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Dunkin Donuts on Tom Hill, Macon GA Tonight I went in to get a coffee, the 2 workers there said they were about to take a break for 30 minutes. They proceeded to lock the doors plus told customers at the drive thru the same thing. Since when is this okay?? They literally locked the doors from 7:37 pm until 7:57 pm. The owner of this store needs to do something about this.

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I have been going to the Tom Hill location everyday atleast twice a day for a very long time. I don't know what is going on the past few months but that place is ridiculous now. The morning staff they used to have was great! and the afternoon staff! The morning staff now is ok most days, but the current afternoon staff is a joke! My coffee is never ever right, the milkshake machine has been broken for months, which is what I get my kids in the afternoons but have to go somewhere else, when you ask for a scoop of vanilla then, they dont have it, so you ask for strawberry, they say they dont have that either, well how about a strawberry banana smoothie then? we're out of that to, WELL how about 2 strawberry frosted donuts? "We only got white kind." Really yall? They have terrible attitudes on top of all that. I'm just going to have to start going somewhere else because I have spent way to much money there lately for then to mess up my order every single afternoon, and be out of every single item and shake machine broken for months. I have done had about all I can take of this place. Side not when the can make shakes 2 small shakes and a medium coffee is $15. so let's pass on that to.

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