1569 Bass Rd, Macon
(478) 254-7911

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Jericho Winter

I haven’t said anything the past few times I have gone to this location because I assumed it was just an unusual mishap, but this locations customer service has really gone downhill. They no longer say “my pleasure”. They don’t read the oder back and have consistently messed up my orders the past 3 times and I have had to go back through the line and pay for the right food/drink. I saw they are hiring and HOPE TO GOD they find competent staff because the staff they have right now obviously are not. I don’t mind paying for my food of course, but I end up throwing away or pouring out the things I didn’t ask for in the first place. You work in fast food, for christ sake. It isn’t hard nor is it rocket science.

MommaBear Amanda

Wow! In all my years of eating chick fil a, I've never come across one where the food lacked the A. If you know the history of this established company the A stand's for top A quality. This location tonight was FAR from that. Chicken sandwich was burnt room temperature and old. French fries, were cold. Drive thru moved exceptionally slow as well with maybe 10 cars ahead of me. My dinner tonight absolutely shameful.

trevino emanuel

I ordered a 30 piece nugget and only got 19. Come on chick fil a

Denise Brewton

I love this place for a number of reasons number 1 it's a Christian establishment. Number 2 the food is always good ? number 3 need I go on?

Elizabeth Dyer

Best fast food restaurant around. Friendly service and good food.

crisco girl

Excelent Hot Food amd Customer Service! Well thought out plan to satisfy the Customer!

lashawn coates

The chicken sandwhich was not great tbe service was good though

Vance McCraw

I was given the wrong side items. I pointed out I ordered a fruit cup in place of fries, they took the bag of food back, and gave it back to me with a different order of fries. I gave up after that. Wasn't worth continuing to argue over, but paying attention to details matters if you want repeat business.

Joe Stith

Great food. Usually good service but not today. Long drive through got faster service than the three walk ins.

A. Watkins

Fast and great service. The managerial staff were extremely kind. I was most impressed by the leadership style of the 2 managers seen within the established when I entered to have my order corrected. I was very pleased by the level of service and adherence to public safety that was implemented at this site.

Condra Weaver

I have used this location numerous times for catering orders. Place an order to be picked up at 11:30 since lunch was at 12....order wasn’t completed until 12 and none of the boxed lunches were marked. Spoke with Ned or Nate, who was not at all sympathetic with my issues and did not offer any type of compensation for THEIR error. I live 3 minutes from this location and my employer is also 3 minutes but if this is the type of management they continue to have, and have not attempted to rectify the issue, I will bypass and travel to the Tom Hill or Zebulon location. I use this location least 10 times a week...and have always had EXCELLENT customer service and know some of the employees, who are always professional and courteous, but that one incident and that particular employee has made me reconsider when I have another catering order.

V. K. Harrell

Service was very fast even with a long drive thru line. Everything was perfect!

Tracy Jackson Jackson

I was dismayed by the long line until I realized how quickly it was moving. Great service.

Bree R

This location is going down hill fast. They frequently forget to give you everything you’ve purchased. On several occasions I had to send food back because it was cold and if you make a complaint they have an oh well attitude.

Evan Zebley

Good food; apathetic staff.

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