tingle. If I only stopped there, it would be a different review. The infused tea duck lacked in every department. It wasn't steeped long enough to absorb any tea essence, and the duck was bit dry and bland. I normally have it Shanghai style and this one was dim in comparison. Also, the soup dumpling had a homemade taste but lacked finesse. The skins were too thick and had a one note delivery. I should have ordered more chili style dishes particular to the cuisine, but summers in Georgia steered me away from more heat on my palate.

Shally S.

This is my new favorite! Authentic Sichuan. The Zhong Style Dumplings (pot stickers) are a must-have. Savory and juicy! Tea smoked duck is moist, aromatic and crispy. Similar but nothing as sweet as Peking duck recipe. Kids loved the lemon iced tea. Dry Fried Eggplant was spectacular! Crispy outside and soft inside, they held together well in carry out container.Dan Dan noodles were tender. Small portion, recommend as a side or appetizer. House fried rice was fresh not reheated, comes with pork chicken and shrimp, light soy sauce. Just right!

Ally W.

Took the kids to try a new cuisine, Masterpiece was a good choice! We sat at a big round table with a lazy susan. We filled it and enjoyed every bite!

Dontae Parker

Loved the food. As someone who has spent years in China, I can that the food is definitely authentic Chinese cuisine. The only problem is they had one to two waitresses and a full house. It over 20 minutes before we received service.

Jason Serotta

Eggplant dry fried with chili ash, general Mao's pork, zhong style dumplings, and soup dumplings were all fantastic. The dumplings are my favorite, along with the eggplant. Worth the drive, everytime!

Carlton Wyatt

One of the best Chinese restaurants anywhere. There is just no better.

Tonghai H.

They can cook authentic szechuan dishes which is really numbing spicy and tasty! The dry fried eggplant is really delicious too! It has crunchy outside layer with mile spicy and rich favor then soft and sweet eggplant inside. I recommend it too!


Weird menu, very weird. I have seen authentic Chinese dishes on the menu at Canton Cooks, but so much on the Masterpiece menu is just strange--and not intriguing. Standard options are missing. Worse yet, there is no lunch menu. The food is decent, but I have had far better elsewhere. Worst of all, the prices are inexplicably sky high. Oddly enough, they have recently opened another location in Suwanee . . . where the prices are way higher yet. Kung Pao Chicken was $13 at the Duluth location, but $19 in Suwanee. Pot stickers were $15 in Suwanee--double the price of other Chinese restaurants. Why go here when Canton Cooks is available?

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